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BelVG – Achievements, Tips & Secret to Retained the 80% Clients in less than 5 Years

Updated on December 23, 2021

5 Min Read
Belvg story

BelVG is an ecommerce development agency that develops unique ecommerce solutions with outstanding value. The company creates engaging online stores and top-notch ecommerce solutions for its clients. We’re really proud to have Alex, BelVG Head, Product  Department, to talk about the company and their achievements till date.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

What Brings BelVG into Existence

In the early 2000s  when I was a university student, the idea of launching a company came to my mind for the first time. Together with a few friends, we decided to create something special.

We were young and enthusiastic to change the world with our coding skills. The ecommerce industry had just started emerging,  and it seemed to be a perfect field to get into. .

Soon, our curiosity about the new ecommerce world turned into one of the leading development companies in this industry – the BelVG agency. Today, we focus on Magento Development, PrestaShop Development, and other top-notch ecommerce platforms.  We currently are working with different  brands all over the world. We are proud to say that such famous brands as Universal Music Group, Monin, Savile Row are among our clients.


Challenges Faced While Building Amazing Ecommerce Agency

When the BelVG project had just started, no one had a sound knowledge about ecommerce. Even the difference between ecommerce and the web in general was not clear for most of the people. It was complicated.

There were also doubts about what solutions we should focus on to get the best results and make the clients happy. And it is not only about us, but most of the companies in our field also faced the same issue.

But we quickly figured out the sphere and found the solution.  In 2009, we came across Magento. We decided to give it a try. After researching the market, we came to the conclusion that this platform is exactly what we had looked for.

Magento provides everything necessary to develop top-level online stores,  including best Magento host, high customization, functionality, scalability and other benefits that make it ideal for achieving our goals.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Ecommerce development is hard work, full of challenges on the way. Even now, when we’ve already earned a reputation of being a reliable team, we face different issues from time to time. We enjoy exciting challenges, we are not afraid of them and always work together to handle issues. If anything goes wrong, we brainstorm the issue and discuss the possible solutions not only to fix it but to make sure that the problem won’t come back in the future.

Our skillful team is the key to success. And we understand that we can do more. So, we always keep ourselves updated with various Magento Certification exams to improve our knowledge, structure our experience and be the leading experts among the best developers. This approach ensures the fact that we have successfully retained over 80% of our clients within less than five years.


What’s the Baseline of Your BelVG’s Success?

Our company is not just a team of developers – we are a family. We wouldn’t be here without each member of our team.n So, now We understand that the greatest success of our agency is an opportunity to work with such wonderful and experienced developers, team leaders, project managers, marketers, and other ecommerce enthusiasts. The success of BelVG is a merit of each of our team members, clients and partners. 

Processes Behind Building an Amazing Ecommerce Solution

We’ve been setting up our development process for years trying different approaches and, finally, found an ideal strategy. When a client wants us to create a website from scratch, add new extensions or just audit the system, we always start with a meeting. We want to know the client, dive into their business and understand the goals.

With all this information, we can start creating a plan for our  work. Based on the client’s goals and our ideas, we try to write a new story for the brand. When the plan is ready, we come to design. It is a significant part that helps to catch the attention of customers. We follow the latest design trends and know how to encourage customers to keep visiting the website for more. We can add new colors, create an amazing home page, easy-to-use product pages and more. Then we come to technical issues – our team develops a website according to the plan we’ve discussed.

When the website is ready , it goes through various tests to make sure that everything works correctly. If we’re sure that the site is bug-free, we launch it. And always provide support to all our clients. They don’t need to worry about anything.

The Biggest Success of BelVG

We can’t highlight any special recipe to success – hard work and will to be the best help us never give up and achieve everything we have. We are able to deliver solutions to the top brands.

We’ve worked with Girard Sudron – since 1894, this French company has been providing the customers with lights . Monin – one of the leaders in the beverage industry, Artipoppe – the producer of the most unique baby carriers, Blaha Gartenmöbel – an Austrian furniture retailer with the largest outdoor furniture store in Europe, Shiekh Shoes, Lauftraining and other companies.

Ability to work and empower such brands is one of the main BelVG achievements. We want to thank all of them for their trust and promise to keep delivering top-notch solutions to our clients.

Reasons to Choose Magento & Its Audience?

As I mentioned before, we don’t want to create ordinary solutions – BelVG is meant for top-notch  ecommerce solutions, and Magento meets our and clients’ requirements. The platform is scalable and flexible, and offers effective SEO tools and fast loading speed for  web pages. Working on Magento, we can integrate online stores of our clients with various delivery, warehousing, ERP, payment solutions, including FedEx, DHL, PayPal and more.

Moreover, Magento Community is the real force behind Magento’s success,  and we are proud to be a part of it. We always try to support the community. We have  released tutorials for developers and enthusiasts who are preparing for Magento Certification exams. We care not only about the development community, but also want to support the owners of Magento stores. We have a blog on BelVG website where everyone can find many  useful tips and tricks from Magento development secrets to functional marketing strategies to empower their businesses.

Tips & Tricks for Newbies

If you feel that ecommerce is your field of interest, you should be ready to invest a good amount of time into finding your own way. Definitely, you should look up at the top brands, analyze the competitors in your location and target your desired market but more than that – entrepreneurship is about finding what is unique about your goal.

After the goal is clear, it is time to gather the right team of tech-savvy Magento developers. The ecommerce business is full of challenges that you will have to overcome. My advice is never to give up.

We would like to thank you Alex for taking time for the interview and sharing your thoughts with us.

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Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan is a Magento Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Magento Hosting Platform. He is an expert in PHP and Magento and prefers to educate users in the implementation of Magento. When not working, he loves to play games and watch cricket.


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