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Would you like to expand your online store business or your business is already spread across multiple countries? Don’t you ever want your visitors to be able to see the displayed price in their home currency?

I believe YES!

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a plugin that allows your shop to show prices and accept payments in multiple currencies. This will allow your customers to buy a product in their preferred currency. In this tutorial, I am going to tell how you can install WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin or your WooCommerce-powered online store. But before move on to the installation process, let me first tell you about its benefits and different versions.

Benefits of WooCommerce Currency Switcher

  • Save your foreign customer/visitors from the pain of mathematical gymnastic by showing prices in their home currency
  • Using for both merchants and customers is easy
  • It allows customers to shop in their preferred currency
  • Expand your business horizon to other countries without creating a separate store.
  • Currency can be changed automatically according to visitor’s IP using woo WC_Geolocation PHP class
  • It allows individual GeoIP rules for each product
  • Check out for GeoIP rules
  • It allows individual fixed prices rules for each product

WooCommerce Currency Switcher: Free & Premium Version

The free version of WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin only allows you to add any two currency. On the other hand, the premium version allows you add unlimited currency switcher. For this tutorial, I am using the free version of WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.

Now let’s move to the installation process.

Installing WooCommerce Currency Switcher

First Log In your WordPress admin panel.

Download WooCommerce Currency Switcher from Plugins directory.

After downloading, install and activate the plugin.

How Does It Work?

Now, go to WooCommerce > Setting > Currency

There will be two currencies installed by default: USD and EUR.

Now, let’s see the tabs.

Currencies Tab

  • 1- You need to check left radio button to set your site basic currency
  • 2- Enter currency code (you can find them using this link)
  • 3- Select currency sign
  • 4- Select the position of currency sign
  • 5- Select the currency decimals
  • 6- Currency rate relative to the base or press finance.yahoo button
  • 7- Enter any description text
  • 8- Click on empty flag image and select the flag image
  • 9- Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button

Options Tab

You can see some option in the options tab see below:

  • Drop-down view: Here you can see six drop-down options
  • Show flags by default: Here you can hide flags by default on site front
  • Show money signs: Here you can hide money signs on the site front
  • Show price info icon: Here you can show price info icon
  • Welcome currency: Here you can set default currency
  • Currency aggregator: Here you can set currency aggregator
  • Currency storage: Here you can set currency storage
  • Rate auto update: Here you can set auto update like hourly, daily, weekly, etc
  • Email notice about “Rate auto-update” results: Here you can set rate auto update
  • Hide switcher on check out page: Here you can hide switcher on the check out page
  • Show approx.amount: Here you can show the approx amount
  • I am using cache plugin on my site: Set yes here only if you are using cache plugin for your site
  • Custom money signs: You can add your symbol using simple syntax
  • Custom price format: If you want to change the view of the price on the site front you can use this option
  • Prices without cents: Here you can use a comma. Example: UAH, RUB. Test it for check out after set!

Advanced Tab

If you want to let your customers pay with their selected currency, you should set multiple modes to ‘Yes’.

GeoIP Rules

Here you can add countries to the currencies using drop-down.

Info Tab

Here you can find complete documentation about WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.

Display in Widget

To display WooCommerce Currency Switcher, you need to go Appearance > Widget. Here you can see WooCommerce Currency Switcher tab and two additional tabs, which we called WooCommerce Currency Converter and WooCommerce Currency Rates.

You can also customize widget settings like hide/show flags, right/left position, and text display in the drop-down option like currency code/description and also change the title as well.

Now it’s time to see the front end of the shop page.

USD Dollar

European Euro

Finals Words

That’s all! Let’s check out this plugin and let me know your choice for WooCommerce online stores. Also if you need any help regarding this plugin let me know via comment section below.

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