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The Importance of Web Security for an Ecommerce Store in 2023

Updated on January 18, 2023

3 Min Read

We hope you attended our BFCM Prepathon 2021 Online Event that featured live panel discussions on Facebook, Twitter chats, talks with influencers and guest speakers, website UX reviews, and more! But if you weren’t able to attend it, this blog is for you.

Our guests for one of our most-watched and popular sessions were Igor Hrcek, Dario Jazbec Hvratin, Robert Jacobi,  and Aleksandar Savkovic, and each of them had great insights and tips to share on website security for ecommerce store owners for the upcoming year 2023.

The last thing a business owner can want in 2023 is a hacked or compromised website. So, let’s first talk about the web security challenges that our guest speakers talked about in our Facebook live session, along with some tips and tricks that help them tackle those security issues.

Most Common Security Challenges w/ Igor Hrcek, and Dario Jazbec Hvratin

Igor Hrcek Tip

We asked our guest, Igor Hrcek, what he does as a developer to fix security issues. He shared with us how challenging it is to educate customers on how to take care of their website’s security issues and malware. As a developer, one thing he always ensures is scanning websites every day and emailing customers asking if they have experienced any suspicious activities on their website.

Some of the ways he educates his customers about potential security risks are that he explains what they are seeing, how they should react, who should they call, etc. Igor Hrcek also provides resources such as web security related blogs that are helping customers get better with web security.

BFCM Prepathon Web Security Tip By Dario

While talking to Dario Jazbec Hvratin, we found out how he ensures that all new employees joining the development team are first trained extensively. He further added that he takes multi-dimensional steps to ensure that the plugin codes are tested and reviewed by both peers and third-party companies.

The plugins are actually sent for audits to find security issues and loopholes in the codes. All of this is done before the production phase when they are testing everything out. This really helps Dario in fixing and adjusting all issues and taking relevant action.

Outsourcing security testing allows Dario Jazbec Hvratin to have a fresh set of eyes and he recommends it to everyone, especially for having iron-clad security for websites in 2023. Our guest, Igor Hrcek, also agreed on the importance of having a fresh perspective to improve code implementation itself.

Igor Hrcek Quote

Major Security Breaches w/ Igor Hrcek, and Dario Jazbec Hvratin

We asked our guests if they have ever had to face major security breaches, and Dario Jazbec Hvratin was the first to tell us his story.

It was surprising to hear how his website got hacked. More shocking was the fact that it was an “inside job” by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Diaro shared how the employee had some remaining access to the server. It was a server-level attack.  The employee sent emails to some clients to defame the company and the core of the plugins.

This was a wake-up call for Dario, and he spent the whole weekend locking everything down.

Igor Hrcek also shared how he got into a serious security breach situation when he started selling hosting services. It was a server-level breach and he had to migrate all his customers to clean up the server of all the penetration.  This cost him 5 business days and was a critical situation.

Time to Act!

In order to avoid what happened to our guests, Dario Jazbec Hvratin and Igor Hrcek, make sure you do listen to the full panel discussion for tips and tricks to resolve such issues before potential damage occurs. They have spoken at great lengths about how to ensure the website is safe and secure. So it is important that you watch the full session to take all the security measures you can to secure your website in 2023.

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