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How to make WordPress website multilingual with Weglot Translate Plugin [Giveaway]

March 2, 2016

4 Min Read
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In the current age, being visible and readable to any visitors and potential clients has become a must. The first step is to get a website anyone can have access to, ideally in their language or at least in a language they can actually understand.

WordPress multilingual is not supported natively in the WordPress core, only plugins can help you to get there (unless you choose the multisite option). But existing plugins suffer from complex set-up and usage, compatibility issues with themes and other plugins, site slowdowns and the absence of content proposition. That’s why Weglot translate was built and developed, aiming at combining multilingual and simplicity.

WeGlot multilingual plugin WordPress

Why choose Weglot Translate plugin?

Assuming you chose the plugin vs. multisite option to add new languages to your WordPress website, here are the key main benefits of Weglot Translate compared to existing plugins:

• Easy and simple set-up/usage: you do not need technical skills or source file manipulation
• Light and flexible solution: no need to create technical architecture or host new content, everything is hosted and served by Weglot
• SEO optimized: clean source code with dedicated sub-directory automatically created (/en /fr /nl etc) that will enable Google to properly crawl it, while monitoring SEO tags in every language
• Content provider, choosing between 3 sources: (i) machine translation (provided by default at subscription); (ii) human (user or team members); (iii) pro translators (we are provided with pro services)
• Compatibility: no theme or plugin compatibility issues, as Weglot interacts on top of the code, not messing up with WordPress back-office

WeGlot Multilingual WordPress Plugin Giveaway

So now, how do I add new languages and translate my content to my WordPress website? In this tutorial, we assume you have a WordPress website.

Here we start:

Step 1: installing Weglot Translate

  • Log in to your “WordPress Admin Panel”.
  • Navigate to “Plugins > Add New”.
  • From top right, search for “Weglot Translate”.
  • Click on “Install Now” as shown in image.
  • After installing, click on “Activate Plugin”

installing Weglot Translate

Step 2: Configuring Weglot Translate

Navigate to Weglot in the left navigation menu.

You will see a list of options from where you can configure the language you want and the switcher button.

However, to run Weglot Translate on your WordPress website, you have to create an account on Weglot’s website to get the API key.

Configuring Weglot Translate

Step 3: getting API key

To get an API key from Weglot, click on the link in the configuration or open your browser and go to

Click on “Sign Up” from the top right corner or on “Start now” in the middle.

Weblot API key


Fill in your details.

WordPress login

After creating your account, confirm your email and you’ll see something like below. “Copy your API key” from here.

API key

Step 4: setting API key

Go back to your “WordPress Admin Panel”.

Navigate to “Weglot” in the left bar and “Paste API key”.

setting API key

You’re done!

Your website is now available in the selected languages and you can click the switcher button on it.

WordPress website

Step 5: Editing Your Translations in Your Weglot Account

Go back to your “WordPress Admin Panel”.

Navigate to “Weglot” in the left bar and click on “Edit my translations”.

WordPress Admin Panel


It will open your Weglot translations dashboard in a new Tab.

  • Displaying your content in the original language on the left and the translated content on the right side
  • You can “edit translations”, entering the field and changing it
  • Changes are “automatically saved” if you exit the field and displayed on your website
  • To find a specific content, phrase or word you can “navigate through your pages” on the left menu
  • You can also “search for a specific phrase or word with the search bar”

Weglot translations dashboard

Step 6: Customizing the Language Switcher Button

Go back to your “WordPress Admin Panel“.

Navigate to “Weglot” on left bar.

Scroll down slowly, you’ll see customization of your switcher button.

Make changes according to your needs.

And you are done!

Adding foreign languages to a WordPress website can help to gain visibility, visitors and potential customers. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you’ve got any questions, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.

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