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Beeketing: All-in-One Marketing Plugin for WooCommerce Stores [Review]

Updated on December 7, 2021

9 Min Read
Beeketing WooCommerce Marketing Plugin

With the explosion of marketing and sales plugins designed for WooCommerce stores, you have access to thousands of extensions at your fingertips — extensions allow you to customize your WooCommerce stores to better fit your needs and serve your customers.

But you probably know that WordPress and WooCommerce collectively have over 50,000 plugins and extensions to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like a kid in a massive candy store. How do you choose which marketing and sales plugin is the best for you?

As business owners, you don’t have the time, much less the technical expertise, to do all marketing and sales all by yourself. Testing all plugins is just impossible and hiring in-house marketing is too costly.

Fortunately, there’s an all-in-one marketing solution fueled by numerous marketing and sales tools but made available as an integrated package so you won’t have to purchase different individual plugins.

Today, we’re putting Beeketing for WooCommerce on the spotlight. Let’s see how its multiple tools and functionalities can help you promote your store, boost sales, and win more customers just by using this all-in-one marketing and sales plugin.

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Why Use Beeketing for WooCommerce?


For more than a decade, Beeketing has been widely recognized for its time-tested and well-trusted individual apps. Since then, Beeketing has launched more tools to help online stores achieve their business goals. And its most recent effort is its all-in-one solution, Beeketing for WooCommerce.

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Beeketing is a marketing automation plugin loaded with 10+ built-in apps to boost conversions, gain more customers, build long-term loyalty and achieve sustainable success. With one single plugin, you can make over 10+ different tweaks to your WooCommerce store from coupon pop-ups, social proofs, email marketing to upsell and cross-sell offers.

So what can you achieve with Beeketing for WooCommerce?

  • You save time by having your whole WooCommerce store marketing campaign being managed and regulated just on a single and centralized platform. Plus, everything is automated and backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • You save money by getting several apps and technical expertise in an affordable and all-in-one package.
  • You make more money by effortlessly implementing more than 10+ modifications to 2x or 3x your sales & conversions.
  • You make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing performance easy-to-track and real-time analytics reports.
  • You get expert support to help you fix any technical issues or answer marketing questions 24/7 without any charges.

Features and Tools of Beeketing

Here’s the Beeketing Dashboard. You can see 10 different tools in this plugin. If you want to use any tool, simply click Get app button to implement.

Features and Tools of Beeketing

Here are tools and features that you can expect to use with this all-in-one marketing and sales plugin for WooCommerce.

Sales Pop – Live Sales Notifications

“In demand now! Booked 34 times in the last 24 hours”, “Hurry! Our last two rooms at this price!” These pop-up alerts from hotel booking websites are great examples of how social proof can be used to positively influence a shopper’s buying decision process. Also, we have compiled some of the best WooCommerce booking plugins which you can see.

The social proof theory explains that people seek other people’s suggestions before purchasing a product. This is why showing how well demanded a product is will help in driving visitors into buying more quickly. The stronger the consensus for a particular product, the better the chances of conversion.

With Beeketing for WooCommerce’s Sales Pop app, you can also implement this social proof strategy to your WooCommerce store. Simply add the app and a real-time sales notification saying someone just bought a product will be displayed whenever a visitor is browsing your store. To prevent obstructing your customer’s browsing experience, the sales pop-up notification will automatically fade out after a few seconds.

Sales Pop - Live Sales Notifications

Sales Pop is highly customizable and responsive. It also comes with free holiday themes like Halloween, BFCM, Christmas or New Year.

If you want to know how to use this tool, check out this video tutorial by Darrel Wilson.

Boost Sales – Upsell & Cross-Sell Offers

Whenever a shopper shows an interest to purchase a product, you want to maximize that opportunity every time you can. That’s why you need to find ways to maximize the customer’s average order value. In short, if your shoppers will purchase one item, entice them to add more products.

So, how will you drive them to purchase more than what they originally intended to spend? The answer is presenting upsell and cross-sell offers. Upselling and cross-selling techniques have long been used as a combined marketing discipline to increase the customer’s average order value and have been proven to help online stores to gain more revenue by 70%.

This type of marketing works by either recommending products of higher value (e.g. product upgrades, more expensive item) or adding complementary items (e.g. accessories, component parts) to what the shoppers are currently planning to buy. The intelligent upsell and cross-sell features of Boost Sales can help you implement this by automatically selecting the relevant products to upsell or cross-sell for you.

Boost Sales - Upsell & Cross-Sell Offers

Boost Sales has a machine learning and big data technology to help you automatically create smart and targeted upsell and cross-sell pop-up offers when visitors add an item to their carts just like above.

Checkout Boost – Exit Pop-ups, Discount/Free Gift/ Free Shipping Offers

The ecommerce industry has an overwhelming 69% cart abandonment rate. If you translate this, it means that nearly 7 in every 10 visitors will ditch your WooCommerce store empty-handed. That’s a lot of possibly lost sales, considering that it’s hard enough to attract traffic to your store.

An exit-intent offer can help you prevent this cart abandonment problem. The exit-intent technology monitors the mouse actions of your visitors to anticipate when they’re about to leave. Knowing that will allow you to display exit-intent offers like discounts or free gifts to entice them to purchase first before leaving.

Checkout Boost has an exit-intent feature to allow you to display attractive last-minute deals and discounts. This will help you entice your abandoning visitors to stay on your WooCommerce store and make a purchase first. You can generate as many gifts or discounts as you desire. You can also regulate your free gifts, free shipping or discounts for particular products only or a certain collection.

Checkout Boost

The good thing about Checkout Boost is the countdown timer feature already integrated into the exit-intent popup. A nice countdown timer will urge customers to get your special flash offers or last-minute deals right away before time runs out.

Countdown Cart – Sales Countdown Timers, Stock Countdowns

Customers take their time in researching the best or cheapest product there is. Their indecisiveness is one of the most significant roadblocks to successful conversions. They love to compare different products first which means that even though you already offer a price discount, your customers will still hesitate because they’re thinking that they might discover a better offer.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use urgency and scarcity tactics to drive them to conversion as soon as possible. Beeketing’s Countdown Cart can help you effectively persuade customers with its time-related urgency and quantity-related scarcity.

Countdown Cart

The time element is invariably a crucial aspect in generating urgency. Remember, the more time you allow your customers to search elsewhere, the longer the wait for conversion. The countdown timer feature of Countdown Cart will tell your shoppers that your deals or sales will expire soon.

countdown timer feature

You can also use quantity-related scarcity to tell your shoppers that the supply for a particular product is limited so they have to act swiftly before the supply runs out. You can use the stock countdown feature of Countdown Cart to display how many items are left in stock for a specific product.

Mailbot – Personalized Follow-up Emails

Your communications shouldn’t stop when you send out a welcome email for a newly subscribed visitor or when you thank a shopper for a successful purchase. In fact, it’s always the best to continuously engage with your customers even after a purchase or an action has been taken.

Personalized follow-up emails are designed to reach out and nurture a relationship with a shopper. They are commonly sent to subscribers who have recently taken an action (e.g. ordered a product, downloaded a content) or initiated a conversion with you (e.g. sent an email query, provided feedback).

There are a lot of things you can do to nurture your customer relationship with personalized emails. The main idea is to set a connection so you can nurture them and hopefully bring them back to your WooCommerce store. You can conveniently automate any scenarios of follow-up emails using the Mailbot email automation app from Beeketing.

Mailbot allows you to send triggered follow-up emails depending on the customer’s action like cart abandonment emails, browse abandonment email, welcome emails, win-back emails, etc.

Two Use Cases of Beeketing for WooCommerce

We’ve pulled together 2 WooCommerce stores that used Beeketing and how they implemented the apps and features to address their business challenges and ultimately, boost their conversions and increase their sales.

1- All Barks

All Barks, an Australian dog treats brand, wanted to fight cart abandonment and boost its conversion rate. This WooCommerce store applied a combination of these tactics:

  • Target abandoning customers with exit-intent pop-up offers
  • Offer last-minute free gifts for those who have added products to their cart
  • Add a 5-minute countdown timer to the offers to bring in sense of urgency

All Barks

Result: By triggering exit-intent offers at the cart page, All Barks managed to retain most of their abandoning customers and successfully convert them into buyers. In merely 4 months, they preserved 1891 orders worth a total of $66,200. This increased their conversion rate to 18.6%.

Beeketing Tool Used: Checkout Boost | Social sharing, Countdown timer, Exit-intent

2- Amazingdealz

Amazingdealz, a German WooCommerce store, only had a modest amount of traffic so they aimed to maximize the opportunity every time a visitor arrives at their shop. They decided to focus their marketing efforts on increasing the customer’s average order value. What they did was to display relevant upselling and cross-selling offers every time shoppers add an item to their carts.


Result: Aside from just presenting upsell and cross-sell offers, they applied urgency and gamification techniques by adding a bonus 15% discount if the shopper accepts the offer. This successfully increased their average order value per customer by 437% and made €76,800 of extra sales in 4 months.

Beeketing Tool Used: Boost Sales | Upsell & Cross-sell Popups

How to Install Beeketing for WooCommerce?

Beeketing for Woocommerce is offered at a freemium pricing model. This means that the plugin is provided for free and ready for installation.

  • You can directly download and install Beeketing in WordPress Directory via this link
  • Activate the plugin on the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Sign up for a free Beeketing account. If you already had a Beeketing account, simply log in
  • Add any apps you want to try, right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Wrapping up!

There’s an ocean of WooCommerce plugins for marketing and sales out there. It can be exceedingly daunting and definitely overwhelming to find and test the best WooCommerce plugin out there.

Not only that marketing and sales strategies have branched out into many areas but it has become complex that it needs automation. It can be expensive to hire an expert or buy multiple plugins just to become a successful WooCommerce store.

But with Beeketing for WooCommerce, an all-in-one WooCommerce marketing and sales plugin, you can get its more than 10 built-in apps to engage with your shoppers, promote your products, keep your customers from coming back, and maintain a healthy flow of revenue but at only a fraction of the cost from expensive marketing platforms.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Beeketing. The opinions and ideas expressed herein are author’s own, and in no way reflect Cloudways position.

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