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10 Best Print on Demand Companies You Can Choose to Sell Custom Products

Published on August 13, 2018 - Content Updated on

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Print on Demand Companies

According to ComCap’s report, the print on demand industry has seen a growth of 12% over the last 4 years. It is no surprise that 36% of consumers are now hovering towards more personalized and customized products. In fact, 48% of them would even be ready to wait longer for custom products!

This surge in demand for print on demand products has convinced many people in the U.S. to start a business or a side hustle that sells and makes lucrative profits! This is because post-pandemic, many people want to secure themselves by having a side income, and U.S. business formations rose by nearly 42% in 2020 as a result of the financial strain on the economy.

For this reason, we have listed the top 10 print on demand companies that you can choose from to sell custom products. Print on demand is an incredibly lucrative and low-risk business that you can start with no initial investment. We have talked about dropshipping failure and success rates as well, so you can read up on those if you have any doubts in your mind.

So, what exactly is the print on demand fulfillment model?

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What Is Print On Demand?

The print on demand model is an ecommerce model that is also known as “on-demand printing.” It enables you to sell personalized products that are printed through a print on demand company only after an order has been placed on your ecommerce store. Basically, all the work from printing to order fulfillment, and yes delivery too, is the responsibility of the print on demand company you choose.

10 Best Print On Demand Companies to Sell Custom Products

We want to bring the 10 best print on demand companies out there to your knowledge, and that can help you with the success of your ecommerce store.

1. Printful


Printful believes in turning your creative ideas into premium products and helps you create and sell custom products online. There is no upfront fee, no minimum order limit, and up to 305 premium products. All of this makes it stand out as one of the top print on demand companies today.

There are three ways in which you can fulfill your print on demand orders through Printful:

  1. You can sell custom products globally and save time by letting Printful print and ship them for you on demand.
  2. You can create products for yourself and your loved ones.
  3. You can store your own products using Printful’s warehouse and fulfillment store to sell them or promote them later on.

Printful allows you to sell premium print on demand products like T-shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags, pillows, face masks, jackets, dresses, leggings, phone cases, beach towels, and more.

The way it works is pretty simple too. You can start selling with Printful in just four simple steps:

  • First, you have to connect your store to Printful, add products, and set prices
  • Second, when a customer buys from your store, you just have to pay for the fulfillment, and the profit is yours
  • Third, Printful takes care of your order and controls the whole fulfillment process for you
  • Fourth and final, Printful ships the order to your customers

This print on demand company works best with WooCommerce and Magento, and also supports Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc. There is reliable quality, custom branding tools, intuitive design tools, and smooth automation in order fulfillment. It has 15 fulfillment facilities around the globe, so the delivery is fast with high-quality, print on demand products.



SPOD, also known as Spreadshirt Print On Demand, is a part of Spreadshirt Global and lists among the best print on demand companies out there. The process that it follows to facilitate ecommerce store owners is incredibly simple!

SPOD allows ecommerce store owners to sell customized products easily and also lets them choose a suitable production site:

  • You have to create an account on their platform and make your mind about the production site that fits you best
  • Then, you create the products you want to sell by using SPOD’s 130+ products,  and up to 50K free designs if you are inexperienced in graphic designing
  • Once you have created your products, choose from among different integrations like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify, and start importing orders from your store to SPOD.
  • Now, set the prices, see the shipping costs, taxes, and fees, and start selling!

Like all other print on demand companies, SPOD takes care of everything from printing, packing, as well as order delivery for you to make easy sales.

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3. Printify


Printify has the largest global print network and is one of the most popular print on demand companies in the market. It is free to use, despite allowing ecommerce store owners the chance to sell 300+ high-quality products.

Printify encourages ecommerce store owners to make high profits with print on demand dropshipping by offering the lowest prices in the industry. Its wide network of partners and automatic routing functionality supports high traffic load and robust scaling. Moreover, you can select from the best brands as well as 300+ products to sell the best print on demand products on your store.

The free design tools on Printify allow ecommerce store owners a chance to easily add custom designs to a wide selection of products. As is the case with other print on demand companies, you can easily connect your store with Printify whether you have a WooCommerce store, or even a store on Etsy, Shopify, etc.

4. Apliiq Dropship


Apliiq Dropship supports both WooCommerce and Shopify. It has a team that installs the app on your store to allow you to make up to 50% of profits with only a little investment. From pocket tees, liner hoodies, custom joggers, printed tees, embroidered hats, to printed hoodies, you have different product options available to create your design and then sell on your store.

Apliiq’s print on demand services saves you time and space as you don’t have to shop for products. Like other top print on demand sites, it offers worldwide shipping as well. What differentiates Apliiq is the fact that it even allows you to brand your products with labels. This is something that is usually possible with mass production, but with Apliiq that doesn’t have to be the case if you sign up for their private label subscription.

Apliiq Dropship also offers you the option to have embroidery done on your products, which gives you an opportunity to sell premium products and earn higher profits.

5. Gooten


Gooten is essentially a smart supply chain solution for ecommerce store owners who want to profit from print on demand dropshipping. It is one of the smartest print on demand companies that provides a variety of print on demand services.

You can easily integrate Gooten with your WooCommerce store. Gooten also offers integration with other ecommerce platforms.

Gooten is a print on demand company that helps ecommerce store owners scale their stores. It offers unique and special collaborations with celebrities and influencers, so you can easily expand your product line.

Gooten also lets you perform audience testing, where you can segment and test your products for new audiences. This helps you in understanding what will work and what won’t result in high sales.

This print on demand company also has its own centralized order management system, which allows you to benefit from its automated smart supply chain. This means you won’t have to worry about entering information, printing, packing, or shipping orders to your customers again.

6. Teelaunch


Teelaunch is a print on demand company that distinguishes itself with its speed. This is because it takes part in worldwide production. It understands the  importance of your customers getting their print on demand orders delivered on time.

Teelaunch has partnerships with factories around the globe to reduce the distance between the factory and your customer. This ensures super fast and speedy delivery of products to your customers.

Teelaunch works the same way as other best print on demand companies and is a good choice among the best print on demand sites.

7. CustomCat


The best print on demand sites are those that empower entrepreneurs. CustomCat facilitates print on demand fulfillment and supports most of the big ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce.

CustomCat allows you to choose from 300+ uniquely customizable products, and use its elite POD production technology.

This company offers one of the lowest prices for its print on demand services to help new ecommerce store owners make high profits and cover their marketing costs.

CustomCat is one of the best print on demand companies as they ensure that products are delivered to your customers within 3 business days.

8. Lulu Xpress


Lulu Xpress is slightly different from other print on demand companies. Mostly because its main focus is on letting you conduct print on demand drop shipping for books.

The way it works is pretty simple for the same reasons. You just have to upload your files, create your book, order it, and start selling your book to your customers. Lulu Xpress will take care of the printing, packing, as well as shipping of your books to your customers.

There are over 3000 format options, binding types, and book layouts available. Moreover, Lulu Xpress can deliver your books to more than 150 countries in just about 3-5 business days. The support team is also great if you need any sort of help with Lulu Xpress’s print on demand services.

9. T-Pop


T-Pop is an environmentally friendly, free-to-use, print on demand company with no minimum order limit. The reason it has made it to our list of top 10 print on demand companies is that it is 100% automated and handles everything once a customer places an order on your ecommerce website.

You don’t even have to manage stock. T-Pop stores all the blank products and then prints them on demand. There are great branding options available – your brand logo is right on top of your parcel, and the packing slip is printed in the language matching your product destination, with your image on top of the eco-responsible packaging. You can also offer stickers to your customers.

10. Scalable Press


Scalable Press is a technologically advanced print on demand company that is set to empower your ecommerce business. It has 8 locations worldwide and takes care of your print on demand dropshipping by providing you with a single invoice solution. This means that it fully takes care of blank products, printing, and also white-label fulfillment for you like other best print on demand sites we have listed in the blog.

Scalable Press is an ideal solution for mass customization because it is so advanced. You have the option to choose from thousands of products from top brands at the most competitive pricing and sell it at a good profit margin. From screen printing, DTG printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, and embroidery. You name it, and Scalable Press will do it.

This print on demand company has over 10 million items printed to date. Their technology allows them to operate faster and more efficiently than most print on demand companies out there.

What Factors to Consider When Selecting a print on demand Company?

There are some factors that you must consider when choosing from the 10 best print on demand companies we have listed in our blog. Some of these are the following:

  • Look for a print on demand company that allows you to sell profitable products and has a low shipping cost
  • There should be a large product range and high-quality products
  • The print on demand company should have integrations with multiple ecommerce platforms
  • Great print quality and customization options
  • Factories in a number of locations for faster delivery
  • Customer support is a big plus point
  • The print on demand company should offer branding options
  • Social responsibility
  • Check for reviews and social proof

Market Potential of a Print on Demand Business

The printing industry as a whole is projected to reach USD million by 2027. This means there is great market potential and future when it comes to the print on demand business.

In fact, top POD platforms such as Printify have seen obscene growth in the last three months alone just because of the sheer demand for POD platforms.

Printify AlexaSource: Alexa

Best Countries to Market POD

POD Dropshipping is popular in almost all countries. But as a dropshipper, you need to target only those countries that have a high per capita income. Most dropshipping experts market their POD products in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand because they have a high profit per capita and a mature online market.

While selecting the countries to target for POD, keep the following factors in mind.

Buying Power

Find out what is the per capita income in those countries. For example, USA, UK, Switzerland, and many others have high buying power. So you can shortlist them for your POD marketing.


Now check which of these countries have more population. If a country only has a couple of million people living in it, like Norway, you won’t be able to scale your POD business there easily.

Ad Budget

Finally, compare the ad budget cost by marketing in different countries. Currently, the USA has the highest budget costs at around $5-$8 per click. Cost in Canada and Australia is much lower at $2. Compare these before deciding the country for marketing your products.

Shipping Charges

Finally, compare the shipping charges for each country. If you are using a product like Printful or Printify, you can find the shipping costs from their websites.

Finalize the country for ad targeting after taking into account the above-mentioned factors.

7. Expert Views on Print on Demand Dropshipping

Consistency is Everything

Ronnie McKenzie, an affiliate marketer, says, “The reason we became so successful with selling POD products was through focus and consistency.

By being able to devote our time to coming up with ideas for shirts and running ads we weren’t required to take care of a full service ecommerce store.

Take Advantage if Available Resources

BENNY HSU of Get Busy Living Blog says:

I could have easily thought to myself “I don’t know how to start”. It can feel overwhelming knowing nothing, but wanting to know it all. I get so many emails from people who say “I don’t know how to get started.” That’s a way to basically say, “I want to ______, but I’m too lazy and afraid to figure out how. I’ll tell you how I know they are lazy. There’s this website called GOOGLE. Very helpful to learn anything.

Focus on Economies of Scale

Neil Lassen an Amazon Merch Designer who makes a six figure income from his stores, recommends everyone to focus on economy of scale.

You may look at the numbers posted and think, why would you waste your time making $4.28 per T-shirt sold? The answer is, because you are selling on Amazon, one of the most trafficked sites on the internet. They get so much traffic each and every day, that if you set up your listing properly, you will see organic sales

Key Takeaways!

Just remember, nothing is worse than a missed opportunity.

Print on Demand dropshipping businesses are not only easy to start, but they require zero investment and are also easier to scale. Moreover, there are so many top print on demand companies that are willing to do all the work to empower your print on demand dropshipping business.

As the ecommerce industry is still growing, POD businesses offer a lucrative opportunity for anyone trying to start a side gig but reluctant to lose hard-earned investment. So, pick a print on demand company from the 10 we have listed above that is most suited to your niche, and start your POD business. Even if your store fails, you will only lose a small amount of the money that you used for the marketing and design of the products.

To get more familiar with the concept, you can check out our dropshipping series. Are you ready to get the most of this opportunity and start your print on demand store today?

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