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How To Choose The Best Magento Agency For Your Business

Updated on June 13, 2022

14 Min Read

If you want to open a brick-and-mortar shop today, you would need architects and building planners to have a top-notch retail outlet.

Consider Magento as the architect of your ecommerce store. It is powerful, simple, scalable, and robust. In fact, it is the first choice of big ecommerce retailers such as Pepsi, Levis, Macy’s, and many others. The platform boasts prolific features, unrivaled store customizations, tons of themes and extensions, data and order management, and many other amazing features that ecommerce giants need to improve and sustain their business in 2021.

According to BuiltWith, 743,682 websites are using the Magento ecommerce platform that includes 198,120 live stores, and many more retailers are switching to this platform every new day.

With such massive popularity, many developers and development agencies have adopted the Magento platform. But, the problem with these developers is that they don’t invest time in understanding the Magento development concept, this in return leads to further problems for the ecommerce stores that commission them for business, down the lane.

Requirements for Choosing a Magento Development Agency

Since it is a crucial topic, so I am writing this blog post to help store owners determine how to choose the right Magento 2 Agency to execute their ecommerce projects properly.

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Determine Your Needs

Before reaching out to any Magento development company, have a clear understanding of your needs. Determine the requirements; it is better to write down everything from scratch so that you can fetch it in the future whenever required.

Be Clear About What You Require

Your requirements should include a number of your products ranging from customer needs, market insights, and competitors. Analyze your business needs based on the necessary data and have a clear vision about what type of ecommerce store you need.

When the requirements are complex, it becomes necessary that the store owners set up a solid team that is ecommerce friendly, business intelligence, and has a marketing background for taking care of the online business.

Set An Approximate Budget

It all comes down to forecasting the spending budget that your ecommerce venture would require for building the Magento store. It will be meaningless if a business is making a profit of $20M per year and spending only $20K on its Magento ecommerce store.

A simple rule of thumb is that you should be spending approx 5% of your total revenue to build a fabulous ecommerce store.

Moreover, the ecommerce business should also set numbers required for licensing and Magento 2 cloud hosting costs because these are additional to the Magento web development services.

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Agency for Business in 2021

Secrets To Find the Best Magento Development Company

Now that you have set your needs and outlined your budget, it’s time to scout around for the best Magento development company. Considering the following secrets, do your research and look for a Magento 2 agency that has a vast experience in delivering projects of similar size, requirements, and nature as that of your business.

A better way to answer these questions is by asking yourself the following question:

Is it a Magento Certified Agency Or a Magento Solutions Partner?

The best way to search for a Magento 2 agency is to find out how many certifications it has. Magento runs a formal partnership program along with a certification system that Magento developers and development agencies can subscribe to. To qualify for the partnership, a Magento ecommerce development company must develop a certain number of Magento projects and have Magento Certified Developers in its team. These developers will have to sit for an exam every year so that they stay up to date.

How old is this Magento Agency? When was it Established? How Many Years of Experience Does it Have?

With Magento, experience counts a lot! That’s why it is essential to know that how many years Magento agency has worked in developing and maintaining Magento based ecommerce stores. While interviewing agencies, ask them how many projects they have built or completed? Do they have trained and certified Magento developers for Magento 2 platform? You might want to take a look at a few Meet the Team pages of different agencies to get an idea about the people that work there too.

Another thing to note is the size of the Magento web development company. Are they good enough in numbers to provide ongoing support for Magento services and fulfill the commitments of existing clients before handling the demands of the new clients? A store owner should consider the critical mass, 2 or 3 Magento developers will not come up to expectations. During the initial phase, you may get what you were looking for, but when they start working on other projects, you will definitely find yourself in trouble. A Magento development company with scarcely 1 or 2 Magento developers will not be able to cope with this issue.

Technologies Used In Magento Store Development Process

Magento development agencies should stay up to date with the latest innovations and trends. They should also have access to support channels and forums in abundance so that they don’t get stuck while solving your problem. So, investigate a little about the latest technologies and tools that the Magento development companies may need and look for them in the agencies that you have to shortlist for business.

If you are a startup or have a Magento store that you want to revamp, you need to hire a Magento agency that has experience with the latest technologies and offers flawless support, smooth transitioning, and effective monitoring.

Choosing a Magento web development company that uses the best practices and follows the ethics will help you reap maximum benefits. Make sure that they are also well-acquainted with the latest web development technologies.

Magento Agency That Maintains Data Integrity and Security

It’s hard to believe in someone that you have never met. Protecting your shared data when outsourcing is a bit difficult than protecting it during the in-house Magento development process. There is no real, bulletproof way to stop someone from stealing your data. However, there are some practical measures to protect it or to avoid loss:

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

It’s a legal document that both the customer and Magento development company has to sign to acknowledge that the project and its critical data will not be shared with anyone outside without permission.

Break it up

Share the data with an individual responsible person only. Don’t expose your secret weapons to everyone.

Code Transfer

Intellectual property over the technology/code should be transferred to you. It is essential as not all companies mention it in the contracts, so keep an eye out for that too.

Keep in mind that the best Magento development company will always be upfront with you, and their processes will be completely transparent. An experienced Magento agency will undoubtedly possess a command on fine-tuning Magento stores for years, and their experience against countless projects will make you feel secure.

Research Size and Reputation of Magento Development Agency

When considering a Magento development agency size and reputation, it is vital to know whether the Magento web development company possesses enough resources and skills to achieve your ecommerce goals. Find out things like existence, reputation, reviews of the Magento agency that you have shortlisted.

Portfolio, Existing Projects, and Clientele of the Magento Development Company

Check the portfolio and existing completed projects of the Magento development agency to get an insight into how it works with its clients. Only an experienced Magento eCommerce development company can offer you high-quality and world-class Magento services. By looking at their portfolio and clients, you will get an idea about the efficiency, cost, and performance in delivering the Magento projects on time.

Take References, Read Reviews and Testimonials

It is most important to hear what their other clients of the Magento development agency say about it. How did they prioritize any emergencies that came up? Were they open to discussion? What were the problems they faced while working with this development agency?

You can also search for testimonials and customer reviews of that Magento development company. If you want to implement any custom functionality on your Magento store, find the answers in these reviews and testimonials. Maybe previous clients had a similar experience, and you can learn from that.

Do They Contribute to the Magento Community?

Do they have an Instagram collection? A GitHub account? What do they post on Facebook or Tweet about? How active are their employees on Magento StackExchange or StackOverflow? Do they blog about PHP, eCommerce, and Magento on a regular basis?

The places named above are some of the best platforms for the Magento community. That’s why it is essential to know if this particular Magento development company offers its help to the community through contributions.

You may also want to check if the agency also attends local Magento community events. Magento Meetups, Events, Conferences, and Online Communities are some places where it should have an active presence.

Transparency and Customer Service

Agency—Customer relationship is a two-way street by nature. The critical thing to remember when discussing with prospective Magento agencies is to be clear, honest, and transparent about what you are looking for. Make sure that the Magento development company you are in communication with is also interested in having an ongoing and productive relationship with you.

Fair Price and Cost Estimation

Make sure you inquire about the pricing or cost estimations of the Magento development agency you have chosen to work with and get a breakdown of how the time and cost is spread for the projected tasks. It will show a clear picture and understanding of your solution goals and fair pricing.

Also, you can ask them about the charges for any additional work such as adding custom functionality, or a unique design that will help your Magento development store stand out from the rest. The Magento web development company should give you a proper pricing policy to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

Location and Way of Communication

Communication is the most important skill you have to look for in a Magento development company. In recent years, the landscape has changed a lot. We live in different time zones and English might not be everyone’s first language. This can become an obstacle to doing business.

Always look for the Magento agencies that can understand the delivery of your words. There are a lot of Magento teams out there that can communicate better than the Magento development companies next to your door. I have found some cases where clients located in the US, praised Magento offshore developers because of their better communication skills.

Quality & Deployment

If you want to set up a successful Magento ecommerce business, quality testing and deployment should be your priority. Find out what the top Magento web development companies say and their high-quality services, ensuring the stability, consistency, and efficiency in the processes.

Testing and Quality Assurance of the Project

Mostly, the best Magento development companies use an Agile or Scrum-based development approach. This ensures deadlines are met and the code is tested before the final product is handed over to the client. This approach also reduces the risks of bugs and errors.

Project Deployment and Post-Deployment & Maintenance

It is good to have a clear picture of how the Magento development company handles Project deployments and what you should expect when it happens? Do they track all of the changes they have made? What are their processes for making changes to the production level? Keep in mind that the deployment process should be professional enough so that your customers won’t get affected because of any technical or functional issues arising on your Magento store.

Once deployed, maintenance and post-deployment ensure the proper functioning of your Magento store. Support is essential for improving the overall user experience and the performance of your Magento store. The best Magento development companies always provide ongoing maintenance and ensure 24/7 support at all times.

What Other Services Does the Magento Development Agency Provide?

A good Magento development company with an excellent track record of technical prowess and great services can support you in reducing the costs, saving time, and boosting revenues. It can turn out to be a worthy asset for your Magento store.

Most Magento merchants will love it to have Magento Hosting, Marketing Services, SEO/PPC, and all others under one roof. However, as per my views, it is much better to pick best-of-the-breed agencies for each service you require.

Our Recommendations

The ecommerce and Magento development agencies are the modern-day architects, and they require the same methods to get themselves to the top. They help entrepreneurs set up their online businesses and assist in laying plans for the future. Once built, they help keep the stores in good shape and avoid pitfalls.

Magento Agencies that We Trust

As Magento is one of the top ecommerce platforms when it comes to online retailing, we have listed some of the leading ones of the present era that you can use to develop Magento stores with ease.

List of Magento Development Agencies That We Trust

1. Inchoo

Life’s too short to buy offline!

Inchoo was founded in 2008 Osijek, Croatia as a full-service ecommerce development agency. Its purpose is to help merchants start and grow their businesses online effortlessly.

If you need to have your existing site switched to Magento or if you need a fresh online store or want to achieve better results with your current store, Inchoo is there for you.

The company doesn’t stop its service with the launch of the store. But it also offers after-service support to help clients strive and establish long-term relationships with their customers. It does all this to help businesses achieve their goals in every business aspect.

2. ULD

Unique Logo Design is an Award-Winning Design agency based in multiple places in the USA like Florida, Georgia, and Texas. It is one of the leading agencies, focusing on hundreds of ecommerce chains worldwide.

ULD delivers high-level integrated business solution intact with Magento technologies. They have experience in building lively and amusing Magento online stores since 2013. They had performed exceptionally well for a couple of years and produced outstanding & Magento 2 stores for B2B & B2C business with esteemed optimization and quality-driven results.

3. A&H Digital Solutions

A&H is an Australian agency that aims for social impact and excellence. It strives to deliver “A” quality results. The agency likes to work with people that share its passion and values; people who care about the community and give back to it.

Even though A&H is small in terms of size, but the people working here have big hearts and have the vision of reshaping the world better.

If you are thinking about taking your business to the online realm, then A&H is one of the best suited Magento ecommerce store development agencies. It’s a one-stop-shop for all about Magento and the ecommerce needs of the customers.

4. Onilab

Onilab is a Magento development agency that’s present in the US and the UK and uses Belarusian developer talent. Being in e-Commerce development for over 7 years, the company has helped dozens of online stores with full-cycle Magento development.

Onilab takes pride in the performance optimization of high-load Magento 1 and 2 stores. Their most frequent service requests include front-end and back-end optimization as well as M1 to M2 migration assistance.

The agency consists of over 30 Certified Magento developers, and the blog is featuring its technical expertise packaged into a clear and accessible form.

5. Elogic Commerce

Elogic is an ecommerce development company with a specific focus on Magento stores. They work with B2C and B2B ecommerce companies, wholesalers, and marketplace owners.

Elogic provides dedicated Magento development teams to plan, design, develop, and successfully launch technically challenging ecommerce websites.

6. Blue Acorn

At Blue Acorn, change emerges from data, customer psychology, and industry experience. That is why they focus on maximizing revenue for B2B and B2C companies.

Blue Acorn is here for all of your onsite needs. Their integrated team of designers, developers, and optimizers deliver engaging Magento and Ecommerce shopping experiences for your customers and build efficient and hassle-free processes for you.

7. Classy Llama

Classy Llama is a Magento ecommerce development agency of a different breed. Despite its funny name, it could not be more serious about the level of integrity, excellence, and commitment it brings to you.

Its passion is to help store owners grow and build their online businesses sustainably.

Classy Llama, a team of certified developers, serves its clients through Magento development, ecommerce consultation, design, marketing, and support.

8. Limesharp

Limesharp is a highly reputable Magento ecommerce agency that works with private companies and brands to help them move their presence online. Based in London, Limesharp offers bespoke Magento solutions to SMBs and established brands.

The agency has quickly grown on to become one of the leading providers of ecommerce solutions to users throughout the globe. Despite being based in the United Kingdom, they work with clients all over the globe and have a stellar record.

We Worked With Limesharp To Resolve Their Hosting Troubles

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9. Yireo

Yireo is a Magento development and extension agency based in the Netherlands. It has a flexible team and a strong affiliation with open source platforms.

Yireo is home to numerous Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. It loves technology and works to open it up to you so that you can also benefit from it. With the service, it can help you build great Magento ecommerce stores.

10. LimeSoda

LimeSoda is a full-service agency, where you get to know their team and see what else they can do for you apart from their expertise.

LimeSoda has been developing and maintaining webshops based on Magento since 2009. It supports the development, maintenance, and optimization of all Magento ecommerce stores and advises you on all matters relating to store enhancements.

11. JH

JH is a team of dedicated Magento and ecommerce professionals from the UK who won’t drench you in techno-babble or blind you with internet science. They only focus on making the complicated look easy and that’s what they have been doing with Magento ecommerce stores from the last 10 years.

Up and running since 2009, JH is a growing and active team in the Magento Community with an extensive skill-set. They are driven by ambition and bring-in significant results through the best ecommerce solutions available in the market.

One major reason to choose JH is that they have won the Magento Imagine Award for Best Mobile Experience thrice.

12. Magebit

Magebit is a global full-service agency specialized in Magento. The agency is also official Magento and Amazon Web Services partner with more than 20 globally recognized certificates (Magento, AWS, Google).

Aiming for excellence, Magebit is the one-stop solution provider for all your eCommerce needs around Magento. They are most known for Magento support and maintenance as the service is paid as you go and they work with small businesses as well as with large enterprises.

The team at Magebit is rapidly growing and now their staff consists of more than 40 Magento specialized eCommerce experts.

13. Tvisha Technologies

Tvisha Technologies is a leading end-to-end IT services and awesome products company, revolutionizing the way business chat and communication issues are addressed. TTPL is a “tech-cocktail” powered by enthusiastic and experienced engineering professionals and systems development tech wizards, adept at brewing innovative and dynamic solutions.

Tvisha is a fountainhead for best-in-class contemporary technology products and scalable solutions. Driven by sound market intelligence, TTPL has been at the forefront of developing niche IT products in the arena of market feedback, relationship management, human resource management, and payroll management.

14. Bounteous Canada

Bounteous Canada, formerly known as Demac Media, is one of the biggest Canadian ecommerce agency, helping hundreds of business sell more and drive deeper engagement online.

They are experts across strategy, design, development, management, and marketing of transactional solutions for top merchants.

They work with you to create functional and beautiful Magento ecommerce stores and utilize various metrics to illuminate behavior and drive results.

15. ScienceSoft

A Magento Solution Partner, ScienceSoft has over 16 years in ecommerce and 8 years in Magento development. With certified Magento developers on their team, the company offers the development and customization of Magento stores and extensions, migration (from another e-commerce solution or an older Magento version), integration with customers’ IT ecosystems, as well as continuous Magento support and evolution.

ScienceSoft also provides Magento consulting and professional business analysis that helps them to tailor each ecommerce solution to the customer’s individual needs.

The company has successfully implemented Magento-based solutions for food, telecommunication, advertising, fashion, and beauty industries. ScienceSoft has rich experience of cooperating with B2C and B2B companies and welcomes complex projects for large enterprises as well as smaller projects for small and medium businesses.

You can also explore our list of some of the best web development companies of 2020, These include companies that specialize in Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and PHP.

16. Bring

Bring is an IT company dedicated to e-commerce since 2012. Their clients range from large multinationals to small and medium-sized companies. Bring is a Magento agency that operate with an ecosystem of solutions for the development and implementation of Internet and Mobile projects, for B2C, B2B and Marketplaces. B2C, B2B and Marketplaces.

17. Magecom

Magecom is an ecommerce agency that helps merchants drive sales and optimize costs with the web development and design solutions they provide. Founded in 2012, the agency has gained enough experience working in different industries and niches — from food & beverages and cosmetics to electronics and healthcare. They help online businesses achieve different goals, such as expanding business, delivering a better shopping experience, carrying traffic loads, automating workflow, attracting more organic traffic, and improving website performance.

Magecom has extensive Magento expertise and is able to deal with Magento-related tasks of different complexity, including challenging migrations and integrations with third-party systems. Most of their team members are Magento/Adobe certified, while the Magecom agency is an official Adobe/Magento partner, which allows staying in the loop and delivering advanced ecommerce solutions to their clients.

18. Maven eCommerce

Maven eCommerce is an ecommerce solution partner that leads the client from the very first kick-off meeting and business analysis to a scalable ecommerce ecosystem with no limits. They can build from scratch, migrate existing solutions, integrate third parties, optimize performance and provide overall ecommerce consultancy.

Started in 2010, now Maven eCommerce has a team of 30+ specialists who developed software solutions for more than 100 challenging projects in the USA, Europe and CIS. Clients say that Maven creates precisely what they need, not just what they ask.

The company is focused on partnership, committed to client’s success, transparent and experienced.

19. CedCommerce

CedCommerce was conceived in 2010 with the primary vision of simplifying the ecommerce journey of businesses around the globe by providing streamlined, effective, and feature enriched ecommerce solutions. At CedCommerce, the hustle and bustle onsets right from the initial stage of product development, and the post-sales assistance is remarkable, to say the least.

CedCommerce is also a prominent and leading Magento-based marketplace solution provider. CedCommerce offers advanced Magento 2 Marketplace solutions that are built to deliver convenience and are also affordable.

20. Elsner Technologies

Elsner Technologies plan on making your ideas happen in the digital world. They are part of ecommerce industry for over 14 years and are also official partners of Magento Community.

Elsner is committed to deliver next generation Magento extension solutions with a team of experts. They have crossed many milestones with their smart moves and dedications. Being Magento expert they have a collection of Magento extensions and plugins that can smooth the process of ecommerce development.

The organization has its presence in multiple cities of India, USA and Australia. This makes them more accessible globally and grows the business effortlessly.


These are some of the best Magento development agencies to get your projects done within the desired deadline. Feel free to get in touch with anyone of them and get your ecommerce store off the ground.

Do you think there is a better Magento development agency out there? Comment its name below, and we will add it to the list.

Share your opinion in the comment section. COMMENT NOW

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