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October CMS with Cloudways All you need to know

Updated on July 13, 2023

4 Min Read
october cms

October CMS is a Content Management System (CMS) and web platform created out of dissatisfaction with existing frameworks. Building websites, either using code editors or certain IDE has become a convoluted and confounding process that leaves engineers dissatisfied. October CMS turns you around to the simpler side and takes you back to the basics.

OctoberCMS has numerous native features to make strides for your website such as secure email notices. There’s also a long list of plugins to assist you to accomplish your goals without having to alter code. You’ll see plugins data at OctoberCMS before installing it within your dashboard.

What is October CMS

October CMS is a lightweight, back-to-the-essentials content management system developed on Laravel, and on a mission to create your web development workflow simple. It brags a very simple and quick learning bend, which ensures that you’ll be off the ground and up and running in no time at all. Like other CMS Hosting providers, Cloudways also provide the best hosting for October Cms. October CMS is adaptable and extensible through the plugin system, is effectively maintainable through its file-based framework, and permits for the easy creation of administrative back-end interfacing.

October CMS is a great platform to use because it is based on Laravel which is a framework used to build cutting-edge applications. After seven years of presence, it has received positive endorsement from designers and marks a particular differentiation over coding in WordPress. WordPress is generally procedural programming, whereas Laravel is object-oriented programming.

Why Go for October CMS

The core of October CMS is lightweight and builds a strong establishment as it is based on the Laravel framework. Out of the box, the core features are accessible, suggesting there are no unnecessary features.

The platform is exceptionally adaptable and more features can be added using plugins from the October marketplace. Since there aren’t many features out of the box and each feature is added via plugins, you have the choice to install the features you require for your website’s functionality.

With this kind of modular approach, October CMS can be used to develop anything from a basic site such as an inactive website or an individual web blog to a complex enterprise-level system.

Technology stack

October CMS runs on the conventional LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. However October CMS v2 is not compatible with PHP 8.1, the version 3 beta (opens new window) is meets this requirement. It is recommended to downgrade to PHP 8.0 and use version 2 for the best stability and support.


The core group takes security seriously and one such case would be the backend administrator getting to a URL which can be changed while installing from the backend. Keep in mind that none of the CMS are completely secure. It is critical to understand how soon the security vulnerabilities are fixed. October CMS platform does a great job in this regard.

October CMS launched 6 years ago, making it relatively new compared to other platforms. To help your business, October CMS has developed the October CMS Premium Support Program. Support is provided to you through a Ticket System. One support ticket per month is free for Gold users.

Nothing as Easy as Deploying PHP Apps on Cloud

With Cloudways, you can have your PHP apps up and running on managed cloud servers in just a few minutes.

Ease of use

October CMS was outlined for ease of use. It is simple from the core, so training your team and new hires is not an issue. Delivering client projects is faster as you can efficiently reuse code with CMS components, and access hundreds of extensions on the Marketplace.

In October CMS, pages are treated as static files stored under the theme directory. On the positive side of this engineering choice, page content can be made from an outside application, such as content editors like Sublime or Visual Studio Code. On the downside, when switching from themes, it is required to manually recreate or duplicate the pages from the current to the new theme, or else they will disappear.


Plugins are the basis of extending October CMS beyond out-of-the-box functionality. Among other things, they can define components, add back-end pages, interact with and edit the functionality of other plugins. They are easily described and set up and reside in the /plugins directory.

October CMS vs WordPress

Every developer comes across a common question: Who to choose between– October CMS and WordPress? The decision depends on your choice mainly depends on the work you do. Both CMS have significant features that attract developers. They both have their qualities and shortcomings and are best suited for diverse jobs.

october vs wordpress


October CMS is a platform that goes back to the basics. October CMS’ exceptional philosophy is spoken to throughout their documentation. Getting started with the basic preparation, ensures you feel comfortable with the CMS off the bat. Additionally, you can also go for CMS hosting to get familiar with the hosting experience for CMS platforms.

OctoberCMS empowers developers to build and provide a product without limiting their imagination. OctoberCMS is an awesome choice in the event that you need to migrate from other platforms like WordPress or Joomla or Drupal.

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Inshal Ali

Inshal is a Content Marketer at Cloudways. With background in computer science, skill of content and a whole lot of creativity, he helps business reach the sky and go beyond through content that speaks the language of their customers. Apart from work, you will see him mostly in some online games or on a football field.


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