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Monthly website reviews – three experts, three websites, endless insights – #BFCM Edition!

Join the webinars to see professional experts in action, and submit your site for the next review.

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Cloudways Mavericks are entrepreneurs devoted to giving back to the WP community.

The Next Mavericks Webinar

Monthly Website Review: BFCM Edition

10 AM CST | 5 PM CET

Every month the Mavericks pick 3 lucky Cloudways customers or subscribers and assess their website’s performance, speed, UX, UI, and overall contribution to their digital marketing. In anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we wanted to help the ecommerce community to make the most out of the sales season.

For November’s webinar, we are going to focus on ecommerce websites and online stores for the review.

If you want your online store to be ready for the looming sales season and get the Mavericks treatment? Are you looking forward to increasing your chances of selling more?

All you need to do is submit your website (on the left) for a chance to be live reviewed by three industry experts. The Cloudways Mavericks will assess your website’s UI/UX, content & performance. You can expect actionable feedback and advice to optimize your store for upselling, cross-selling, abandoned carts, conversion rate optimization and more.

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What The Mavericks Are All About

The Cloudways Mavericks are all Cloudways power users with a range of backgrounds. In each of our fields, we’re industry experts and pillars of the global community. We share vision, ethos and principles with Cloudways: above all, we are committed to giving back to you, the Cloudways community.

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