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Laravel with VueJS An Integration Handbook



  1. Messaging Starter Kit
  2. Activate your new signups
  3. Subject lines; a best practice

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About This Ebook

Covering all basic aspects of VueJS integration with Laravel, this ebook is ideal for developers who want to master VueJS, the latest in frontend development. The book covers the basics of VueJS integration and how to add this integration within your projects.

Laravel is one of the developer-favorite backend framework for PHP developers and this ebook covers the process of how to integrate it with VueJS in detail. As a result, this ebook is a pretty handy guide for web artisans who want to keep up with the emerging trends.

Whether you know VueJS and Laravel well or have just started out in the integration game, this ebook starts with the basics of creating a simple application with Laravel and VueJS, and then offers detailed insights in setting up pagination using VueJS framework.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the basics of VueJS framework.
  • Understand the VueJS integration with Laravel.
  • Build a simple Laravel-VueJS application from scratch.
  • Setup Pagination using VueJS

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