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Top Startup Events, Conferences and Meetups to Attend in 2018

Updated on  27th February

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Running a startup can be arduous especially when you are stuck with the business plan and have no clue how to take it forward.

Top Startup Events, Conferences and meetups
One way of getting out of it is by attending top startup events and conferences happening near you. Because the backbone of any startup ecosystem is its events, the participants can involve by sharing their experiences, ideas, and problems with each other.

Like every year, there will be some engaging events coming your way. I have identified a list of the best ones here to rev-up your startup game.

Who Should Attend Startup Events?

  • Founders/ Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers/Managers/Owners/Directors
  • VCs and Angel Investors
  • Business Consultants

Why Attend Startup Events?

Every type of person mentioned above has different agenda to attend startup events. Startup founders would want to pitch their new business ideas, get funded or to listen to experts advice. Investors hunt for investment opportunities. And, marketers come to learn new hacks and analyze the industry and especially eye the competitors. And, business consultants participate to consult inexperienced founders and teach successful ways of doing business.

Note: Events listed in this article are in no particular order.

List of Top Startup Events Around the Globe

Money 20/20

Event: Money 20/20
Date: 13-15 March 2018
Venue: Singapore

Fast Growth Icons

Event: Fast Growth Icons
Date: 22nd March 2018
Venue: London, United Kingdom

Seedstars Summit

Event: Seed Start Summit
Date: 12th April 2018
Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland

Startup Camp Berlin 2018

Event: Startup Camp 2018
Date: 12-13 April 2018
Venue: Berlin, Germany

Collision Conf 2018

Event: Collision
Date: April 30 – May 3 2018
Venue: New Orleans, U.S.A

Pioneers 18

Event: Pioneers 18
Date: 24-25 May 2018
Venue: Vienna, Austria

Next Gen Summit 2018

Event: Next Gen Summit
Date: 8-10 June 2018
Venue: New York, U.S.A

London TECH Week 2018

Event: London Tech Week
Date: 11-17 June 2018
Venue: London, United Kingdom

Wonder Women Tech

Event: Wonder Women TECH’s 2nd London Intl. Conference
Date: 15 June 2018
Venue: London, United Kingdom

LAUNCH Festival Sydney

Event: The Launch Festival
Date: 19-20 June 2018 & Sydney Startup Safari, 21 June 2018
Venue: Sydney, Australia

World Domination Summit

Event: World Domination Summit 2018
Date: 26 June – 2 July 2018
Venue: Portland, Oregon

Startupfest Canada-2018

Event: Startup+Fest
Date: 10-14 July 2018
Venue: Montréal, Canada

Techrunch Disrupt

Event: TechCrunch- Disrupt
Date: 5-7 September 2018
Venue: San Francisco, U.S.A


Event: Summit LA 18
Date: 2-5 November 2018
Venue: Downtown Los Angeles, U.S.A

Websummit 2018

Event: Web Summit
Date: 5-8 November 2018
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

A Word of Advice

You can only understand the value of startup events by attending them rather than browsing  the web, as that would not add any value to your startup project.

So, which startup events are you willing to attend this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan is a business graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Startup Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community. He is a big fan of cricket and does Netflix and chill in his free time.

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