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How to Host WooCommerce on AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Amazon Cloud

Updated on January 3, 2022

5 Min Read
woocommerce on aws

Launching a website is no longer the challenging process it used to be back in the day with the advent of cloud web hosting. Millions of websites use cloud technology these days, including plenty of ecommerce online shopping stores looking to grow and become more profitable.

What’s more, transforming your WordPress websites into ecommerce stores takes nothing more than a magical plugin called WooCommerce. Our blog discusses the easy steps to host WooCommerce on AWS, its setup prerequisites, and FAQs revolving around its usage.

Hosting WooCommerce on AWS can be challenging for many users, as it includes the complexities of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. Thankfully, these hurdles are simplified by the tech savior WordPress; the Content Management System (CMS) software handles the coding complexities itself.

You just have to focus on your website’s content, appearance, and management through a user-friendly admin console and let WordPress face the coding phantoms itself.

WooCommerce Hosting on AWS – Setup Prerequisites

Setting up a WooCommerce store is key to transforming your dreams into the reality of selling your products and services to people worldwide.

As you might have already guessed, the process starts with domain registration. Choose an attractive domain name that reflects your business idea. Once you get registered to DNS, you can use WordPress to design your website.

New to website designing, but don’t want to spend too much on external resources? We also have a solution for that: WordPress page builders. These nifty tools let the non-tech-savvy users build their pages themselves via easy drag and drop options.

Once you are done with the formalities, it’s time to magically transform your site into an ecommerce store via WooCommerce.

Now you need a reliable provider to launch your own WordPress website based on WooCommerce. Some of the reliable names in the cloud market are DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, and Amazon Cloud. In this blog, we have purely focused on installing WooCommerce on Amazon Cloud hosting.

How to Host WooCommerce on Amazon Web Services [Easy Steps]

After completing the prerequisites, you can follow these easy steps to launch your server and host your WooCommerce application on WordPress with Cloudways.

Step 1: Sign up on Cloudways

  • Get started with Cloudways by filling the signup form.

Signup on Cloudways - WooCommerce Amazon Cloud

  • Log in to your account after verification and then click the Add Server button.

Cloudways AWS server launch

Step 2: Select WordPress with WooCommerce

  • Locate WooCommerce under the Application & Server Details, and click Version 5.5.2 with WordPress Version 5.8.

WordPress with WooCommerce - WooCommerce on AWS

  • Name your managed app and managed server.

WooCommerce on AWS - managed app and server

Step 3: Select Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Select AWS from the available Cloud providers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Provider

Step 4: Choose the Server Size

  • Choose your server size from the available options. If you hover on any of the server sizes, you will see its RAM and CPU size as well.

choose server size

Step 5: Set up Your Preferred Bandwidth

  • Set up the estimated bandwidth usage of your WordPress website.

aws server bandwidth

Step 6: Set Storage

  • Select your preferred Application Web Files, and Database sizes. Cloudways offers you the freedom to scale the server size up and down depending upon your requirements even after launch.

aws server storage

Step 7: Choose Data-Center Location

  • Select the data center nearest to you for perfect latency.

data center location

Step 8: Launch Server

  • Click Launch and voilà! Your WooCommerce store on Cloudways is now ready to rock!

launch server on aws

  • Wait until your server is ready, and then witness the magic of hosting WooCommerce on AWS.


aws launch server

Step 9: Access WooCommerce

  • Once your server is launched, you will have two tabs on your platform: a server management tab and an application management tab.
  • Click the Applications tab.

access woocommerce

  • Click your server.

access woocommerce

  • Go to Application Management → Access Details → Admin Panel to get your WordPress dashboard login credentials.

access woocommerce

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Wrapping Up!

Now you know the secret to launching your ecommerce store via WooCommerce hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS). At Cloudways, we believe in making things easier, simpler, manageable, and understandable for all, which is why we’re committed to eliminating hosting hassles for you.

Still, if you deal with any confusion at any step of hosting WooCommerce on AWS through Cloudways, contact our 24/7 live chat support team and get your queries resolved in minutes.

Can I host WooCommerce on AWS?

Yes, you can host WooCommerce on AWS (Amazon Web Services). We have given the easy steps in our guide to help you host WooCommerce on AWS via Cloudways.

How do I host WooCommerce on AWS?

You can host WooCommerce on AWS via Cloudways by following the easy steps below:

  • Sign up on Cloudways
  • Select WordPress with WooCommerce
  • Select Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Choose the server size
  • Set up your preferred bandwidth
  • Set storage
  • Choose data-center location
  • Launch server
  • Access WooCommerce

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