Why the Fuss — Case Study

Why the Fuss Bids Farewell to Downtime and Poor Customer Support

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Eric Kuznacic
Why the Fuss

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To me, what sets Cloudways apart from other hosts is the level of support offered. Even at the basic level of support, the customer service provided by the support techs is far above and beyond that offered by competing hosts, both larger and smaller.
– Eric Kuznacic, Why the Fuss
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Founded by Eric Kuznacic, Why the Fuss? Technical Solutions is a Wisconsin-based WordPress agency that provides website assistance to businesses and organizations of all sizes, integrating cutting-edge technologies into users’ everyday lives. But the agency ran into its own share of fuss when it began experiencing downtime and poor customer support with its shared-hosting provider. And that’s when it moved to Cloudways.

Things you will learn:

  • How Why the Fuss? needed a hosting provider that prioritized customer support
  • WTF’s refreshing experience with Cloudways
  • The key advantages Cloudways offers to Why the Fuss?

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