Live AMA Session With Adam Silverstein

Topic: Explore Open Source Contributions, Developer Relations at Google, and WordPress Core Committer Expertise

Key Takeways

  • Discover how to start contributing to open source projects, including key practices and the value of impactful contributions.
  • Learn strategies for building and maintaining developer relationships and fostering open source collaboration.
  • Explore the WordPress core development process, including decision-making, feature development, and opportunities for contributor involvement.

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    AMA Session Guests

    Adam Silverstein
    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

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    About the Session

    Join us for an exclusive live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Adam Silverstein. In this session, we will dive deep into the world of open source contributions and explore what it means to engage in meaningful work within the developer community.

    Gain insights into the process of contributing to open source projects and the best practices to follow. Learn how developers can establish and maintain strong relationships with the open source community to facilitate collaboration and achieve successful projects.

    This is an excellent opportunity to interact with Adam and gain valuable insights into open source, developer relations, and WordPress core development. Mark the date and come prepared with your questions for an engaging and informative session!

    Meet Your Speaker


    Adam Silverstein is a highly respected figure in the world of open source and web development. As a Developer Relations engineer at Google, he specializes in engaging with developers and fostering strong relationships within the open source community.

    Adam is also a prominent WordPress core committer, contributing his expertise to the ongoing development and improvement of the platform.

    Adam Silverstein
    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google