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Pass Data From One Function To Another In Same Codeigniter Controller

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A controller often comprises of several functions and often the module’s logic demands passing data between the various functions of the Controller. This is a common enough scenario in many Codeigniter projects. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you could pass data between two functions within the same Controller in CodeIgniter. In addition, I will show this data in the View.

Here is what the Model looks like:


function getResponse($gettingresponse)



return $enrollresponse;


The Controller is as follows:


public function Register()




   if($_POST) {














public function token($data=array())







The following View shows the data that has been passed between the functions of the Controller.

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<?php echo form_input(array('name'=>'source','readonly'=>'true','value'=>$resposeflag)); ?>


In this tutorial, I have discussed how to pass data from one function to another in a Controller. You could easily extend this idea within your Codeigniter projects built on any PHP MySQL Hosting. If you need help, do leave a comment below.

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