Application Monitoring

Application monitoring (sometimes called application performance monitoring or APM) is the process of collecting real-time data about application software to ensure it’s running as expected. APM can detect, diagnose and remedy performance issues to maintain optimal performance and maximum availability.

The Cloudways Application Monitoring feature allows users to monitor databases, traffic, disk usage, and PHP/cron-related statistics. This helps them with debugging and determining when it’s necessary to scale server resources.
Application monitoring is a critical process. Without it, you might not know when your applications (and their databases) are unavailable or underperforming. It can also flag up inabilities to meet client demand, prompting you to increase resource availability.
When configuring application monitoring solution, three types of data must be taken into account: metrics, traces and log files. Metrics are measurable quantities that can be used to assess the state of a certain process. A trace uses numerous data points to assess security concerns, identify faults and find and isolate network problems. An application or operating system will automatically generate log files, which include details about user activity and program events.