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Mavericks Webinar

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Webinar Guests

Founder and Trustee of Big Orange Heart
Marketing Manager at MailPoet

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About The Webinar

Do you suffer from impostor syndrome? Do you have an inner voice constantly telling you that you’re not good enough? You’re definitely not alone: in fact, impostor syndrome is almost a natural trait for curious, ambitious minds. Laura Nelson and Dan Maby from Big Orange Heart will join the Mavericks to discuss how to recognise, tackle and ultimately over-turn the negative feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt that can torture us at times.

Things You Will Learn

  • Impostor syndrome and its effects on mental health
  • Breaking impostor syndrome down
  • Tackling the individual components of impostor syndrome
  • Turning self-torture into self-nurture and self-growth
  • You’re in good company: all the self-confessed impostors that have made the world a better place

Meet The Guest

Dan is the founder and a member on the Board of Trustees for Big Orange Heart (formerly WP&UP), helping to deliver his vision of better well-being and mental health support within the remote working communities. He’s passionate about supporting people & thrives on mentoring others.

Founder and Trustee of Big Orange Heart

Laura is the Marketing Manager at MailPoet – the most popular email marketing plugin for WordPress. She’s been working in the WordPress space for the past 8 years, with experience in both agency and in-house marketing teams.

Marketing Manager at MailPoet

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