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Agency Breakthrough MasterClass: Lead Magnet 101

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What’s a Lead Magnet and Why Should Your Agency Care?

Well, long term success can be difficult for any agency to build. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the tortuous process it often is. What you need is to develop a sustainable strategy to get more clients, and having an email list that you can scale and nurture through lead magnets is an essential part of that.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the principles behind crafting incredibly effective lead magnets that can pave the way forward to scaling your agency. You’ll also develop a clear idea of the challenges arising on your path to this, and the opportunities you can exploit.

All the assignments and workbooks for the Lead Magnets MasterClass are in one handy location. You’ll find the download button to your left beneath the lessons.

  • Lead Magnets 101 – Lesson #1 Workbook
  • Lead Magnets 101 – Lesson #2 Workbook
  • Lead Magnets 101 – Lesson #4 Workbook

Course Instructor

Course Instructor

Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver is on a mission to help 10,000 digital agency owners achieve freedom in business and life by helping them own their market. Brent is the founder and CEO of UGURUS and a brand evangelist for Cloudways as one of their Mavericks.