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Top 25 Price Comparison Websites for Your Online Store Products in 2024

Updated on November 26, 2021

11 Min Read
Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are mostly used for comparison shopping! However, today, online retailers are heavily using various price comparison websites to offer smart and competitive pricing to their potential customers.

These price comparison sites help online retailers to observe the competition and offer the best price to a budget-conscious audience.

In this article, I have listed the best comparison websites, explained how price comparison websites work, and how, as an ecommerce store owner,  you can benefit from them.

Let’s begin!

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of price comparison websites and neither is any website placed in any ranking order.

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What is a Price Comparison?

Price comparison is comparing the price of similar products in different stores, across different brands. With the rise of the ecommerce industry, comparison shopping has now become a practice of online shoppers. It is estimated that more than 10 million adults use price comparison websites before placing an order online.

There are many popular price comparison websites that offer the best deals available online in just a few clicks. With user-friendly website navigation, you can grab a great deal even if it isn’t Christmas. If you want to compare web hosting pricing, then use our pricing calculator tool.

How Do Price Comparison Websites Work?

A price comparison website allows you to compare the prices of similar products online, offered by different brands and retailers. You can compare the prices of your desired products and pay the lowest price to buy them.

When you search for your favorite product, these price comparison engines provide you with a list of retailers who sell your desired product. However, you must read the product and service reviews before placing an order

There are many brands that offer exclusive prices to price comparison websites to attract a budget-conscious audience. The price comparison websites take more than $800 million in commissions each year.

How Do Price Comparison Websites Help Retailers?

Price comparison engines help retailers to increase their brand’s visibility. A few perks that the retailers enjoy – thanks to the price comparison websites – include, but are not limited to:

1. Identifying the Popularity of Your Product

When you believe your brand or product has become popular, it’s time for you to check out different price comparison websites. You must find out whether your brand or product is available on these price comparison websites or not.

If your brand isn’t present on price comparison websites, but your competitors are, it means that your pricing model isn’t market competitive. You must find out who is selling products similar to yours and at what price. Subsequently, offer a better deal than your competitors and increase your brand’s visibility by getting listed on different price comparison sites.

2. Close to Competition

With so many new brands popping up each day, it is hard to keep track of who’s rapidly climbing the ranks within the industry. With the help of price comparison websites, you can discover new competitors with ease.

It would be wise to compare yourself with your competitors before your customers do it. Analyze what variations of promotional offers they are coming up with and then, craft your deal that offers the best promotional price.

3. Targeting Budget-Conscious Customers

Remember, these budget freaks are out there to get their hands on the best deals available online. Therefore, they’ll use different price comparison websites to verify prices before placing their order.

You must analyze the working mechanism of different price comparison websites before you alter your pricing model to attract a budget-conscious audience.

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Best Price Comparison Sites

Now, without any further ado, it’s time for you to check out one of the best price comparison websites. Take advantage of this opportunity and pay the best price for your favorite products.

#1 Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the largest price comparison shopping engines available to online shoppers. Products available on Google Shopping are also visible on standard Google search results. Google Shopping is also integrated with Google Ads – one of the best pay-per-click platforms.

Google Shopping

It serves as a brilliant resource for retailers who search for their competitors selling similar products. Being a retailer or a consumer, you can conveniently compare the prices of different products. Moreover, it is a great resource for dropshippers as they can drive additional traffic to their online store by adding their products on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping allows customers to sort products according to the best prices and according to the retailers. The results also include product descriptions, product reviews, and various images of the product(s), helping you make an informed decision.

#2 Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping is a great price comparison website for online shoppers. You can create a wishlist of the products you desire to track the prices of, and Yahoo Shopping will monitor the price changes overtime for you.

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping has partnered with popular retailing brands like Walmart and Amazon. You can see hundreds of products on this platform. This price comparison shopping engine is easy-to-use. All you need is to enter the product in its search bar and it will offer a comprehensive list of results.

#3 CamelCamelCamel

If you’re searching for a price comparison website particularly for Amazon products, CamelCamelCamel should be your go-to website. The website lists the current prices of different products alongside the average price from different retailers. The results also showcase the best deals customers can get on Amazon.


CamelCamelCamel also highlights product price drops. It is suitable for retailers who are in search of a competitive edge. To compare prices on Amazon, this price comparison website presents offers both “New” and “Used” product prices so that you can find the best deal for your favorite product.

#4 Pronto

Pronto serves a unique function for retailers. On your first visit, you can see many popular brands like Walmart, Overstock, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more, that sell similar products as your brand.


This price comparison website allows you to compare the prices of similar products by using product data from thousands of online stores. You can also use filters to alter the product search results and compare prices to find the best deals for different products.

#5 BizRate

This platform offers a variety of product deals. When it comes to the best price comparison shopping engines, BizRate is right there in the top bracket, mainly because of its user-friendly interface.


BizRate stands out due to its features like links for downloading PDF user manuals. In addition to showcasing prices or product comparisons, Bizrate also allows its visitors to set price alerts for the products that interest them.

All you have to do is provide your email address and mention your price threshold. BizRate will notify you whenever the price of that product falls and meets your budget.

#6 NexTag

Nextag is one of the oldest price comparison websites, and it attracts huge web traffic. It allows the users to set price alerts, compare different retailers, search for similar products, and much more. Visitors can easily find the best deals from ecommerce giants like Amazon or eBay.


There are many dropshipping products available on NexTag. Dropshippers can search for popular products along with their price ranges. NexTag helps dropshippers find out trending products that are selling like hotcakes so that they can also sell them on their online store with minimum effort.

#7 PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber offers great tools that can help you with intense research into different brands. PriceGrabber’s market report assists retailers to track consumer purchases alongside the price trends of different products. With an arsenal of products on its platform, you can be at ease when buying or selling a product across the globe.


#8 Become

Become is another leading price comparison website that allows online shoppers to compare different product prices, read and write product reviews, and search for the best online shopping deals available.


Become allows visitors to search and opt for the best-discounted deal from the right brands. It offers a great opportunity to put dropshipping products on such platforms as it helps you keep an eye on competition with ease.

#9 Shopzilla

What makes this price comparison website unique is that it manages a portfolio of online retailers. Shopzilla allows online shoppers to search and view different lists of products by different retailers on one website.


Shopzilla provides price comparison for different products on its platform. Therefore, the range of choice is wide enough, but competition may also be tougher than expected.

#10 is a great platform to showcase your products to thousands of online prospects. It is one of the most commonly used websites to compare prices of different products online and find the best deals on them.

With a product catalog having thousands of products, this price comparison website can prove to be a great platform to set the best prices for your products. Take your time to analyze the pricing set by competitors and then offer a better deal on

#11 Idealo

This price comparison website showcases the best product prices from popular ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Dropshippers are highly likely to find a huge variety of products to sell on Idealo.


Fairly simple to use, this price comparison website lets you search for your favorite products and offers you pages related to thousands of products, with their prices listed. When you click on any product, Idealo will provide you with its product description, the number of offers, product reviews as well as the international price of that product.

#12 PriceRunner

PriceRunner compares websites of leading retailers such as Amazon, eBay, ASOS, House of Fraser, etc. You can compare the prices of products with reputable brands and determine how you can offer the best competitive price for your products.


This price comparison website offers a smooth and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, you can gain access to pricing histories, price alerts, price information, and product reviews. If you want to buy the product locally, it can also redirect you to the local retailer where to find it in person.

#13 PriceChecker

PriceChecker is a UK-based price comparison website that allows you to compare the prices of electronics, entertainment, household, fashion, and many other products.


Retailers can use PriceChecker to their advantage by having their products featured on this price comparison platform. Consumers can benefit from it by comparing the prices of their favorite products from different categories like games, electronics, entertainment, appliances, etc.

#14 PriceSpy

PriceSpy is a famous price comparison website. It offers many deals daily. It is quite popular for products that fall under the umbrella of beauty, photography, fitness, sports, fashion, games, healthcare, etc.

Online visitors can narrow down their product searches based on various parameters and conveniently find out the best available deals for their favorite products.

#15 Skinflint

Skinflint is a hot-favorite price comparison tool for dropshippers. It is used to compare the pricing for products available in the UK. You can search for your best-selling products in the search bar and it will show you the product prices from many different retailers.


#16 Shop To It

Shop To It is a Canadian price comparison website. It lets online visitors find the best prices for their favorite products online. The customers can also compare the prices of goods available locally.

Shop To It helps online visitors compare product prices from various leading ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon,, Overstock, Zazzle, etc.

#17 PriceBat

Another price comparison website, PriceBat allows users to compare prices within the niche of computers and electronics. The minimum and maximum prices of each product are listed on this website.


Online customers can check out the difference in prices between brands, which allows them to identify the best available deal for the product they’re looking for. You can find many products on PriceBat, ranging from ink cartridges to TV mounts, you name it they have it!

#18 Pricewatch

Pricewatch is another price comparison website that helps you monitor the prices of your favorite electronic products such as computers, memory cards, storage devices, graphics cards, tablets, monitors, keyboards, etc.


If your brand belongs to the electronics industry, you can take great advantage of this platform by keeping a close eye on your competitors within this niche.

#19 PayLessDeal

PayLessDeal is one of Australia’s best price comparison sites. The website users can conveniently get their hands on great deals from a wide range of products.


It’s another great option for dropshippers who are looking forward to scaling their business. Also, those who wish to perform product research can easily find an arsenal of products that local businessmen are selling on this platform.

#20 GetPrice

Another great price comparison website, GetPrice allows visitors to compare different product prices in popular niches such as electronics, fashion, books, etc.


The website lists products and their prices for different Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc. Australian retailers can stay competitive by monitoring the promotions and prices being offered by other local businesses within their niche.

#21 Gimme Australia

Gimme Australia is a popular price comparison website. They take great pride in being an ad-free price comparison platform. This comparison platform can help online retailers to drive more web traffic onto their online stores.

#22 TripAdvisor

If you’re in search of low-priced hotels, budget-friendly flights or pocket-friendly restaurants, then you must check out TripAdvisor. It is one of the best websites to compare prices within the traveling and tourism niche.


TripAdvisor is a free-to-use price comparison website that serves a large number of users, particularly international travelers. It helps you find the lowest prices for hotel accommodation, cruises, dining options, and eateries. Moreover, it’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

#23 Shop Wiki

Shop Wiki

Shop Wiki is a fantastic price comparison app that pulls data from thousands of different stores. You can compare prices from all major vendors like Amazon, Groupon, Target, Wayfair, and many others. It has a fairly trimmed-down interface; you just search for a product on the platform, and it will show you the data for it. You also have a bunch of different filters for checking the price or for selecting specific merchants.

#24 ShopSavvy


ShopSavvy has a mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS. This is a price comparison tool that allows you to check prices online as well as brick and mortar stores. It doesn’t just do price comparisons; it also offers product reviews and showcases deals from multiple platforms. If there is a sale on one platform, it will be highlighted as well. With more than 50 million product scans, ShopSavvy is a pretty popular tool all around.

#25 PricePirates


Despite the fact that their website looks like it is straight from the 90s, Price Pirates is actually a pretty intuitive price comparison appt that’s available on macOS, Android, and iOS too. It’s a fairly decent tool that runs comparisons on major platforms like, eBay, and Amazon. You just enter the product name in search, and it will show up in the results. Even AliExpress suppliers are also listed on the platform.

In a Nutshell,

Many price comparison websites have become a one-stop solution as they save a significant amount of resources for retailers as well as consumers. Many price comparison sites also offer coupons and promotional deals alongside product and store reviews.

By simply listing the best prices against any product or service for a given niche, the best price comparison sites make the online shopping experience far more convenient for everyone. If you know a price comparison site that didn’t make it in the above list, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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