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WordCamp New York 2019, US – We’re Proud to Be the Sponsor!

September 6, 2019

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wordcamp new york us
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Cloudways is the proud sponsor of WordCamp New York 2019 and we encourage you to be part of it! One of our ambassadors, Piccia Neri will be on the ground to meet you.

piccia neri

WordCamps are being organized all over the world, and they take on an original and unique connotation. This year the WordCamp New York 2019 will take place for two days.

This exciting event will commence on September 14-15, 2019, in New York, “The Empire State” at Convene at 117 West 46th Street, located between Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

WordCamp New York 2019 will host speakers, experts, and professionals from all over the world to facilitate and gather initiatives for developers, bloggers, and agencies at large.

Some of the big names like Laura Ho, Mervin Hernandez, Casey James Perno, Karen Jeanne Radley, among others are the organizers of WordCamp New York 2019 (see the full list).

Why Should You Attend WordCamp New York 2019?

WordCamp New York 2019 presents a unique opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and discuss with experts and professionals, all the possibilities to discover everything that WordPress powers.

You will get a chance to develop new business projects and useful collaborations. Networking, in-depth analysis, sharing, and fun: WordCamp New York 2019 offers a complete package.

The spirit of this event is based on the principles of collaboration, open-source philosophy and freedom of publication on the Internet.

During the sessions, industry professionals and WordPress enthusiasts will discuss a range of issues related to WordPress, and on everything related to the web in a broader sense.

The lineup of sessions includes 42 talks on website development and designing, coding, marketing, social media, community, management, and doing online business with WordPress.

Schedule of Events

The sessions of WordCamp New York 2019 will be held in Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3 simultaneously.

Saturday, September 14

Here is the schedule for the first day.





8:00 AM


8:45 AM

Opening remarks

9:00 AM

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Chloe Chamberland

Next-Level Blogging: How to run your blog like a business

Andrea Zoellner

Bringing Gutenberg JavaScript Outside of the Block Editor

Timothy Jacobs

10:00 AM

Don’t Fear The Block

John Eckman

WordPress for Nonprofits – Your Work for the Greater Good

Birgit Pauli-Haack

How Events Can Grow & Maintain Your Client Base

Breann McDede


11:00 AM

How to Win Friends and Influence People in a 280 Character Universe

Laura Byrne Cristiano

Protecting Your Accounts from Theft (Least Privilege and Password

Nicholas Chin

Take Command with Custom WP-CLI Commands

David Ryan

12:00 AM


1:45 PM

Proven Steps to Make any WordPress Site a Lead Generation Platform

Bill Rice

How to Build and Transform Your Work Team into a
Thriving Community!

Dr Trenace

Getting in front of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with WordPress

Ben Erwin

2:40 PM

Providing Inline Help for a Great User Experience.

Steve Bruner

What does your brand look like in a voice first world?

Chip Edwards

How to Start Podcasting with WordPress

Joe Casabona

3:30 PM

What Ai can do for WordPress Websites

Emeka Boris Ama

SEO: Getting All Green in Yoast

Chad Lewine

UX for Everyone

Piccia Neri

4:20 PM

How I Rebuilt My Base Theme for Gutenberg

Beth Soderberg

Data-Driven Marketing with WordPress

Frank Jones

How to use free accessibility testing tools

Joseph LoPreste

Sunday, September 15

Here is the schedule for the second day.





8:30 AM


9:15 AM

The Power of CSS: Cool Things To Do With Styles

David Wolfpaw

Top Attributes Developers Need to Get Hired

Caleb Freeman

Testing Business Critical Features With Behat

Andrew Taylor

10:10 AM

Bummer of a Birthmark, Hal.

Mika Epstein

Using WordPress to Power Your Digital Marketing

Andrew Schulkind

Finding Your Forte

Joey Wright, David Meyer

11:10 AM

Slaying the Content Monster

Sue Allen Clayton

How To Select and Design WordPress Themes To Increase Sales and
Convert Visitors Into Customers

Bruce Chamoff

Building AMP-first Sites, the WordPress Way

Salvatore Denaro

12:00 AM


1:45 PM

Everything has its place- Best practices for a visually appealing

Christina Ledesma

How To Utilize Trending Moments To Create Killer Content

Desiree Johnson

WordPress Multisite Website as a Service (WAAS)

Tevye Brown

2:40 PM

WordPress Programming Like a VIP

Mike Auteri

Supercharging Your Maintenance Packages

Allie Nimmons

Going Headless without Losing Your Head: Strategies for Getting
Started with Decoupled WordPress

Christina Deemer

3:30 PM

React and JavaScript Testing In And Around WordPress

Josh Pollock

What To Do Once You Launch A New Website

Sandy Edwards

100 Days of What? (Why
you should learn how to code, even though you don’t fancy a coding career)

Monique Dubbelman

4:20 PM

Using Elementor in Design and Marketing

Stephen Kriso

5 Ways to Use Zapier and WordPress to help
automate your life

AJ Morris

Donation Acceptance 101 for Nonprofit organizations

Marci Gagnon

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks


Cloudways Team is super excited to meet you in WordCamp New York 2019!

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