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5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs a Blog

Updated on  December 22, 2016

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Coming to prominence in the late 90s, blogging has now become one of the most valuable tools that online businesses can use to engage with their customers. In this digital era, blogging will help you stay ahead of the competition. Each month, more than 329 million people read blogs! That’s a lot of readers (and the perfect motivator for you to start blogging.)

If you are confused whether your business needs a blog or not, keep reading this article. I am sure it will help you understand the value of a business blog.

Blogging Instantly Attracts Traffic

Let’s be honest. We all have a website because we want traffic to come to our site, specifically speaking, niche traffic. Most of the companies put content on their website which does not change frequently. The amount of content is also limited and some pages rarely need to be updated.

Your blogs help you solve the lack of updated content problem on your website. Blogs bring in traffic to the website. Search engines—like Google, Bing, and Yandex—index blog content in a flash and depending upon your usage of the appropriate keywords, you can generate relevant traffic to your website.

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Blogging Helps in Gaining Consumer Confidence

If you have a steady stream of content in the pipeline then your readers know that you are concerned about your industry. It shows that consumers can come to you and learn about new information with regard to your industry. The more regularly you update your blog; you will be seen as experts in the industry.

But! What should you use your blogs for? Use them for self-promotion. Yes, that’s right. You should use your blog for gaining trust of the consumers. Use your space for sharing your knowledge about the field; provide insights related to your industry and domain. You can even curate content from others opinion and use it on your website as a commentary. Blog posts that have valuable insider information and are written in a clear and concise manner can be used as impactful digital marketing tools that get shared on different social networking channels.

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Blogging Helps in Building Subscription Lists

We all know that newsletters are great ways to build a customer base. But there is a slight problem with newsletters. The problem is that with newsletters, you really don’t know whether you have garnered the right niche audience or not. Company blogs help you score the right niche market faster than many other ways.

Customers are attracted towards quality content. Whenever customers read high quality blogs, they are inclined towards subscriptions in order to keep themselves updated about the latest blog updates. To further entice customers, you can offer them some e-books, or give them some discounts codes of your service. There are many other options for you to choose from and you may choose the one that seems the most suitable as per your marketing strategies.

Blogging Creates Conversations

If you deploy a blog on your company website and it allows for comments and promotes discussion, then consider this as a golden ticket to two-way learning. Not only will you be able to engage with the readers but you will also be able to analyze who and what kind of people are actually coming to your blog. This also leads you to have a constructive conversation with your readers and helps you find out exactly what they’re interested in reading.

Most businesses do have a blog but they often carry a myopic view towards it. They often forget to leverage the potential of their own content by resisting viewing the world around them through the eyes of their consumers.

If you start blogging and promote it actively on digital media channels, and truly start listening to what is being said about your organization, then you will be able to get new questions from different individuals who will be asking you for more information, much of which you can use to write another blog post.

Soon, you will see your content calendar over-flowing with content ideas because you were compassionate enough to listen to your readers.

There is one more major advantage of using blog: You acquire the greatest advocates of your company, both online and offline. Your readers become the buzz creators for you and all you have to do is write quality content for them.

It’s a Team Thing!

If you go through the blog at Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting platform, you will notice that the company has allowed every single individual to produce quality content for the company blog. This speaks volume of how much the company values its employees.

Cloudways Blog

Screengrab: Cloudways Blog

Every employee of the organization loves to be a part of the team. When everyone see themselves contributing towards the base of the company’s content, everyone feels important. When employees feel valued and are given their due importance, momentum turns in favor of achieving company’s goals.

And, it does not matter if you are a team of 10, 20, or 2000, working as a team that produces quality content across the company will have a powerful impact on the organizational goals.

Of Course, You Should!

I highly recommend you to integrate a blog into your company website or online shop. Blogging has been a major player in our strategic success and has helped us garner support of industry experts and enthusiasts alike. We, at Cloudways, are always looking to engage with our customers and listen to what they are saying. For us, the customer feedback is a major driving aspect of our business success.

I hope the reasons above have convinced you as to why your business needs a blog. These are just some of the major advantages of having a corporate blog. If you have any other advantage that you would like to share, then let me know in the comments section. Plus, do let me know about your opinions concerning corporate blogs.

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