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Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs that help you achieve your goals

Updated on March 31, 2020

8 Min Read
Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Professionals prefer to gain insights on key subjects through reading informative blogs from reliable publishers. However, in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s easy to be lost as thousands of blogs (all of them claiming to be everything you need) get published each day. You question yourself which one is better suited to your industry, how to pick the right information, and more importantly – how not to  lose yourself when searching for relevant blogs.

Before we dive deep into the details of this blog, let’s quickly recap what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate Marketing is a method of earning commissions by promoting other entity’s products on your or third party platforms.

In this blog, you’ll find some of the best affiliate marketing blogs around almost every industry, along with some great ideas. We’ve made your life easier! We’ve compiled a list of affiliate marketing blogs that can help you narrow down your niche, save time and attain success in affiliate marketing. Let’s check out this list. 

List of Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs

19. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Shoe Money

Jeremy Shoemaker is the founder of ShoeMoney Media Group, a marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, author, and a fan of Mixed Martial Arts.

Shoe Money

He shares his ups and downs in the world of online marketing to a loyal readership of over 30K people. His blog has been titled the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and ranks in Technorati’s top 50 blogs for the past three years. Having made millions of dollars over the past five years, Jeremy wants to share his insights so his readers can learn and grow.

18. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Skimlinks Blog

Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing platform that empowers publishers and writers to produce commerce-related content and monetize product links. It powers 60,000 bloggers and is used by many top publishers worldwide, such as Huffington Post, Hearst, and Conde Nast.


Skimlinks lets you monetize your blog easily. It has an intuitive dashboard that gives you a quick overview. You can use this blog to focus on the merchants that can be your potential customers and reach the maximum audience. Also, if you don’t feel like applying to thousands of affiliate programs one by one, Skimlinks might be the right choice for you.

17. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Mobidea Academy

Mobidea Academy focuses on covering tips and news about technology and educates its affiliates about succeeding in the industry. It’s a Mobile Affiliate Network that focuses on Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) advertising, helping the affiliate community have financial independence.

Mob idea


  • MobIdea Academy – tips, updated guides on improving affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Mobidea Push Ads
  • Mobidea Spy Tools – to help a visitors gain insights about their competitors

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16. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Affilorama

Affilorama is a blog that offers online lessons to new affiliate marketers. Simon Slade and Mark Ling are at the helm of this blog, who realized the potential of earning by teaching people about affiliate marketing online. 


There are a number of topics here for affiliate marketers to benefit from. For instance, you can learn about identifying affiliate sites, building traffic, productivity tips, and even earning from affiliate marketing without a website.


  • Affiliate Program: Passive Income
  • AffiloTools: Web stats
  • Affilojetpack: Customized Content Marketing that’s tailored to fit the needs of customers.

30+ Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

15. Affiliate Marketing Blog: CharlesNGO

The CharlesNGO blog helps new affiliate marketers by offering an automated system to build their blog and manage their affiliates. The core idea here is to provide resources to new affiliate marketers that help them reach their end-goal – earning money.



  • Affiliate Marketing Lessons and ebooks 

14. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Affiliaxe

Affiliaxe blog helps find out about experts in affiliate. Furthermore, the blog comprises topics covering Books to read, content marketing strategies, and SEO tactics. There are plenty of blog topics Affiliaxe covers; Affiliate Marketing, Media Buying, Monetization, Metrics & ROI, Mobile, Email, Social, SEO, PPC, Digital Nomad monthly editions.


13. Affiliate Marketing Blog: AffPosts

Affposts is a great affiliate marketing blog example as it’s like an online newspaper, but for affiliate marketers. It covers the latest and top trending articles posted on some of the best affiliate marketing blogs available. . The blog also has an email newsletter subscription option, so people interested in getting the newsletter can view it straight from their email without the need to navigate to the website every time.



    • Affiliate Newspaper

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12. Affiliate Marketing Blog: NichePursuits

NichePursuits (as the name suggests) comprises of various business ideas that the blog owner Spencer Haw discussed and attempted to pursue. Among the various projects Spencer promotes, he highlights Niche Pursuit Insider as part of this blog where his readers can find video guides and step-by-step guides to build a website. The blog on its own covers various topics.



  • NichePursuits Insider

11. Affiliate Marketing Blog: AffiliateTip

Shawn Collins is the force behind AffiliateTip blog. In this blog, he shares his knowledge and experience about affiliate marketing. He has over two decades of experience under this belt and knows the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. You’ll find many posts pertaining to Shawn’s experience and his first-hand insights into certain topics like hustle porn ethos – overworking to create a name.


He is currently the co-founder of the Affiliate Summit Conference


  • Learn Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site on Kindle
  • Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site on Amazon
  • Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site Kindle Edition on Amazon

10. Affiliate Marketing Blog: IAmAttila

Attila’s IAmAttila, who struggled during his early stages of earning a passive income online. After quitting his 9-to-5 he event management job, SEO Optimization, and then started to pave his way through affiliate marketing. His blog covers most categories pertaining to affiliate marketing passive income, Google ads, content marketing, and many miscellaneous categories.




How-to Guides:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Push
  • Native
  • Adult

9. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Smart Passive Income (SPI)

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income (SPI) is a great place for new affiliates to learn about Affiliate Marketing, Business Development, Email Marketing, personal development, book publishing, digital marketing, online courses, and podcasting. Learning resources pertaining to these topics are available in SPI’s learning section.


Smart Passive Income (SPI)

Additionally, the blog has a section to promote networking via webinars, workshops, announcements, and Patt’s speaking sessions. If you’re more of a listener, you can join through The SPI Podcast with Pat Flynn and AskPat 2.0.


  • Courses
  • Tools
  • Books

8. Affiliate Marketing Blog: John Chow

John Chow’s Blog covers detailed information about multiple topics ranging from blogging, cars. fine dining, ramblings, technology, and video uploads. There is also a separate section on ‘Featured Articles’.. John Chow not only maintains his blog, he also publishes videos on YouTube.


 John Chow

7. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Mathew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a famous blogger who maintains his blog and covers topics on multiple niches including SEO, blogging, getting traffic, etc. He uses communication channels like social media and email marketing to promote his blog.


Mathew Woodward


6. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Shout Me Loud

ShoutMeLoud is a blog that’s all about blogging, mastering Google AdSense, learning affiliate marketing, and buying hosting, and domains. Harsh Agrawal, the man behind ShoutMeLoud started this blog to empower readers on a global scale. 


Shout Me Loud

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5. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Yaro

Yaro Stark uses his blog to promote the idea of following a certain online business model. He focuses on how to build a blog, growing an email newsletter, and selling digital products. He also has a podcast where he talks with successful entrepreneurs, and another series of solo travel diaries to fulfill his traveling dreams.




  • Workshops
  • Books
  • Webinar

4. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson’s blog is all about affiliate marketing, blogging, web design, and anything in between. He publishes blog posts on entrepreneurial habits, and even has a podcast on it. In this blog he shares his experiences and learning outcomes for new affiliates to take advantage of.

Zac Johnson

3.Affiliate Marketing Blog: LukePeerFly

Old Blog | New Community

Luke Peer used to run LukePeerFly, which was one of the famous affiliate marketing blogs . Now, he writes in forums at the same pace about his passion. New affiliate marketing bloggers can learn from his experiences and his writings in a forum called Afflift.




2. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Alpha Investors

The Alpha Investors blog covers topics such as email marketing, content marketing, buying and selling websites, and live case studies for their readers to learn from. The blog is great for readability as it’s responsive to different devices (mobile, tablet, desktops) and covers topics in great depth.

Alpha Investors


  • Affiliate Marketing Website Services
  • Affiliate Websites

1. Affiliate Marketing Blog: Adam Riemer Marketing

Adam Reimer’s marketing blog covers most aspects of online marketing. He’s also a speaker at Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, State of Search, Think Tank. Through this blog he manages to reach out to his readers, to share his wealth of knowledge. 

Adam Riemer Marketing


This concludes the list of affiliate marketing blogs that provide you with current tactics and marketing strategies that can push your journey as an affiliate marketer in the right direction.

PS: Cloudways also has a very interesting WordPress hosting affiliate program that you should check out.

When it comes to affiliate marketing blogs, , these are some of the best examples to date. However, this list will continue to grow and we’ll be updating this quite often, so be sure to check in on us frequently. Also, if you wish to add an affiliate marketing blog to this list, feel free to share your comments in the comments section below. 

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