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How To Host Prestashop On Amazon Web Services (AWS)

January 30, 2018

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For ecommerce store owners, it is important to meet the expectations of customers by creating a feature rich online store. Additionally, you need to make sure your products are properly stocked and the site loads within 3 seconds.

To make the best of what you have, it is important to choose a reliable cloud infrastructure provider and a trustworthy managed hosting service. Installing PrestaShop on AWS web server with Cloudways is definitely a wise decision.

PrestaShop AWS Cloudways

If you’re hosting your website directly on the Amazon infrastructure, you will need to be technically proficient to install in the first place, and invest significant time on server and application management.

Alternatively, imagine spending all this time and resources on building a marketable site, running your campaigns and scaling your business towards success. You can achieve all this if you host your online store on Cloudways.

Launch Your AWS Hosted PrestaShop Store on Cloudways

All you have to do is install launch your PrestaShop store on AWS using Cloudways with just a few clicks. You don’t need any technical expertise. Cloudways handles your server and our cloud engineers take care of server security.

Here’s how you can launch PrestaShop on Amazon Web Services is a matter of a few minutes:

Server & Application Details

First, sign up on the Cloudways Platform.

After you Sign Up, you will be taken to the Platform with the following screen:

Select PrestaShop from the application list. Then enter your App name, Server name and select your Project.

Select Cloud Provider

After that, select Amazon Web Services from the list of infrastructure providers. Remember, we are offering you 3 days free trial so that you can first experience the Platform before you pay.

Select Server Size & Bandwidth

Select the Server size and the expected Bandwidth usage of your PrestaShop store. If you are not an expert in web hosting, you can always talk to us regarding your server configurations.

Server Size And Bandwidth

Select Storage Size For Database & Web App Files

Select the storage sizes for Database and Application Web files.

Application And Database Storage

Select Location & Launch

Where should you locate your server? The latency is affected by your choice of Location. Choose to place your server closest to your target audience from the list available.

Server Location

You’re done! Just press Launch Now to begin configuring your server.

The Cloudways Benefit

Cloudways specializes in Ecommerce Cloud Hosting. Our Cloud Console lets you perform many critical server and application management tasks with a single click. You have to simply follow Ecommerce best practices, and utilize your time and man-hours in marketing your store.

The Apache-Nginx web servers, Memcached and Redis cache, MariaDB and MySQL database stack combines to deliver powerful, fast Ecommerce hosting on AWS cloud infrastructure. 15+ metrics can be monitored in an easy to read graphical form, allowing you to constantly be aware of your server health.

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Many Ecommerce sites are subject to security risks and hacking attempts. This is why Cloudways allows you automated, hourly off-site backups! The usefulness of this feature cannot be understated.

Cloudways Support Team is available 24/7/365 to assist you. If you have any further questions about hosting your PrestaShop web store on AWS infrastructure, contact them via live chat. Finally, we offer you 1 free website migration as a welcome gift. Start your free trial on the AWS Cloud Managed Services today!

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