Access Your Server Files from WordPress Dashboard via File Manager Plugin

by Danish Ashrafi  October 13, 2016

File management is particularly a hassle for bloggers who manage multiple high volume websites. File management activities mean the administrator is constantly logged into the accounts. In addition to being a constant strain on the resources, staying logged in accounts is a serious security loophole that could result in a breach.

File Manager WordPress Plugin

It is my personal belief that WordPress offers a solution for every problem in the form of plugins and custom code snippets. I have covered several of these solutions on Cloudways Blog before.

File Manager Access from inside the WordPress dashboard – Yes, this is possible. Some plugins can help you with the issue. However, I recommend FileZilla FTP protocol for security reasons.

Access File Manager From WordPress Dashboard

Advantages of File Manager Access in WordPress Dashboard

File Manager Access from inside WordPress Dashboard offers several key benefits, some of which are:

  • A single location for all tasks.
  • Plugins support Multi File Uploading.
  • WordPress Dashboard is more user-friendly than original File Manager.
  • All file related actions supported (Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Duplicate, and Drag-and-Drop)

Features of file manager

You can do the following with the plugin:

  • Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, and Duplicate files.
  • Drag and drop to move files.
  • View list or icons with thumbnail display.
  • Editing text, PHP and other files within WordPress.
  • View and Edit files.

Advantages of File Manager Access in WordPress Dashboard

Easily edit any files from WordPress dashbaord

view any file from WordPress dashbaord

Once you have installed the plugin from here, you will see File Manager interface integrated into the WordPress Settings Menu. All the files and folders are available on this menu.

Easily navigate within all of your folders and files

You can edit, copy, cut, delete, view and a lot more via File Manager plugin

Right-click on any file or folder to view available options and tasks. These options are also accessible on the toolbar.

More power to File Manager plugin with features such as adding cloud capabilities. You can even access your cloud files from within the WordPress.

Some more additional features:

  • You can search your desired files within the File Manager Dashboard
  • Improved view options like List and Thumbnails.

Easily Search for any files

You can take a look at the complete features here

File Manager is an excellent plugin for File Manage Access in WordPress Dashboard. If you access file manager frequently and don’t want to waste time, you are better off using this plugin.

There’s one more similar plugin I’d like to mention here, and it’s called WP File Manager. This plugin also allows you to do similar stuff that we have mentioned so far.

If you have a query about File Manager, please leave a comment below.

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  • I hope I’m not the only one who think this is a terrible idea..
    We close the theme and plugin editor for security reasons… Not to install a plugin that give access to ALL files…

    • Eric Kuznacic

      Agreed a million times over for client sites. But it might some in handy at some point for those who know the risks.

    • Hi Richard, I can’t deny the fact that this plugin is insecure, but the aim of my article is to educate and provide a good file manager plugin for WordPress. As I have mentioned it in the very beginning of my article in 3rd para, that we still recommend users to use FTP Filezilla. However, this plugin can be helpful in many cases to process some quick task within the file manager as well. I appreciate your response 🙂