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Measure your speed scores on the current hosting provider using the Page Speed Tool.”

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Use coupon code “PAGESPEED” to sign up with a $50 credit.

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Move your website to Cloudways using Cloudways Migrator Plugin (Read here)

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Measure the speed. Tweet about it or reply to your entry email.


What’s a competition without any rewards? Boring. Our Page Speed Challenge is enlivened with some exciting prizes listed below:

The runner-up will get a $300 credit or three months of free hosting (whichever you reach first in your invoice)

The winner will get a $500 credit or a year of free hosting (whichever you reach first in your invoice)

The second runner-up will be rewarded with a $100 credit or two months of free hosting (whichever you reach first in your invoice)

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The Core Web Vitals update has added a new ranking factor in the SERP

The idea originated with Google’s Core Web Vitals update that added “user’s page experience” as a ranking factor w.e.f. June 2021.

While exploring the latest update, we came across Joe Williams, a chief SEO trainer at Tribe SEO, and found his blog on scoring 100% on Google’s page speed test. Intrigued by his findings, we offered him to try Cloudways, and the immediate positive results convinced him to become our customer.

We decided to extend this mini-challenge to everyone looking to maximize their performance results, and the brainstorming ended up in this Page Speed Challenge.

TribeSEO’s Joe Williams made drastic improvements, why can’t you?

Cloudways collaborated with Joe to discuss Google’s latest ranking signal (launched in June 2021). Joe shared the best practices for the optimization of web pages to target fast loading speeds.

The webinar weighed on the importance of Google’s Page Experience Update, the Core Web Vitals, and the secrets to ace Google’s PageSpeed Insights Test. Moreover, Joe shared his intriguing story and the stats that convinced him to switch from Kinsta to Cloudways.

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