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WooCommerce Discount Code to Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

September 13, 2018

6 Min Read
WooCommerce Discount Code Guide
Reading Time: 6 minutes

This Holiday Season, many WooCommerce store owners are preparing their website to make the highest sale around the world. For that, they will surely optimize store performance, choosing an optimized WooCommerce hosting, and change the theme for Holiday Season so customers come and easily choose products and purchase them.

Sometimes customers could not purchase any product because they cannot see any deal or something else like a discount. Because we are human and generally we go there where we get some discounts. 🙂
So, I am going to tell how you can attract customers and boost your sales by adding WooCommerce discount code on your online store.

What Are the Coupons?

One of the ways in which WooCommerce helps you sell your products is through discount coupons. It’s one the marketing trick in the business: offer your customer a “special” rebate!

Back in the day, coupons used to be published in magazines. People would cut them out using scissors and bring them to your store physically to be able to claim a discount. A coupon makes the customer feel special. They are getting a deal that not everyone is getting or a deal that isn’t available during most days.

WooCommerce lets you reward your customers while boosting your sales. Let’s learn how you can add coupons to WooCommerce so that your customers can claim a discount through a code.

WooCommerce Coupon Management

After installing the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress, you need to enable coupons through the WooCommerce settings.

To do this, go to your WooCommerce dashboard navigate WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout to enable coupons.

Under the checkout process, you can see the coupons tab are there and the option enables the use of coupons is already checked it means “Coupons can be applied from the cart and checkout pages”.

WooCommerce discount code checkout

Now, you should sit down for a meeting with your team and decide what type of discount your online store will offer. Think carefully to maximize your sales but also keep revenue generation in mind.

Once you have decided the discount, now it is time to add a new WooCommerce discount code. To do this, go to WooCommerce → Coupons → Add Coupon.

WooCommerce discount code coupon

After clicking on Add Coupon, you will be redirected to the next page where you can need to enter details about the WooCommerce coupon. The first two things you will need to enter: the WooCommerce discount code whatever you want to select; make sure WooCommerce code will be relevant. If you want to add 20% off for Holiday Season then the WooCommerce code can be something like Holiday20Off. This is more relevant to help your visitors to convert. And the second option is optional but I would suggest adding a description as well because people can more understand about the WooCommerce discount code description.

Let’s say I am selling LED TVs at a special discount of 35%.


When a customer is checking out from your store’s shopping cart, he will enter the promo code “LED35TV” get 35% discount.

There are three sections which further specify the nature of the WooCommerce coupon: General, Usage Restriction, and Usage Limits. Let see the more details below.

General Settings

You will specify the discount type. There are a total of three kinds of discount types, which allows for a great deal of flexibility for you as a web store owner.

  • Percentage Discount
  • Fixed Cart Discount
  • Fixed Discount on Selected Products

I will choose option 1 because I’m offering a percentage discount (35%) on selected products (LED TVs only). In the “coupon amount” field, just enter a numerical value. Based on your discount type selection, the system will select the units itself.

Free Shipping

If you have free shipping enabled and you’d like to throw in free shipping to sweeten the deal for your customers, check the “allow free shipping” box.

Coupon Expiry Date

Don’t forget to enter the coupon expiry date! The coupon doesn’t remain “special” anymore if you continue your discount for an indefinite period!

For reference, see the screenshot below.


Usage Restriction

As the name suggests, this tab allows you to set restrictions on the usage of the coupon. This is to make sure the coupon is applied by the customer only to products or services which you are offering a discount on.

Minimum Spend & Maximum Spend

The “minimum spends ” field is to set a minimum subtotal amount needed to use the WooCommerce coupon. The cart total amount and tax are included in this minimum spend field. I have chosen my WooCommerce coupon minimum spend like $100. You can also enter a maximum spend amount in the next field.

Individual Use Only

The “Individual use only” box prevents the use of multiple WooCommerce coupons.

Exclude Sale Items

The “Exclude sale items” will exclude items already on sale from being purchased with this coupon.


The “Products” field lets you set specific products which must be in the cart for the WooCommerce coupon to apply.

Exclude Products

The “Exclude Products” field does the opposite, and any products you specify here must not be in the shopping cart for the coupon to apply.

Product Categories

My favorite field in this section of the coupon settings is “Product Categories”. I can easily assign the coupon to a particular category of products; in this case, LED TVs. You can also enter a list of email addresses allowed to use the coupon.


Usage Limits

This is a straightforward tab. The first field asks how many times can the coupon code be used to purchase items from your store? I have a stock of 50 LED TVs I want to sell, so I have set the limit as 50.

The second field asks, Limit usage to X items so I am adding 1.

The third field asks, how many times can one individual use the WooCommerce discount code to buy products? Can a single person make multiple purchases on different dates and avail this discount? I don’t want that to happen, so I am limiting each individual to a single purchase transaction using this WooCommerce discount code.


Happy Selling!

That’s it! Just hit the “Publish” button and your coupon is live and active.


Now let’s see either WooCommerce discount code working or not. So I am going to my website and go to a specific product. I have chosen the LED category so now I am going to see LED category 1 products.

Here is my product below.


In the above section, I have applied a WooCommerce coupon minimum spend like $100. So I need to purchase above $100. Let’s say I increase the quantity something like 6.

Done! The WooCommerce discount code has been applied successfully. See the screenshot below.


Now it’s your team’s job to market the deal you are offering. Make sure potential customers hear about it. Generate a buzz around your offer. Spread the coupon code far and wide! Create a sense of urgency in the market.

A word about taxes: All discounts applied by WooCommerce coupons are applied before taxes. Applying discounts after taxes is not legal. Discounts must be always applied before taxes. It is the law, not a user preference.

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