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How to Use Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Updated on August 31, 2021

7 Min Read
How to Use Product Import Export Plugin

Importing WooCommerce products can be a tedious job for any eCommerce store with thousands of products. Product images, product data, and metadata must be exported and imported to complete the entire product import process.

When it comes to WooCommerce, though, you can deal with these tedious tasks by handing them over to a product import plugin.

There are many WooCommerce product import plugins for helping you with it. WebToffee’s product export import plugin for WooCommerce with over 70,000 active installs is one of the best among them. The plugin facilitates an easy import process and is available in both free and premium versions for you to choose from.

In this article, you will get a deeper view of the free version of this plugin and how you can easily import products into WooCommerce using it.

Use Cases of the WooCommerce Product Import Plugin

  • Using this plugin, you can import products when migrating your store. Migration requires bulk import of products to a new store. It has to be done with the help of a WooCommerce import plugin, as it includes various product data and images in it.
  • For keeping a backup of your products for future use in case of a site crash. Site crashes occur more often than you think. Thus you need to export/backup your store’s products to the safe storage and use the same file to import products back to your WooCommerce store.
  • To bulk update product data like stock, price, etc. Product import includes import of product name, ID, product images, stock details, etc. This plugin makes it easy to update the data in your WooCommerce store.
  • To export and import WooCommerce product images.


  • Update only: By choosing ‘Yes’ for this option, you can configure the plugin only to perform updates.
  • Update: By enabling this feature, you can both update and import products to your store.
    • Update even if empty values: You can choose to update products even if some of the columns of the input CSV file contain empty values.
  • Skip: You can enable this option not to update your store’s products and to skip matching products from the CSV.
  • Match products by ID or SKU: Choose whether products should be looked up based on their ID or SKU.
  • Choose delimiter: Delimiter is the column separator of the exported CSV file. You can choose the delimiter as comma/semicolon/tab/space or specify a different delimiter.
  • Choose from multiple import methods: This WooCommerce product import plugin supports 3 different import methods that you can choose from. You can also keep one of the methods as default for future imports.
  • Batch import – Configure batch import count for easy import.
  • Import mapping – Easily map the WooCommerce product fields to that of your CSV.
  • Save import settings – You can configure and save the desired import settings (including mapping) as a template and use it for future imports.
  • View import history – View the history of all the imports done with the plugin, along with their status and date. You can also rerun the imports.
  • Import log – Check import logs for easy debugging in case of import failure.
  • Third-party compatibility – The plugin is compatible with popular SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and All in One SEO.
  • Supports export functionality – The plugin can be used for WooCommerce product export as well.

Installation of the Product Import Export Plugin

I assume that you’ve already set up the WooCommerce store. If not, check out Cloudways managed WooCommerce hosting platform to launch your store within a few seconds.

For downloading and installing this plugin on your WooCommerce store, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add new.

Product Import Export Plugin installation

From the opening window, search the keyword ‘product import’. From the results, you can easily locate the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce by WebToffee. Now click Install and Activate.


Once activation is successful, a new menu appears in the WordPress dashboard, as highlighted below.

Product Import Export Plugin activation

You can navigate to the Product Import Export settings in two ways:

1- WordPress dashboard → WebToffee Import Export

2- Plugins → Installed Plugins → Product CSV Import Export → Settings

Product CSV Import Export

To get started with the plugin, you must have a CSV file. You can create one using any spreadsheet application or export products (using the plugin/WooCommerce default export) to get the format of CSV.

You can also download Product WooCommerce Sample CSV (column headers are the same as WooCommerce field) or Product Commercial Sample CSV (column headers are user-defined).

After entering all product details into a CSV file, you can start importing the CSV to your online store.

Steps to Import Products to your WooCommerce Store

Following are the steps you need to follow to import products to your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Choose a post type

From your store’s dashboard, navigate to the Import sub-menu under WebToffee import-export. From the opening page, choose the post type as the product.

Choose a post type

Step 2: Select import method

The plugin supports three methods for import.

  1. Quick import without any steps for mapping.
  2. Advanced import allows mapping and other advanced features.
  3. Pre-saved template option.

The pre-saved template option is for returning users of the plugin only. Once a user saves the desired configuration as a template, the user can use the pre-saved template to import in the future.

You can also upload the CSV file and choose the delimiter at this step.

Step 3: Map import columns

Here you can map the columns in your CSV file with that of WooCommerce fields. The plugin supports mapping default WooCommerce fields, taxonomies (category, tags, shipping class), and attributes.

Along with mapping, the plugin gives you the option to bulk update product data. This feature is called ‘Evaluation fields.

For example, if you wish to edit a product’s regular price, you can locate the price field from the mapping window and click on it.

This opens up an evaluation field window similar to the below one.

evaluation fields

Here you can bulk edit the regular price of the product.

Similarly, you can bulk edit other product data using the evaluation field. You can check out this article Bulk edit WooCommerce products for a detailed explanation of how it’s done.

Step 4: Advanced Options/Batch Import

This is the final step of the import process. Here you can configure some of the advanced options for import and configure batch import count.

batch import

  • Update only – Choose ‘Yes’ if you only want to update products. When you choose ‘No,’ both update and import will be executed.
  • Match products by ID or SKU – Choose whether you want to match products by ID or SKU for updating.
  • Skip or Update if products exist in the store – If the input file contains products in your store, you can either update them or skip them.
  • Update even if empty values – By choosing ‘Yes,’ you will be updating products even if some of the columns contain empty values.
  • Import in batches of – Here, you can configure the batch count as per your preference. The batch count is the number of records that the server will process for every iteration within the configured timeout interval. If the import fails, you can lower this number accordingly and try again. It is given as 10 records by default.

Finally, you can save all the configured import settings if you prefer to use the same settings for future imports as well. If so, you can click the Save Template button and give the template a name.

Now you can proceed to click the Import button.

Once the import is finished, you will be shown the import status as a popup. The popup will show the number of successful imports and failed imports, if any. The reason for failure will be available by clicking on the View Details button on the popup.

If you need more information on the error caused, you can check the Log section provided within the plugin. This will help you in easy debugging.

This WooCommerce product import plugin is a great option for importing products from CSV, exporting products to CSV, and bulk editing products and their images. But if you are looking to import variable products or XML file type support, etc., you may want to upgrade to its premium version.

Premium Version of Product Import Export for WooCommerce

By upgrading to the WooCommerce product import-export plugin pro version, you will have access to much more useful features listed below,

  • Import products ( Simple, Group, External, and Variations ) and Reviews into WooCommerce Store.
  • Export Products ( Simple, Group, External, and Variations ) and Reviews.
  • Supports CSV and XML file formats.
  • Import and export product meta or custom fields
  • Powerful export filters
  • Scheduled Import and Export via FTP/SFTP using Cron Job.
  • Import CSV file from URL.
  • WPML French and German ( Deutschland ) language supported out of the box.
  • Third-party plugin compatibility

Wrapping up!

As product import and update are two critical processes required to maintain an eCommerce store, your store should have the best help you can get to carry out these tasks. WebToffee’s plugin for Product Import/Export is going to be the right WooCommerce extension for this purpose.

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