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How to Migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce

Published on March 22, 2021 - Content Updated on January 12, 2022

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OpenCart is a wise option for choosing an open-source ecommerce platform to build your online store. It’s more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and is an excellent choice for merchants who want to take advantage of multi-channel selling.

WooCommerce is currently the most popular platform among merchants, and that is not going to change anytime soon. It is a fully functional ecommerce system that allows creating a unique online store with endless customization.

Both OpenCart and WooCommerce are two of the most popular open-source ecommerce solutions. However, according to an analysis of nearly 1000 migrations from OpenCart to another ecommerce platform by LitExtension, WooCommerce is the preferred solution that OpenCart users opt for store migration. So what makes so many users from OpenCart transfer their store to WooCommerce? Let’s find out!

Why Migrate from OpenCart?

OpenCart aims to serve small and medium businesses. It’s well known for its simplicity and ease of navigation. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of OpenCart is customization. It seems like users got to sacrifice flexibility in order to gain more ease of use. OpenCart offers merchants only 500 paid and free themes, while WooCommerce bringing more than 2000 free themes and over 30000 paid themes.

Why Migrate to WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Considering that WordPress is currently powering more than 40% of websites, the popularity of WooCommerce is quite evident. It is free to install, and you only have to pay for hosting and the domain. Additionally, WooCommerce is quite a user-friendly ecommerce platform, and the ability to customize lets you set up the store just the way you want.

– Google Trends of WooCommerce and OpenCart

How to Migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce?

Moving to another platform is a major change for an online store because you’re going to change the whole structure of the website. You don’t want to spend hundreds of hours just to fix bugs if you go in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is critical to find an efficient and time-saving way to migrate all your data.

You can choose among three ways to migrate your website.

1. Migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce (Manually)

It’s basically you doing all the work. Depending on your site’s data, the job could take weeks or even months to complete.

This is not a good option for those with little to no technical knowledge. However, the optimal side of this option is that you will get complete control of the data and customize your site proactively.

2. Hire a Developer to Do the Job

This method requires you to work with a third-party expert. A developer will be in charge of exporting data from OpenCart and importing it into WooCommerce, fixing bugs, and restructuring your new site.

Depending on the complexity of your project, the expense for developers will be in the range of 50$-250$ per hour. This is an acceptable way to perform your migration. However, it’s expensive, and you have to depend on a third party until it completes.

3. Use an Automated Migration Tool (Recommended)

Don’t want to do all the work yourself and are not even willing to pay hefty amounts to a developer? The third and most recommended option is to use an automated tool for migrating OpenCart to WooCommerce.

The automated migration tool will automatically access and collect all the data you need and import it into your new WooCommerce store. It helps to simplify the process while producing the best result.

LitExtension is a leading company that provides the ultimate shopping cart migration service for both merchants and developers. They get 95% satisfaction from their dedicated support, and these figures are expected to increase in the future.

Using a migration tool not only saves you a lot of time but also maximizes your productivity. LitExtension is currently one of the best tools on the market, and it only costs you from $49 to perform the complete migration.

Install LitExtension Plugin for Migration

Opting for an automated migration tool? LitExtension is the right tool and our choice for a smooth migration.

Follow the steps below to install the LitExtension plugin for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration:

1. Back up the Database

Even though the tool will not make any changes to your database, it’s always safe to back up your database to safeguard yourself from any data loss.

Follow these instructions to export data from OpenCart.

  • Log in to your OpenCart store and go to the Dashboard
  • Navigate to System → Maintenance → Backup/ Restore
  • Choose the file types you want to download. Select all options will allow you to export all data in your OpenCart store.
  • Hit Export

The data you export are all the data tables in the MySQL database available for download.

export data from opencart

Note: If you need to restore a backup file that you previously saved to your computer, all you need to do is select Restore, then select the SQL file from their computer. After that, the database will be restored.

2. Install WooCommerce Plugin

The process involves opening a new WooCommerce store as a destination for importing data from OpenCart. You can use your previous hosting service and get a new domain name; the expense will be around $5-$100, depending on what you want.

Most hosting providers now provide one-click WordPress + WooCommerce installation, you can simplify this step by following their instructions, or you can do it manually as follows:

  • Download and unzip the WordPress package
  • Create the Database and a User
  • Upload the WordPress files into your web server root
  • Run the WordPress installation

After finishing the installation, the next step is to install WooCommerce into your WordPress site.

install woocommerce for wordpress

  • From your WordPress dashboard, Click PluginsAdd new, then activate WooCommerce

Next, WooCommerce will need you to share some of your information: payment methods, shipping, and more.

woocommerce setup

When everything is finished, you can find WooCommerce on the menu bar of your WordPress dashboard.

Migrate Data from OpenCart to Woocommerce

Let’s get right into the fastest and most risk-free way to migrate your store from OpenCart to WooCommerce.

With the help of LitExtension, an automated shopping cart migration tool, you can turn this major change into a pleasurable experience and migrate your site with just a few clicks. All the data, including products, customers, orders, and even multiple languages, will be transferred from OpenCart to WooCommerce automatically, accurately, and securely.

Step 1: Register or Login to the Litextension

  • Kick start your migration journey by registering or logging in to LitExtension if you already have an account. Besides, you can connect to your Facebook or Google account to get started.

Litextension for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration

  • Then, you will be redirected to the My Migration page. Simply click on the Create New Migration button to continue.

Litextension for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration


Step 2: Provide Source Cart and Target Cart information

  • Next, you’ll see the cart setup page, where you fill in your store’s information.
  • First, select OpenCart as your Source Cart Type and fill in the store URL.

Set up to provide Source Cart and Target Cart information

  • Then, you need to download the LitExtension connector, extract the zip file and upload it to your Source Store’s root folder.

The LitExtension connector is a bridge between LitExtension and your Source Store and Target Store.

Please repeat the same process to set up WooCommerce as your Target Cart.

TargetCard setup for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration

  • After that, click “Next” to configure your migration.

Step 3: Configure your Migration Settings

  • At this step, you’ll need to select the entities you want to transfer to your new store. You can tick one or some checkboxes to migrate certain entities or click on “Select all” to migrate all of them.

Migration Settings Configuration

More importantly, LitExtension provides here more than 10 Additional Options to expand your migration possibility. For example, you can Preserve Products, Customers, Orders IDs on your Target Store, Migrate Customer Password, or Create the 301 Redirects on your Target Store,…

Additional Options for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration


Also, you can map language and order status to get them displayed correspondingly on your new store. This is especially beneficial for those who are running a multilingual source store.

Language mapping for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration


Step 4: Perform Migration Process

At the end of the Configuration page, you can select the Start Demo Migration button to see how this tool transfers and store your data at the Target Cart. 20 entities will be migrated to your new store at no additional cost.

Otherwise, put a tick on the Skip Demo Migration box to run the Full Migration process. You don’t need to keep your browser window or PC on while data is being transferred because this process is cloud-based.

Running full migration for OpenCart to WooCommerce migration

Once the process is complete, LitExtension will send an email notifying you that your migration project has successfully been performed.

Step 5: Check the Result of Your Migration

Don’t forget to click on the check result button to see whether everything has been transferred to your new store correctly. Remember to check both the frontend and backend of your WooCommerce store.

Full migration for OpenCart to WooCommerce

If you encounter any difficulties and you need help, leave a message for the support team, they’ll be happy to help.

Plus, don’t miss the chance to perform unlimited re-migrations, recent data migrations, and smart updates for free within 3 months after the full migration to ensure no data is left behind. For more information, please visit LitExtension services.

Extra savings for you: LitExtension offers a 20% DISCOUNT for each migration process performed by Cloudways customers. So don’t forget to use this discount code for your next shopping cart migration!

Set up a New WooCommerce Store

  • Set up your new theme: The theme will decide the look of your store and the impression of the customer when they visit. Hence, it’s important to pick the best-fit visual for your business. Don’t worry, with WooCommerce; you have a lot of options. It offers you more than 2000 free themes, and over 30000 paid themes to choose from. However, we recommend you go to Storefront and its child themes which are built specifically for WooCommerce.
  • Add necessary apps and extensions for your store: WooCommerce offers users a wide range of free and paid extensions with all kinds of functions such as product types, marketing, shipping, payment, enhancement, and store management. Therefore, it’s advisable to review what you need and go through what is out there to boost your store.

Set up a new WooCommerce store

Q. How to Manually Migrate OpenCart to WooCommerce

Follow the steps below to manually migrate an OpenCart store to WooCommerce.

  • Set up the WooCommerce store, complete with compatible themes and the set of plugins you require for the business.
  • At the OpenCart store, install the free Export/Import tool for OpenCart. This will generate an Excel file or a CSV format. Ideally, this file has three parts: Products, Orders, Customers.
  • At the WooCommerce store, install two free extensions: Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce and Import Export WooCommerce Customers.
  • Start the migration process by importing the Products at the WooCommerce store: WooCommerce > Products > Import
  • Next, use the extensions to import the orders and customers to the WooCommerce store.
  • Confirm that all data has been imported successfully and that everything checks out.

Optionally, you can now deactivate the extensions that you do not need anymore.

Q. How to Migrate From OpenCart to WooCommerce Without Plugin

You can migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce without a plugin via a direct database migration process where the data is moved between the stores.

Wrapping up!

That’s the complete guide on how to migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce. The migration process is a big change for your store. Besides, it involves a lot of work and effort to transfer all your data successfully. But no need to worry, it will be a piece of cake if you can pick the right way to go. I hope you find what you need in this article and migrate your store with ease.

Note: This article was published in collaboration with LitExtension.

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