Cloudways Adds Hourly Backup Options & Time-Specific Restore Points

by Salman Mehdi  March 3, 2015

Just two months into the new year, Cloudways has already started making strides into the right direction. We added WooCommerce inside our WordPress app installation. This was followed by the integration of Google Compute Engine on our Cloud Platform. Plus, we added a new system to whitelist trusted IPs called Security.

But, we are on a roll here! Today, we are announcing enhancements in two of our most important features: Backup and Restore.



Automated Hourly Backups

Data is as precious as your own identity. This is why you can’t afford to lose it. Keeping in view the importance of data and customers’ convenience, Cloudways has refined its unique data backup facility.

Previously, you could set the frequency of backups with respect to the number of days, i.e. from 1 to 7 days.

Now, you can set automatic backup frequency on hourly basis. Yes, that’s true! The new data backup mechanism can create multiple server backups. Through our new system, backups are created after every 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours. It all depends on the frequency you set. If your website holds a lot of crucial data, hourly backups are preferred.

This is good news for everyone. If something bad happens to your website, your loss would be of only an hour. This is little damage if you compare it with a loss of whole day.

Cloudways Console

New hourly options in Backups section

But, backup is not only feature we worked on. We have revamped our Restore feature too.

Time-Specific Restore Points

Imagine a situation where you have accidentally pushed a wrong set of code on your production site. What will you do?

Surely, you will try your level best to restore the previous backup. This is exactly what Cloudways had promised to provide to its esteemed clients.

We offered a restore feature, but it was not time specific. It was backup specific. With the latest tweak, the restore facility has become time and date specific.  It gives you the opportunity to restore your backups very easily with respect to date and time parameters. All your backups are kept intact for 7 days.

Therefore, if anything goes wrong, you can always count on Cloudways point-in-time-recovery backup feature and restore any of the previous backups for your convenience.

Cloudways Console

Time-and-date wise representation of available Restore points

Do you have a great feature in your mind? Suggest it on our Feedback page or in the Comments section below.

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Salman Mehdi worked as Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. In his spare time, he reads books, blog posts, or anything that catches his fancy.

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  • webcodeno

    Really would like to keep backups for more than 7 days. Maybe a payed upgrade if it is to costly to provide default. Would like 30 days.

    • Salman Mehdi

      Thanks for the valuable suggestion. We have added hourly backup feature for your convenience, based on the feedbacks that we get from individuals like you. If you want a longer backup retention period, you are always welcome to post your suggestions on the feedback page. Your feedback will help us further improve our services.

      • Neil C Smith

        To be fair, the feedback that asked for hourly also asked for monthly!

        We’d be happy with an option on top of the existing service to push backups to a third-party service we pay for. Lack of longer-term offsite backups is the #1 reason stopping us migrating clients at the moment. Yes we could probably use a CMS plugin or cron script to achieve some of this, but it would be better baked into the platform.

  • Only backups handled like Installatron does are truly safe. I lost whole instance when WP plugin updated 2 months ago contained malware, which produced hidden code and infected all wp files. so backup for 7 days is not enought. Even Digital Ocean allows creating images on demand that are NOT ERASED after 7 days. if cloudways is using DO infrastructure, why we cannot use its image scheduling and on demand instance backup? current cloudways approach with backups is still pointing wrong direction, and does nothing to have safe data. should I use github if I just only work with WP and plugins? ńo. so please give us these options to create backups the way customers are waiting

  • I was not expecting to have this so fast. Thanks 🙂

    • Salman Mehdi

      You are welcome.