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15 of the Most Creative Meet the Team Page Examples We Love

Updated on March 7, 2022

9 Min Read
Meet the Team Page

What business would you prefer to buy from – one that’s opaque about its operations, or one with clear and straightforward messaging, to the point you can read about the people working at the company?

The answer, for most of us, will always be the latter. And that makes sense; you want to know about the business you’re buying from. That’s why companies with a more personalized appearance have a higher chance of making high-ticket sales!

That’s what makes a Meet the Team page so important for your agency.

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Why Do You Need a ‘Meet the Team’ Page?

A “meet the team” section is a great way to humanize your business and put a face to it. It’s an incredibly important page that gives prospects and customers a clear idea about who they’ll be working with. And, it also fosters loyalty, and shows new perspective employees that you take pride in your team.

Let’s look at just a few ways in which a Meet the Team page can help out your agency.

It Helps Create Lasting Relationships

Good relationships are based on mutual understanding, trust, and a connection between two parties . The best way to build long-lasting relationships with clients is to get personal with them. One way to do that is by portraying the more human side of your company: what goes on behind the scenes, and who the people that work at the company are. Showcase their hobbies, their interests, and their passions. This is all about putting a face to your business, and it ultimately makes your agency more memorable.

It Makes You More Reliable

This one is a no-brainer: humans trust humans. Most people don’t particularly trust corporations, per se. If you use your website as the primary platform for marketing your services, you have to make it as trustworthy and as reliable as possible.

That’s why many users will naturally gravitate towards the Meet the Team page or the About Us page before they use your services. Having a reliable page improves your brand credibility by a considerable margin. Want to hire a client on a monthly retainer contract? Your chances increase automatically if they have a clear idea of who will be handling their account!

It Highlights Your Team’s Talents

Your Meet the Team page will provide details about the team members as well, including what they do, their experience,  and any major projects. When you send over a web development proposal, for example, make sure you highlight which member will be handling which section, and also, highlight their qualifications.

Ultimately, this breeds confidence in the consumer. You get to introduce each member of the team separately and then highlight what they bring to the company as a whole. Think of this as a way of marketing your company’s talent resources to your clients. Selling a website becomes easier when the clients know who they are buying from!

The 15 Best Meet the Team Page Design Examples

Now that you understand the importance of this page, here are 15 of the best Meet the Team examples to inspire you to create yours!

1. Etsy

Etsy Source:

Etsy is one of the largest platforms for buying personalized items.  A look at Etsy’s team page shows how it channels all of the platform’s uniqueness. It’s one of the best Meet the Team examples we’ve come across.

The page has a pretty clean look, starting with portraits of the top brass. Scroll down, and you will see photos of all the employees working at the company. Hover your cursor on each, and you can see their name. The company personalizes this with a message, showcasing that it is “lovingly built and maintained” by their team members.

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2. Digital Uncut

Digital UncutSource: Digitaluncut

Here’s a lesson: if you want to set your team page apart from the rest, throw in a photo of a dog.

Digital Uncut is a marketing agency that works primarily with startups and growing brands. It’s situated in London and has a satellite office in San Francisco.

What makes this page so special is that the dog, Monty, also has a joining date: January 2017, like all the other employees. It makes the page look good-natured and humane, which immediately breeds trust.

Also, dogs. Need I say more?

3. Moz

MozSource: Moz

If you know a thing or two about SEO, you know about Moz. Their Meet the Team page is incredibly personable, allowing you to sort through their list of employees by teams so you can see every person who works and what they do. It’s one of the best SEO agencies in the world for a reason.

When you click on the image of each member, you can see a bit of information about them, including their interests and hobbies. The fact that the company has given this much insight into its employees highlights an important thing: they care about their workers.

4. Targetprocess

TargetprocessSource: Targetprocess

Targetprocess’ team page may look like a standard aerial shot, but a closer look shows that the teams are divided into several departments, like Engineers and Support.

Click on any of these, and the static image comes to life. The non-departmental people in the image vacate the floor, leaving behind the ones who are responsible for handling specific tasks. It’s ingenious and really shows you how all of the employees come together to build the company.

5. Humaan

HumaanSource: Humaan

Instantly, the yellow hues pull you in. But this extravagant team shot is not the only thing you’ll see. Scroll down, and you can view names of individual members and their key interests.

Every photo is interactive, so you’ll see one person playing with a Rubik’s Cube while the other blows bubbles. Descriptions like “chief meme manager” and “bassist for hire” add an additional element of fun to the page.

It’s a fantastic way to show that these guys are human, just like you.

6. Lateral

LateralSource: Lateral

Lateral has a phenomenal Meet the Team page with constantly moving images. Scroll on one of them, and the person will immediately look straight at you.

The whole page is presented in greyscale, but when you hover your cursor over any headshot, that image is colored, thus standing out from the rest.

It’s a great way to show off your design talents!

7. Stink Studios

Stink StudiosSource: Stink Studios 

The Meet the Team page at Stink Studios pulls no punches. It’s simple, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it’s functional.

As you hover your cursor over any of the employees’ photographs, it instantly shows you what that person does. The images continue to change until all the employees are represented, and then resets.

Each image is distinguished by a vibrant background color, and since only seven are shown at a time, it really allows you to focus your attention on each one.

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8. Luminary

LuminarySource: Luminary

Luminary is an award-winning creative agency that has done some phenomenal work in the Land Down Under. They are more than two decades old, so they know how the game works. In fact, these guys have always been ahead of the curve.

Their Meet the Team page is set apart by its black background. There are no names shown; you have to click on each photo to see a brief description of the employee and what they do at the company.

9. Digital Marmalade

Digital MarmaladeSource: Digital Marmalade

Digital Marmalade knows their stuff. Their Meet the Team page is a perfect mix of professional and personal. At first, you just see names and designations, but click on each, and you’ll see a bar chart about them, including information such as experience, years at the company, and even their coffee-making skills.

That’s not all; each employee also has a series of personalized photos, including – wait for it – superhero photos! There are even childhood photos! It’s a fantastic way of reeling in the distance and showing prospective clients who they will be working with!

10. Unfold

Source: Unfold

At first glance, the Meet the Team page at Unfold – a Norwegian design agency – seems quite boring. Hover your cursor on each name, and you instantly get a headshot.

It complements the clean aesthetic of their website and in my opinion, is an excellent use of the excessive white space available on their page. They like keeping things minimal, and it shows.

11. Major Tom

Major TomSource: Major Tom

Major Tom’s ground control team (see what I did there?) is excellently presented with shades of yellow and black. This is a full-service design agency with offices in three cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, and New York.

If you ever wanted to see parallax scrolling done right, their Meet the Team page is the one to look at. The page truly comes to life as you scroll down, giving you an insight into the vibrant culture at the agency. It’s short, it’s gorgeous, and it cuts to the chase right away.

12. Tangent

TangentSource: Tangent

Tangent’s team page is deceptively simple. It leverages a simple scroller and shows you headshots, names, and designations of every employee who works at the company. The agency works with all kinds of businesses, ranging from budding startups to multinationals.

It’s simple and very well-designed. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d go with functional. 

13. Atlassian

AtlassianSource: Atlassian

Atlassian does a fantastic job of showing you how a good Meet the Team page should be like. At first glance, it’s just photos of the team members. Hover a cursor on one, and you will see graphics appearing in the background.

That’s not all; click on an image, and a pop-up window appears giving you a comprehensive description of each employee. You can also link to their LinkedIn profile or even download their headshot!

It oozes confidence.



FCINQ is a French creative design agency, and they really let their creative juices flow with their Meet the Team page design, which resembles the bubbles of a lava lamp.

You can see information about their awards and the projects that they have done, as well as headshots of each employee. Clicking on a photo slightly enlarges it and brings forth the name of that employee, along with a LinkedIn and Twitter link.

Oh, and there’s a quote from Aristotle too. Magnifique. 

15. Due North

Due NorthSource: DueNorth

Due North is a full-service digital agency in Australia, with offices in Brisbane and Vancouver. They have a fantastic, minimalistic Meet the Team page that is just so elegant to look at.

All the photos are in black and white, but if you click on each, it takes you to the employee’s dedicated page, replete with an introduction and team roles. It also links to their LinkedIn profiles.

It’s Time to Get Creative!

These are some of the best Meet the Team Page examples I’ve seen this year. If you have any that you’d like me to know about, you can always write to me about it! Remember, a Meet the Team page is all about personalizing it depending upon the values that you want to portray. When you send over a request for proposal, do add a link to your page. It’ll help put a face to the company and make your business more human!

It could be simple, or it could be overly creative. It all depends on what you want to showcase about the team you work with.

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