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MailOptin Helps in Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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One of the biggest regrets Internet marketers have is failing to collect email addresses from customers at the start of their online business. Email list is a gold mine, it is very essential in building an online business with the future in mind, a future where much more money can be made from harnessing the lead that you have acquired in the long run.

The email lists you generate will give you an edge and take you further into experiencing financial freedom. This is so because you can get people coming back to your site with newsletters and other engaging emails that could become profitable over time. However, for this to happen, you need to have beautiful signup forms to increase conversions.

When it comes to email list building, you don’t just pick any email list building tool, probably because it’s cheap. The truth is that you will likely end up regretting a poorly researched decision over a long period of time.

Introducing MailOptin

Having beautiful signup forms alone are not enough! You need a lead generation tool that is deep, packed with smart features to ensure you are building your email list the right way. Fortunately, MailOptin for WordPress websites is built with features like page-level targeting, analytics and other tools to make you employ best tactics for building that dream email list.

The plugin also ensures your email list subscribers are constantly engaged using its built-in event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification. This makes newsletter pretty easy to create and send across your mailing list without stress.

Without further ado, let us get into the MailOptin review in detail.

The Standout Features

While we can talk about a whole lot of features on MailOptin that you can already find on any email subscribe form plugin out there, we will rather focus on some of the standout features that make up some of the reasons why this lead generation plugin is the best value for money.

Exit-intent Technology

One handy tool for grabbing email addresses is by popups. However, the popup strategy for building email list has failed miserably because of its aggressive nature. Popup damages user experience, forcing some visitors to either blacklist sites with such aggressive list building strategy or exit the site immediately.

To avoid this mayhem, MailOptin uses a technology called Exit-intent to produce better result using the same popup strategy in a more refined manner.

To make this happen, the plugin will let you display popup in a manner that doesn’t disrupt user experience in any way. It simply detects when a reader is about to exit your website, then displays your pop up form which suddenly makes the reader take a pause. This is where the miracle happens! The reader is stunned and becomes curious to see what has been displayed after absorbing the content on your site.

Because the reader or visitor has first seen the value on your site before the popup was displayed, chances are that you will get more targeted subscribers based on the value of your site’s content. Unlike the expired method of forcing popups forms to every visitor immediately they load your site, the MailOptin exit-intent technology dramatically changes the scope of aggressive email list building, producing amazing results. The plugin literally allows your visitors fall in love with your content first, before enticing them to willing subscribe to your email list. Pure brilliance!

Optin Analytics

MailOptin Analytics accurately reveals raw data to make your list building very efficient and effective. It has the most robust interface you can think of. You will be able to track information like the number of impression per campaign, subscriber count, most converting optin campaigns and website pages and a whole bunch of other data. The data is nicely represented graphically for easy understanding and interpretation.

With these set of information readily available on your dashboard, you can quickly detect the optin form that is performing poorly and make necessary modifications to increase conversion. There are no guess works or assumptions, all the data you will need to succeed in your email list building journey can be pulled out from the MailOptin analytics.

Display Rules

This is another powerful part of the MailOptin. You just can’t undermine the possibilities that come with the display rules options you can play with on the plugin. These rules involve you making different optin forms appear on your site depending on the response of your visitors. For example, you can make forms display only after the visitors had read to a certain page level, or show the optin forms when your customer has visited a specific number of pages on your site. You can also prevent forms from showing on certain pages, the display rules really give you complete control over the display of your optin campaigns and the beautiful part of all these, is that you do not need to have any knowledge of coding or programming skills to make any kind of display rule work on your site.

Multiple Templates and Full Customization Options

MailOptin comes with five types of optin forms, they include lightbox, in-post forms, sidebar widgets, slide-in and notification-bars. There are multiple templates you can grab, depending on the occasion, you only have to select your template and activate it.

Each of these templates comes with full customization options. This means that you can modify every bit of design element to suit your preference. All you need to do is create an Optin Campaign, then access it to view all its customization options, including the ability to change colours, remove elements, edit text, borders and effects. Almost every aspect of the form can be tweaked to suit your sense of design.

Integration with Multiple Email Marketing Services

MailOptin integrates will all the most popular email list management services, including MailChimp, Sendy, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Aweber and MailerLite.

On a side note, you will easily spot the ‘Lead Bank’, this is where you can view the data of your subscribers. The name, email, user agent and the page from where the lead was generated are displayed. From this page, you will also have the option to export all your leads for whatever reason you desire.

The Pricing Plans

Pricing can’t be better than what’s already available despite the amount of work that went into the plugin. There are three affordable plans to select from, each having its own level of features you can access within its license.

Here is what you can expect:

Lite – Free, you will get access to three optin campaigns, limited email campaigns, templates and restrictions.

Standard – $99 per year for unlimited optin campaigns, exit-intent, sidebar forms, before/after post forms and email support.

Pro – $199 per year for all features in the previous plan, including advanced optin analytics, priority email support and lots more.

Check the official pricing to see more detailed features associated with each pricing plans. The lite version is available for download from the WordPress repository.

What Next?

Do you think MailOptin is right for you? If you think so, simply visit the official website and download the plugin to kick-start your email list building journey.

I will recommend MailOptin to anyone willing to speed up their list building. It is a complete lead generation tool and by far the best you can place your money on. The intuitive user interface, multiple templates, split testing abilities, exit-intent technology, advanced A/B testing, and page level targeting features surely make the plugin a must-have for serious email marketers.

If you currently don’t have an email optin form or you are currently stuck with one that has failed, you don’t need to waste time anymore, MailOptin is an optin form solution for you that equally has a total value for money.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by MailOptin. The opinions and ideas expressed herein are author’s own, and in no way reflect Cloudways position.

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