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Best Payment Gateways for the US Ecommerce Stores

Updated on  1st September

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So you’ve finally set up your ecommerce shop and the show is about to start!

However, no matter how many products you have amassed for your store, it wouldn’t help you much if you cannot accept payments at your store. To get the ball rolling, you need a payment gateway for the store. So without wasting any more words, let’s dive into the best payment gateway options for your online shop!

Best Payment Gateways for us Based Ecommerce Websites

Remember that the gateway you choose for your store must have a supported plugin for the platform you have chosen to host your ecommerce website on. For example, if you opt for PayPal, and your online store is created on WooCommerce, make sure that there is a WP plugin that works with PayPal.


Launched in 1999, PayPal is one of the most widely used payment gateways in the world for both debit and credit payments. Although your customers are not required to pay anything for the use of PayPal, the store owner have to pay a small transaction fee of 3.4% and $0.30 per credit card transaction. These fees are applicable only after a sales transaction has taken place.


Three years older than PayPal, Authorize.Net is a highly sought-after payment gateway with more than 400,000 merchants utilizing its services worldwide. Unlike PayPal, setting up this gateway requires you to shell out $49 as setup fee and then pay $29 in monthly fees. Authorize.Net accepts both debit and credit card payments and is probably the best option for Magento based online shops.


PaySimple is rapidly gaining traction in payment gateway industry and is rightly called the payment gateway of the new age. It accepts all major credit cards, across all platforms (including iPads and iPhones). PaySimple plans start from $34.95 per month for the basic subscription. For small and mid sized online shops, the basic subscription is a great option!

BluePay Processing LLC

Launched in 2002, BluePay has earned a good reputation in the very competitive payment processing industry. You can receive payments through e-checks and credit cards through BluePay Processing LLC payment gateway. For a monthly fee of $15, BluePay also claims to provide the highest level of security for your data in the industry! is the best option for the start-ups who do not wish to invest heavily in setting up payment gateways. For just $10 per month, is a great choice and only takes about an hour to setup. It may not be the top dog in the payment gateway industry (yet!), but it already supports almost 5200 shopping carts. It offers only credit card payments though, so keep that in mind before going with this option!

While there are several other options on the market for payment gateways, it is important to opt for an industry leader to be on the safe side. Carefully evaluate your needs and requirements and then seek out the best fit that could continue to server the store in the long run. As a reminder, check whether there is a working (ad supported) plugin for the chosen gateway on the CMS on which your store is hosted!

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