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If you don’t have content how will I find you?”, Adel de Meyer discusses SM marketing and startups in Australia

Updated on  16th November

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It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that today’s guest is the gorgeous queen of social media. Meet Adel de Meyer, a social media specialist, live streaming show host, author and mentor. She is included by Dr Jim Barry in the Top 20 Social Media Coaches. Her specialty include blogging, influencer marketing, technology and social media.

Adel de Meyer

Let’s start today’s interview with the lover of coffee and fine wine. Hello Adel, it’s a pleasure to have you with us!

Q) To start with, tell us how did you landed a successful career in the digital Industry? What made you pick this particular career? Who motivated you to choose this career path?

So my background is in sales and entertainment industry and I wanted to try and find a way to combine the two because I have found that social media combines everything for me that I enjoy, which is people, creativity, connectivity. You do sales through social media. You do marketing, you do connecting, you do inspiration. Social media gives you the power to do things very creative things.  I decided, just over four years ago to really just specialise in social media.

Q) While we are on the topic of exploring your work experience, tell us about the highlights of your inspirational journey towards becoming a digital marketing professional and social media strategist?

Highlights for me are the opportunities to work with big global brands as a brand influencer,  including Hootsuite, Adobe, Pitney Bowes, Huawei and Brand24. I got to travel and work with some very inspiring professionals along the way, some of whom became close friends.

Q) Digital and social media marketing is already doing wonders. How do you see social media marketing in future? In your opinion, what would be the trends in social media next year?

  1. Continued investment in influencer marketing campaigns
  2. Personalization will remain the key to success
  3. The rise of social chatbots for customer service
  4. Steady growth in live-streaming

Q) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are undoubtedly the most popular social media platforms. As an experienced marketer, how do you identify which platform to use to market a certain type of business? Can you give us some examples?

Actually it is a very simple answer… you start with the WHO and then you get to know that ‘WHO’ very well. Once you know where they hang-out and what they like, you will know which platforms to use to reach your target.

It is important to know that about 45% of social media users globally use only ONE social media platform, so make sure you do your research well and understand your WHO completely.

Q) Failure is an essential part of success but not everyone is bold enough to admit! How do you see failures? What were the obstacles and hardships you faced while earning a name in the tech world?

I love failures! It is the best thing that help you grow, learn and move ahead. I don’t see my ‘failures’ as failures. Instead, I see them as valuable lessons for changing the way I think and do things on social media.

Q) Social media is all about hitting it right at the right time. Can you mention five essential elements that are bound to be included in every social media marketing strategy?

  1. Realistic KPI’s
  2. Crisis plan
  3. Personas
  4. Budget and resources
  5. Reporting and tracking

Q) Content is often seen as the pinnacle of a good marketing strategy. How important is content marketing in your eyes?

If you don’t have content how will I find you?….. Enough said.

Q) Being an influential person in the digital fraternity, what would you advise beginners who want to make it big in the digital marketing industry?

  • Don’t buy fake followers
  • Be prepared to put in long hours and consistent publishing/content creation for at least your first two years
  • Engage with people – don’t think you are going to build true influence by not speaking to fans, peers and followers
  • Be prepared to grow a thick skin, it is challenging having a public online face

Q) Friends from the same profession are a pure blessing for everyone. Who are your friends in the digital fraternity?

I have so many awesome friends I’ve met online and offline. I would like to mention two friends I did some cool projects with recently, Madalyn Sklar and Diana Adams.

Q) Startup culture is flourishing globally and Australia is on the verge of becoming a startup hub. Which recent Australian startup grabbed your eye?

Seventeen-year-old Brisbane entrepreneur turned a school project into a hologram business and Scott Millar is the CEO and founder of Bop Industries while completing school. Bop Industries works in a range of areas from theater to events, education and promotion. The hologram displays can project floating graphics in the form of anything you can think of. From people to products, logos to animals and any other animation in between.

This young entrepreneur is worth watching in his attempt to make holograms a reality for everyone.

Q) Ok, enough professional talk! Let’s have a little fun round. I’ll hurl  a quick burst of rapid fire dual-choice questions that means you need to choose one of the answers in a blink of an eye.

Instagram or SnapChat? – Instagram

Neil Patel or Seth Godin? – I prefer Gary Vaynerchuk style but will go with Neil.

Tea or Coffee? – Always coffee!

Samsung or Apple? – Android for the win, always!

Reddit or Quora? – Quora… wait was that even a question? Lol 🙂

Q) Digital campaigns are made to go viral and this route – when successful – leads to a spike in traffic on websites. Have you had any bad hosting experiences as a result of viral marketing content? What do you think about managed cloud hosting solutions like Cloudways?

I love the benefits of managed cloud hosting solutions which include:

  • It’s cost effective
  • Network security is a priority
  • And due to the high system availability and speed of cloud hosting, massive amounts of data can be mined faster allowing you to develop business intelligence and insight in record speeds.

Q) Obviously, everyone desires some time to enjoy personal endeavours. What do you prefer doing in your leisure time? What are your other interests outside of the world of technology?

Travel – Lots of exploring every chance that I get

Lifestyle – consisting of fashion, beauty, photography and interior design.

Family and puppy love. I have a soft spot for both, so they get a lot of my attention.

Q) Adel, thank you so much for the interview. Lastly,Can you show us your work desk because our audience will love to see how a digital influencer like you rolls at work.

Adel de Meyer Work Desk

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Arsalan Shabbir

Arsalan works as Digital Marketing Executive for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He looks after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Cloudways. (Cool, right?) In his spare time, he loves playing cricket.

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