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Beaver Builder vs Divi: A Detailed Review of Features, Pricing and Plans (2024)

Updated on January 3, 2022

10 Min Read
beaver builder vs divi

People who want to dodge the coding complexities use WordPress page builders to design their posts and pages and even edit to beautify them with easy drag-and-drop editing. Among those page builders, both Beaver Builder and Divi are considered the most robust and valuable options.

Not only do Beaver Builder and Divi allow you to build your pages, but they also transform your editing experience with their extensive features and ease of use. These page builders remove the limitations set by the default WordPress editor and allow you to create custom headers and footers and experiment with exciting designs.

The efficacy and usability of both Divi and Beaver Builder are undeniable, but which one is better out of the two? This comparison blog will serve as a guide to help you pick the better option as per your needs.

Are you unfamiliar with these names and scratching your head out of confusion? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Before we put Divi and Beaver Builder side by side and decide on the better option, I’ll take you through a brief introduction about page builders, why we use them, and understand the basics of both our contenders.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Page Builder?

What’s stopping you from building your first website? Limited budget? Can’t afford to pay hefty amounts to website developers? Or do you want to implement your own designs but are scared of the coding phantoms? All these queries are resolved by a simple yet revolutionary WordPress plugin, i.e., a page builder.

The WordPress page builders simplify the web page building process by eliminating the need to code and letting non-tech-savvy users take the designing part into their own hands. All this magic happens thanks to easy drag-and-drop editing. Your job is to just think of a design, install a page builder, and simply drag and drop objects on your page and design your website without any external help.

With the advent of page builders, different companies came forward with their products and offered solutions with their unique features. Beaver Builder and Divi emerged as user-friendly, featured-filled, and trustworthy names among the race of the best page builders.

Both of these builders have been consistently providing services since their launch and are enjoying positive feedback.

Beaver Builder vs Divi: An Overview

You should first learn the basics of each page builder to learn how they work. Both Beaver Builder and Divi offer beneficial features that make the editing process a piece of cake for the user.

With a special focus on user-friendliness, these page builders are so easy to use that even a novice user can build web pages almost instantly using them. I will briefly explain each page builder separately for a better understanding.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

– Beaver Builder Homepage

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that makes the life of a non-coder easier than ever before. Trusted for being a developer-friendly option, this page builder ensures clean code, which helps to accelerate your web pages and increase user-friendliness.

Beaver Builder’s easy drag and drop editing and clutter-free interface give users the creative freedom they require to design perfect websites.

Even with the availability of multiple page builders, Beaver Builder has maintained its position, and the numbers speak for its popularity. Currently, more than a million websites are using the Beaver Builder plugin.

When combined with the Beaver Themer, Beaver Builder removes all the limitations to experiment with your creativity and lets you express your artistic thoughts on your pages.

You can see all your edits live on your page’s front end, thanks to its intuitive editor. Beaver Builder’s real-time view and responsiveness allow you to do wonders and create awesome designs in a matter of minutes.

Divi Page Builder

divi page builder homepage

– Divi Page Builder Homepage

Divi, like Beaver Builder, is a WordPress page builder built by Elegant themes. Divi was released back in 2015, and it set the example of coming and conquering the space, as its robust features interested users worldwide.

Widely regarded as one of the best page builders in the market these days, this plugin lets the users create aesthetic and fully responsive website designs in a couple of minutes.

Like other page builders, Divi also offers its drag and drop editing solution and does not require users to burden themselves with coding difficulties.

Even if you have no experience with website designing, you can get started with Divi to make your own website thanks to its user-friendliness and easy handling.

Divi’s drag and drop editing is further facilitated with its frontend visual builder, which lets all the neophyte users play with the media elements and see the live changes via real-time view.

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What Makes Beaver Builder and Divi Different?

Beaver Builder and Divi are both WordPress page builders, so naturally, they offer the same major features. However, each page builder makes its place by providing unique features that others don’t.

The same is the case with both our contenders, as in addition to the primary page builder features, they offer distinctive features that cater to a different set of users.

Not all page builders give any attention to freebies, but Beaver builders welcome them with its freemium version (with limited features, of course). Divi, on the other hand, does not offer any free version.

That seems like a letdown by Divi, doesn’t it? But wait, don’t be overhasty and pick Beaver just yet; Divi also has a lot to offer that Beaver doesn’t. For instance, Divi supports 46 website elements while Beaver only supports 31 elements.

Divi interface

– Divi’s Website Elements

Divi Builder modules are available via its Divi Builder and allow the user to use Divi Builder with any theme (no obligation on using Divi) since the modules do not come from the Divi theme.

Beaver builder bounces back with its uncomplicated user interface and unique editor mode. Although Divi’s interface isn’t difficult to use as well, it requires a little bit of practice to get used to its environment.

Beaver Builder interface

– Beaver Builder Editor Mode

Divi also offers a rare feature among the page builders, i.e., its built-in A/B testing feature, which helps in design optimization. A/B testing enables the user to see the performance of the variants on their page, which helps a lot in designing pages.

Divi AB Testing

– Divi’s A/B Testing Feature

So now you know that both Beaver Builder and Divi page builder hold strong positions, but which one should you pick? I will compare their main features in the next section, which will help you decide upon the right page builder that’d suit your requirements.

Beaver Builder vs Divi: Features Comparison

The main battle between Divi vs. Beaver Builder comes down to the set of features they offer, and the one with richer features and better pricing will ultimately be crowned the winner. Every user will prefer the page builder that further eases their page-building experience with helpful features.

We have compared Divi and Beaver Builder on their main features and have chosen a separate winner for each feature to see which builder stands out.

Ease of Use

A WordPress page builder is worthless if it lacks intuitiveness and ease of use. Since both Divi and Beaver Builder are popular options, they pay special attention to this feature.

Although the drag and drop editor and the frontend visual editor are enough to ensure usability, these page builders can’t dodge the extra elements to maximize a smooth user experience.

Beaver Builder is an epitome of ease, as the uncluttered interface, powered with live editing, simplifies the building process, allowing all kinds of users to try out their hands on the page builder.

Divi, on the other hand, isn’t bad either but falls a little short on user-friendliness. Divi page builder also can be used by non-tech-savvy users, but it requires a little time to get familiar with the interface, making it a bit confusing for newbies.

Additionally, creating new rows and columns with Beaver Builder is super easy and flexible, but with Divi, it gets somewhat tangly.

Winner: Beaver Builder

Note: You should pick Divi if you feel the need for split testing for better design optimization and like the perks of having a third-party community for help and support.

Content Modules

Modules, aka elements, are the building blocks of any web page’s design and are essential for any page builder. An ideal page builder should provide all the modules required to fully capture the user’s creativity in their designs without any hurdles.

Popular page builders like Divi and Beaver Builder aren’t restricted to limited modules like text, buttons, etc. They go a step further and offer more elements like contact forms, comments, portfolios, pricing tables, sliders, etc.

Beaver Builder Content Modules

– Beaver Builder’s Live Editing

Divi takes the lead in this category as it offers 46 elements, while Beaver Builder offers 31 elements. Having said that, Beaver Builder offers enough elements to decorate your posts as per your requirements.

Both Divi and Beaver Builder use third-party add-on elements and WordPress widgets (with Divi, it is pretty complicated, though) to enhance user experience.

Winner: Divi

Pre-Made Layouts

The ability to design your own web pages without any external help has mainly contributed to the success of WordPress page builders. But here’s how it gets better. Folks who don’t even want to spend their energy creating new designs via drag and drop (although it takes minutes) are facilitated even further thanks to the pre-made layouts.

Divi and Beaver Builder provides high-quality pre-made layouts which save your time and offer advanced designs. Let’s take a look at how many pre-made layouts each page builder offers.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers more than 50 pre-made layouts. You will find the Landing and content page templates in the templates tab.

Beaver Builder pre made layouts

– Beaver Builder’s Templates

Users can directly apply the layouts to their websites in seconds. Select the template you like, and you will be asked to either replace the existing layout or append a new one; select the desired option for implementation.

You can later adjust the layouts and even save them as custom templates. In addition to the templates, Beaver Builder also provides pre-built rows that can be found under the rows tab.

Divi Page Builder

Divi builder offers more than 1100 layout packs. The vast number contributes to the diversity that increases the chance of finding a relevant and fitting layout for your website.

Divi pre made layouts

– Divi’s Templates

When you launch the Divi Builder, you are given the option of choosing a pre-made layout; click Browse Layouts, and then click the + button to load a layout from the library.

You can search for a specific layout and then apply it. Remember to save your current layout before using a new one, as it will overwrite the current layout.

Winner: Divi (Divi wins due to the vast number of layouts. Quality-wise, it’s a tie)

Theme Customization

With Beaver Builder and Divi, you are not limited to just creating new designs or choosing pre-built layouts, but you can also play around with the existing themes or the pre-built layouts and customize them as per your needs.

Beaver Builder theme customization

– Beaver Builder’s Theme Customization

Users can create custom archive templates, headers, and footers and apply them to the different sections of their website. Moreover, you can also customize the usage of a custom template as you can set it to apply to all new posts or a particular post type by a specific user.

Divi theme customization

– Divi’s Theme Customization

Winner: Beaver Builder

In addition to the page builders, both Divi and Beaver Builder offer their own theme builders. However, Divi Theme Builder comes as a built-in part of the Divi page builder plugin, while you have to buy the Beaver Themer add-on separately to use its functionalities.

I personally advise using the page builders with their official themes. That said, there’s no hard and fast rule as both page builders also support third-party themes, so you aren’t limited to just using the Divi theme and the Beaver Builder theme.

Note: I have also compared some of the other leading page builders; check out how they perform against each other.

  1. Divi vs. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder vs. Elementor

Beaver Builder vs Divi: Pricing and Plans

Now that you’ve learned about the Divi and Beaver Page Builder and are well acquainted with their features and offerings, you may have already chosen your winner. Not so fast! We still haven’t discussed one crucial selection factor, i.e., the pricing plans.

Every user fancies page builders with the latest features and functionalities, but does that page builder fall under their budget? To help you make your final selection, we have covered the pricing plans of Beaver Builder and Divi page builder in this section.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Beaver Builder is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers minimal features and is built for personal use. Users seeking Beaver Builder for professional use can upgrade to its premium version.

Beaver Builder pricing plans

– Beaver Builder’s Pricing

Beaver Builder has divided its pricing plan its three categories:

  • Standard at 99 USD per year
  • PRO at 199 USD per year
  • Agency at 399 USD per year

All plans are offered with a discount of 40% upon their renewal. Beaver Builder provides free support and updates on all its plans for a year. It also gives a 30-day refund policy, so if you’re not happy with their services, you will be given a 100% refund.

Divi Pricing

Divi allows its users to choose from the two different pricing plans, i.e., the yearly and lifetime plans. The annual plan requires you to pay 89 USD/yr, and the lifetime plan costs 249 USD, granting you the unlimited usage of Elegant theme’s services for the rest of your life.

Divi pricing plans

Divi’s Pricing

Both of Divi’s plans not only grant you access to Divi page builder but to Elegant theme’s entire product range. You’ll also get their layout packs, which you can utilize to make your websites look even better, and get support from their premium, round-the-clock customer service.

What I like most about Divi’s pricing plan is the fact that you may use the plugins and themes on an unlimited number of websites. In addition, a 30-day money-back guarantee means you can make your purchase with confidence.

Winner: Beaver Builder (More affordable than Beaver Builder, provided that you get access to Elegant’s all products for a year at $89).


I have compared Beaver Builder and Divi Page Builder across different departments. Both Divi and Beaver Builder have their respective pros and cons, and they balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses with their robust and unique features.

It is not possible to rationally declare a clear winner since they’re both excellent plugins, providing distinct features and functionalities and catering to different audiences. However, I am leaving the final verdict open for the readers as you may decide the winner that suits your requirements best, and leave its name in the comments below.

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