Simplified Web Hosting for Non-Profits

Our hosting for nonprofit websites takes care of all your hosting hassles to make sure that you stay focused on creating a greater impact by helping the community, raising funds, and spreading awareness.

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speedy performance


Performance-oriented features for better load time.


Freedom of Choice

Grow your business with least restrictions and more freedom.

Hosting for Non Profits


Enhanced digital experience that simplifies all infrastructure complexities.


Do more by leveraging the full potential of team collaboration.



We keep your servers safe, secure and protected.


Expert Support

Get peace of mind as our experts have got your back.

Flexible & Transparent Plans for Mission-Focused Nonprofits

Get 20% OFF for 1 year and free up funds to contribute more to your non-profit.


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  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Unlimited App Installation
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 20% OFF for 1 year on all Plans

Great Causes Should be Supported by Scalable Platform

Flawless web hosting for nonprofit websites with complete peace of mind.

24/7 support

24×7 Caring & Expert Support

All you have to do is contact us and our team will immediately get back to you. You can even refer to our Knowledge Base or community of experts.

24/7 support

Dedicated Security

Our platform is secured by firewalls, regular OS & App patches and dedicated expert security team.

24/7 support

Top Five Cloud Providers

We partner with industry-leading cloud service providers including DigitalOcean, GCE, AWS, Linode and Vultr to create value for users.

24/7 support

Built-in CDN

CloudwaysCDN is a simple CDN service that expedites the response time of your website. Cloudways customers can integrate it in a few clicks.

24/7 support

Free SSL

We offer built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for improved site security. Install the free certificate easily with just a few clicks.

24/7 support

Automated Backups

Take backups on demand or set a frequency of automatic backups of your choice (hourly to weekly) and never lose your data.

24/7 support

1-Click Operations

Our incredible platform allows users to perform more than 50 tasks (including server cloning, storage and size scaling and app launch) in a single click.

24/7 support

Performance Stack

Optimized features for better load time. We offer Apache and NGINX with PHP-FPM as web servers, and MySQL/MariaDB as databases for faster speed and performance.

Let Us Manage Your WordPress Websites

WordPress loses its charm if it’s not run on a healthy server. This is why Cloudways is the best WordPress Hosting companion.

  • Six Cloud Providers
  • 10+ Applications
  • Simple Integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudways offers its managed cloud hosting platform which facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance with a 20% discount for eligible non-profit organizations.

Only official non-profit organizations and that are non-commercial, non-political and have no religious affiliation are eligible for this Cloudways’ exclusive discount for non-profits.

Our managed platform is designed to handle periodic traffic spikes. With the ability to scale server resources effortlessly, we make sure that your servers can handle all traffic spikes without any issue.

We bill on a pay-as-you-go model in which you receive a single invoice for both your cloud server and our managed services. The invoice is generated in the first week of the month.

Websites perform significantly faster on Cloudways because of our custom hosting stack, a combination of servers (Apache and NGINX) and cache systems (Varnish, Memcache, with the optional Redis Cache). This combination ensures lightning-fast performance regardless of the traffic and load on the servers.

Yes, we will help you migrate your non-profit websites to our platform. We offer one FREE website migration. You can also request additional (paid) managed migrations.

Cloudways is custom-crafted to simplify website and server management. Our hosting platform is easy to manage and helps you deploy your application within a few clicks. Moreover, there is absolutely no restriction on the number of servers and applications you can launch! Additionally, hosting for non-profits is managed by our expert cloud engineers who take care of hosting related challenges vis Live Chat and support tickets. This helps ensure that you continue to focus on creating awesome web applications and leave hosting hassles to us.

Yes, to create an account on Cloudways you would need a credit/debit card to validate your mode of payment and billing address.

No, if you are not one of our customers, you can still apply for the discount.

You are only eligible for non-profits discount if you are not availing any other Cloudways offer. However, do contact us and we’d love to work out a solution!