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10 Best WooCommerce Review Plugins in 2022

Updated on June 14, 2021

8 Min Read
Top WooCommerce Review Plugins

Reviews and critiques play a significant role in making important decisions in our lives. Various questions pop into our mind when we are making a choice. For example, do you wish to watch a movie? You can check IMDB for reviews. Do you want to eat at a good place? You can check reviews online. Do you want to buy an electronic item or a household object? Go to online web stores. From shoelaces to cars, through an ecommerce platform, you can now buy anything you want over the internet with just a few clicks. While choosing the right option, nothing serves best in decision making than a product review.

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Here is an assessment that highlights how WooCommerce review plugins are really important for your online store. According to a recent survey conducted, it has been revealed that 90 percent customers’ decisions are entirely dependent on online reviews. Another study conducted at a larger scale presented that 79 percent declared that they trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Henceforth, if you choose to launch your own WooCommerce based WordPress website, then a review plugin on it becomes mandatory.

Plugins Ratings Active Installations
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews 4.7/5 6,000+
Ultimate Reviews 4.2/5 3,000+
WP Product Review Lite 4.4/5 50,000+
WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating 2.3/5 N/A
Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce 3.1/5 4,000+
Taqyeem 4.4/5 N/A
SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce 4.7/5 300+
TWB WooCommerce Review 4.7/5 900+
WooDiscuz – Woocommerce Comments 4.7/5 2,000+
Rating-Widget: Star Review System 4.6/5 10,000+

Creating a product review for your website requires a lot of hard work, especially when you want it custom made. If you want to create a review layout according to your preferences then WordPress is your solution. It comes with a substantial number of plugin choices which are considered noteworthy. I have specifically listed 10 best WooCommerce review plugins for your online store so cutting a long story short, let’s get down to business.

1. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews Plugin

Gain more sales with social reviews! For YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review has a lot to offer you. With the YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review system, you let your customer leave reviews of the product they choose and acquire more sales. You can create a histogram table for reviews of different kinds of products. You can add rich snippets, let customers add titles and attach images while writing product reviews and add a review statistics bar so your customer can rate products based on the 5-star rating system.

Furthermore, this WooCommerce review plugin comes with built-in functionality of Advanced Review reminder harking you back to who purchased what on your online web store. Through an effective emailing system, it reaches out to customers, requesting them to fill in reviews on products which they have recently purchased from your WooCommerce platform. With YITH you can now customize your reviews in accordance with your desires.

2. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews Plugin

If you are searching for simplicity, then Ultimate Reviews plugin fits your need best. It is a simple WooCommerce review plugin that enables customers to leave feedback, ratings, and reviews on different kinds of products available on your WooCommerce web store.

Ultimate Reviews plugin incorporates an easy setup and comes with two smart review shortcodes; one for displaying your review and the other to display a review form to customers so they can submit their own critiques. Straightforward logic is applied in order to adjust rating and scoring on a specific product as it enables a WordPress manager to add review categories and change the display of reviews for a single or multiple products.

Ultimate Review Plugin lets you maximize score and allow other text inputs from a drop-down selection menu. It allows you to add the date and author of the review. Furthermore, it provides designers with a flexible styling option using the Custom CSS option. So if you are a fan of sophistication and you want to deal with WooCommerce product reviews at ease the Ultimate Review Plugin should be your option.

3. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Plugin

If you are seeking to transform your basic posts into in-depth reviews containing ratings, pros & cons, affiliate links, rich snippets, etc., then WP Product Review Lite is the best choice. WP Product review encompasses high customizability features and comes in two versions; a free version and a paid one. The free version is available for download at ThemeIsle under the title of WP Product Review Lite. However, the starting price of the Pro version is $59, which I think is not a bad investment.

With the Pro version Addon of WP Product Review, you can now promote your featured products with customized widgets. You can now create and customize call-to-action buttons such as Register, Sign Up, Buy Now, Free Demo, etc. in your review sections or your review based websites. The Addon further provides you with an option for shortcodes. Shortcodes enable users to insert reviews anywhere in the article. Moreover, the Add-on enables a user with multiple custom review icons, unlimited options, and a pre-loader functionality.

4. WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin

 WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin

Posting a review or creating a tab or widget for a product review on your WooCommerce website is one thing but how would it feel if you acquire a totally separate plugin for sorting these reviews accordingly? Yes, WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin allows customers to group all reviews in accordance with their preferences, irrespective of how you wish to sort them. You can sort them according to ratings, date and even time of the post.

The plugin shows website visitors the current evaluations, and once they are registered, they can also evaluate using AJAX. A simple yet powerful evaluation solution, and a leader in precision in the display of decimal notes. You can also create an option to sort out similar products in accordance with product rating on the review tab ranging from 5-stars as excellent to 1 star as lowest quality. It is an extremely light-weight plugin offering smooth transition and review assortment.

5. Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce

Yotpo Social Reviews for Woocommerce Plugin

With each passing day, it has been observed that online stores are now transforming more into social review websites. Gaining excellent leverage to user-generated content, website owners are more focused towards directing communication to the best interest of their customers. Yotpo Social Review for WooCommerce is one such plugin that creates your online web store on a social platform. It has recently launched its WooCommerce extension.

According to an article posted on WooThemes, a reliable name in the market, it has been assessed that through emailing back paying customers on online web stores integrated with Yotpo Social Review extension has transformed almost 8 percent from only being customers to credible reviewers.

Yotpo allows customers to direct traffic to a certain website by allowing customers to post their very own reviews on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It provides a wide range of features to store owners leveraging them in comparison to past customers generated content.

Furthermore, it comes with ultimate campaign features which are sort of a smart dashboard. This dashboard enables the domain owner to specify the amount of network traffic on his website and a complete insight on how $ value is affecting sales and purchases.

6. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem - WordPress Review Plugin

The assessment capabilities are a good way to assess your customers happy, on your website or other media. In online commerce, evaluations can also serve as recommendations for potential customers. In addition, evaluations, which can be presented in Google results, also add value to search results.

With Taqyeem, the Egyptian company TieLabs has developed, one of the best WordPress review plugins for the integration of a system of user reviews and presentation of product reviews. Everything can be personalized with more than 500 Google fonts, different typographic options, and three styles of notation: stars, points, and percentages. As far as its compatibility is concerned, it is fully compatible with the current version of WordPress.

7. SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce

SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce product pages are awesome and unique. However, at times, the need to market and promote a specific product from a normal post or page becomes mandatory. Now, one way of doing so is to copy/paste your product reviews, but guess what? SIP Review Shortcode for WooCommerce offers you a perfect solution. It does not only limit your product review to live feeds, but it will also help you identify product rating daily and directly for Google search engines.

The plugin comes with several features. Your product reviews are displayed at the location of your choice using a shortcode. With SIP, you can now add schema based on name, pricing and rating anywhere on your review page or post with shortcodes.

Moreover, it comes with customizable options and color pickers in order to set elements in accordance to match your web page theme. It is compatible with the new WooCommerce Product Review. The Pro version of this plugin includes all the attributes as that of the free version but adds 2 extra designs and comes with multi-language support.

8. TWB WooCommerce Review

TWB Woocommerce Reviews Plugin

TWB WooCommerce Review is also another plugin that uses shortcodes to add product reviews to a certain page/post on your website. It comes in two different layouts; Sliders and Lists. Slider layout contains Slide Effect and Fade Effect for review widgets, folds, posts, etc. whereas, List layout is categorized into single columns, double columns, and triple columns. With TWB Woocommerce Review you can now set your reviews according to product preferences. This plugin is highly customizable and is addictively responsive. With TWB, you can add your own CSS3 custom styles to your review post/pages.

9. WooDiscuz – Woocommerce Comments

WooDiscuz - WooCommerce Comments Plugin

Observing the diverse demographics using E-commerce platforms for buying products, it has been found that over 90 percent of the online shop visitors wish to ask questions, discuss features and gain other buyers’ advice before making a sale/purchase. With WooDiscuz, you can now add an effective review system based on comments and discussion tabs to your Woocommerce web store.

WooDiscuz boosts your sales! How does it do that? It’s simple. It brings life to your fading stores, keeps customers on track and engaged. It allows your shop visitors to observe customer activity and comes with highly customizable features. WooDiscuz comes with an interactive and clean user interface. It comes with a wide variety of options to set discussion tabs, hide/remove WooCommerce Product reviews and sharing features, turn on/off comment voting, creating threads, deleting threads, hiding them, modify administrators, manage font colors and much more.

10. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Rating-Widget Star Review System Plugin

A good rating system helps the viewer to identify which product can be categorized based on quality. The higher the rating the better would be the quality of the product. Rating-Widget: Star Review System helps in creating a 5-star system of voting for customers visiting your online web store. You can now integrate a star based voting system to your reviews with just a handful of clicks from your WordPress Dashboard. This plugin enables you to decorate your front-end reviews with beautiful ratings.

One good thing about using this plugin is that it’s extremely easy to install as it doesn’t require any configuration. It adds rich snippet metadata that will automatically add star ratings to your content’s Google SERP, making SERP more striking and conspicuous. It is user-friendly and contains the largest theme collection for reviews on the web. Moreover, it is mobile optimized and multilingual. I must say that it is a great plugin for those who have just stepped down into the development market.

Finally, you should host your WooCommerce based store on a reliable, fast WooCommerce hosting provider. Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting specializes in ecommerce hosting. So start with a free trial and test out these WooCommerce review plugins to see which one is the best for your needs.

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