Founded in 2010, Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) and DDoS mitigation company that provides optimized performance and security for websites and applications through an intelligent global network.

Cloudflare integrates with many infrastructure providers and content management systems, including Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Magento and WordPress. In 2022, Cloudways partnered with Cloudflare to create a dedicated Cloudflare Enterprise add-on, a tool which includes an intelligent web application firewall (WAF) and enterprise-grade protection against DDoS attacks.
Over 7.5 million active global websites use Cloudflare to speed up content delivery and improve security. With over 150 data centers around the globe, Cloudflare’s CDN creates the shortest possible distance between a user and a website or application, reducing latency, easing bandwidth restrictions and ensuring fast page load times.
By using a reverse proxy to mirror and cache websites, Cloudflare serves as an intermediate between a client and a server. It can reduce loading times by storing web content for transmission on the closest edge server. It can also alter information, such as graphics and rich text, in order to function more efficiently. An extra level of security is also provided using this intermediary approach; Cloudflare can identify malicious traffic, prevent spam, block bot traffic and stop DDoS attempts.