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New Features in Symfony 3.2: Workflow Component, Twig & Other Changes

Updated on  1st December

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Symfony has rapidly become the framework of choice for web development apps and projects. Two important reasons behind the popularity are the frequent updates to the framework and the addition of new components. The result is a lightweight framework that is has taken the world by storm.

symfony 3.2 features

Already, developers have started to migrate their apps and projects from Symfony 2.8 to Symfony 3.x. I have already discussed the upgrade process from version 2.7 to version 3.0.

The latest news is the release of Symfony 3.2. This release introduces several important areas including  caching, profiling and validations processes. I will discuss several important changes that distinguish this update.

How to Install Symfony 3.2 with Composer

The first important update is the way in which Symfony is installed. In several previous articles, I have highlighted Composer as the best option for installing  any package, library or framework. You can install Symfony 3.2 with the following SSH command.

This command will install the stable release of Symfony 3.2. Once the installation finishes, go to the project’s folder and run the following command to start the server.

This will start the server and highlight the localhost port in use like this


Open the mentioned URL ( in the browser. You will see the new welcome page of Symfony 3.2.

How to install symfony 3.2 on cloudways

I will now discuss the new components and features introduced in Symfony 3.2.

The All New Workflow Component

Symfony 3.2 has introduced a new component called Workflow . A workflow is the set of processes and procedures that are used in a development environment for automation and production. The workflows are always repeated actions and are scheduled recursively. The Workflow component works with two event features State And Transitions. To use this component, you should first install it through the following command

This command will enable the component. To further read about this component, check out these excellent examples by Javier Eguiluz and eleven labs.

Improved Features In Symfony 3.2

Symfony 3.2 has introduced several important changes in key areas of the framework. The complete list is available on the Symfony website . I will now demonstrate several highlight changes with the pull request code.

FrameworkBundle Twig
Serializer Cache
Console Routing
DependencyInjection Yaml
VarDumper WebProfiler Bundle
PhpUnit Bridge Form

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  • Decreases the number of mandatory dependencies (20097,20075, 20072, 20070, 20067)
  • New Cache warmers are added (annotations in 18533, validator in 19485, serializer in 19507)
  • Added support for prioritizing form type extension tags(19790)
  • Added cache:pool:clear command (19891)
  • Paths changed to relative ones in templates paths cache (19687)
  • when updating translations domains are allowed to specify (19325)
  • Changed server:run logs to be displayed by default (19174)


All Symfony versions now support Twig 1.28.

  • The Twig cache is now independent to the project root directory (20285)
  • Refactored Twig extensions to decouple definitions from implementations (20093)
  • Added Twig runtimes for “critical” Twig extensions (20094)
  • Added access to token from twig AppVariable (19991)


  • CSV encoder added (19197)
  • YAML encoder added (19326)
  • Added support for specifying format for DateTimeNormalizer::denormalize (20217)
  • Deprecated SerializerAwareEncoder (18483)


  • improved support for one command apps (16906)
  • Added errors display in quiet mode (18781)
  • Added ability to regress the ProgressBar (19824)
  • Added ConsoleLogger::hasErrored() (19090)
  • Simplified simulation of user inputs in CommandTester (18710)
  • Centralized input stream in base Input class (18999)
  • Added support for hidden commands (20029)


  • Allowed injecting ENV parameters at runtime using %env(MY_ENV_VAR)% (19681)
  • Added automatic detection of definition classes when possible (19191)
  • Added priority support for CompilerPass classes (18022)
  • Deprecated access to private shared services. (19146)
  • Added support for short services configurators syntax (19190)
  • Fixed ini file values conversion (20232)
  • Added a trait to sort tagged services (18482)


  • Added PDO and Doctrine DBAL adapters (19519)
  • Added NullAdapter to disable cache (18825)
  • Added PhpArrayAdapter to use shared memory on PHP 7.0 (18823)
  • Added PhpFilesAdapter (18894)
  • Added generic TagAwareAdapter wrapper (replaces TagAwareRedisAdapter) (19524)


  • Added support for unicode requirements (19604)
  • Added support for appending a document fragment (12979)
  • Added support for array values in route defaults (11394)
  • Fixed URL generation to be compliant with PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 ( (19639)


  • Moved YamlLintCommand to the Yaml component (19139)
  • Fixed parsing multi-line mapping values (19304)
  • Added Yaml::PARSE_EXCEPTION_ON_DUPLICATE to throw exceptions on duplicates (19529)
  • Added support for parsing PHP constants (18626)
  • Allowed using _ in some numeric notations (18486)


  • Add support for XmlReader (19151)
  • Add support for Redis (18675)
  • Handled attributes in Data clones for more semantic dumps (19797)
  • Allowed dumping subparts of cloned Data structures (19672)
  • Added $dumper->dump(..., true); (nicolas-grekas) (19755)
  • Added ClassStub for clickable & shorter PHP identifiers (19826)
  • Added LinkStub to create links in HTML dumps (19816)

WebProfiler Bundle

  • Switch to VarDumper when displaying data in the profiler (19614)
  • Added a default ide file link web view (19973)
  • Added expansion of form nodes that contains children with errors (19339)
  • Added support for window.fetch calls in ajax section (19576)

PhpUnit Bridge

  • Replaced ErrorAssert by @expectedDeprecation (20255)
  • Allowed configuring removed deps and phpunit versions (20256)
  • Added a triggered errors assertion helper (18880)
  • Added bin/simple-phpunit wrapper (=phpunit – yaml – prophecy) (19915)
  • Added support for native E_DEPRECATED (20040)


  • Changed FormTypeGuesserChain to accept Traversable (20047)
  • Added a DateInterval form type (16809)
  • Deprecated using Form::isValid() with an unsubmitted form (17644)
  • Added CallbackChoiceLoader (18332)

These are some of the highlights of the improvements introduced in Symfony 3.2. For a more detailed look at all the improvements and changes, check out the official Symfony Announcement.

Support for Symfony 3.2

One of the most important headache for PHP framework users is the duration of support for a particular version. The support for Symfony 3.1 will end in July 2017. After this date, developers should either upgrade or re-code their apps in Symfony 3.2.

For Symfony 3.2, the proposed support roadmap is:

symfony 3.2 support

Upgrade from Symfony 3.1 to 3.2

With every new version, developers rush to make their projects compatible with the new release. The problem with new release is that some features and components of the previous releases are no longer supported.

I will now discuss the features that Symfony 3.2 has dropped from the lineup. I will also mention the require command for including these packages through Composer.


Removed Dependency

Require Command


composer require doctrine/annotations

symfony/security-core & symfony/security-csrf

composer require symfony/security-core & symfony/security-csrf


composer require symfony/templating


composer require symfony/translation


composer require symfony/asset

Resources/public/images/* files

Resources/public/css/*.css files

Inlined in twig Bundle


Client HTTP user agent has been changed to Symfony BrowserKit.


Calling get() on a ContainerBuilder instance before compiling the container is deprecated.


The Calling of isValid() on a Form instance before submitting is deprecated:



  • DataCollector::varToString() is deprecated and will be removed in Symfony 4.0. Use the cloneVar() method instead.
  • Surrogate name in a Surrogate-Capability HTTP request header has been changed to ‘symfony’.


Surrogate-Capability: symfony2=”ESI/1.0″


Surrogate-Capability: symfony=”ESI/1.0″


  • Tests\Constraints\AbstractConstraintValidatorTest has been deprecated and now becomes Test\ConstraintValidatorTestCase.



  • Setting the strict option of the Choice Constraint to false has been deprecated and the option will be changed to true as of 4.0


  • Support for silently ignoring duplicate mapping keys in YAML has been deprecated and will lead to a ParseException in Symfony 4.0.
  • Mappings with a colon (:) that is not followed by a whitespace are deprecated and will lead to a ParseException in Symfony 4.0 (e.g. foo:bar must be foo: bar).


Symfony 3.2 offers a host of improvements and new features for web development projects. The new version addresses many issues that plagued previous versions of Symfony. Developers must visit the official documentation for in depth look at the new introductions. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please leave a comment below.

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Shahroze Nawaz

Shahroze is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. He’s always in search of new frameworks and methods to implement them. Besides his coding life, he loves movies and playing soccer with friends. You can email him at

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