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How to Migrate Shopify to WooCommerce

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Shopify and WooCommerce are two of the best ecommerce platform to make online stores. Both have a substantial market following along with a unique and highly advanced set of features. And of the best thing is that you can use both CMS on your own without hiring a developer.

In 2017, WooCommerce has about 11 percent market share in the global ecommerce industry, mainly due to the fact people can download WooCommerce without any cost. Also, WooCommerce can adapt to the majority of the WordPress themes that have a user-friendly interface for the admin as well as the end customer.

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But migrating an online store, specifically migrate Shopify to WooCommerce, can be a hectic task and, in fact, it is something that you do not want to do every week or month. Hence, let me guide with the easiest and simple steps, which can help you migrate Shopify to WooCommerce.

Let’s begin the process!


1. Create Shopify Account

Go to Shopify, add your email address and click “Get Started” button.

Note: Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial with no risk and credit card required.


Next, you will be asked to add your email address, password, and store name then click “Create your Store” button.

Now, tell a little bit about yourself and then click “Next” button.

In this step, you need to add your information like Name, Address, City, Country, etc. And after filling them, click on “Enter my Store” button.

Note: Make sure you verify your email address to complete the registration process.

It’s done as you can see the Shopify Dashboard.

2. Theme Installation

Now go the left side and click “Online Store” button.

Go to “Shopify Theme Store > Visit Theme Store” button.

Then click “Explore Themes” button.

There are a lot of paid and free themes available but I am going to use a free theme that’s why checked “Free” button.

I am installing “Simple” theme but you can use any other you want.

Next, click on “Add Theme” button.

It’s done! The theme has been installed successfully.

Now, you need to customize your store by clicking the “Customize” button.

On the right side, you can use see the other customization options like images, header, footer, etc.

I am assuming that you have already customized your Shopify store. In my case, I have an existing Shopify store, which I will migrate to WooCommerce.

3. Use Cart2Cart to Migrate Shopify to WooCommerce

The easiest thing to migrate Shopify to WooCommerce is Cart2Cart. It allows you to export your products, customers, orders and other related ecommerce entities from Shopify, preserving relations between them and successfully import to WooCommerce.

4. Sign up for Cart2Cart

Sign in or sign up for Cart2Cart account by entering your Email, Password, and Full Name. You can also sign up using your Facebook account.

After successfully sign in/sign up, you can see the two migration options. The first one is “Start Free Demo” and the second one is “Get Migration Package”. In my case, I am using “Free Demo”.

On the next page, you can see the migration setup.

5. Source Shopping Cart

Now set up your source shopping cart, which you have used at the moment.

  • Source Cart Type: Shopify
  • Source Cart URL: https://wcfy.myshopify.com
  • API Password: *************************

6. Get API Password

To retrieve API Password to Shopify, log in the admin panel and open “Apps” menu.

Next, click on “Manage Private Apps”.

Then click “Create a new private app” button.

Fill the small description and then click the “Save” button.

Once the API key is created, just copy API Password.

Paste your API Password to “Source Cart Setup”.

7. Set up Target Shopping Cart

Select WooCommerce and add your “Target Store URL”.

8. Get Target Store URL

If you don’t have a launch your WooCommerce store yet, then first you need to launch your WooCommerce store. If you already have an existing store then move to the next step.

Download the “Connection Bridge” by clicking “Download Bridge” button.

Extract the connection bridge folder and paste it into your WooCommerce root directory.

After that, you can see that the below message is shown on your screen.

Next, click “Choose Entities” button.

Now you have to proceed entities whatever you like to migrate.

I am going to “Select All” entities for migration. All additional options are provided for free in “Free Demo” migration. Although you will also be able to change your selection before starting the full migration.

Note: With Cart2Cart, you also have a chance to map order status and custom group mapping.

Next, click “Start Free Demo” button.

Now, you are ready to start your demo migration, which allows you to see Shopify to WooCommerce migration process in action.

Congratulations! Your demo migration has been successfully completed.

Here is the result below; all my products, categories, etc. has been migrated from Shopify to WooCommerce store.

That’s all!

Final Words!

I hope you can easily understand every step. If you still have any comments or queries regarding Shopify to WooCommerce migration, please let me know via the comment section below.

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