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Integrate Your MailChimp API with PHP On Cloudways

October 11, 2021

5 Min Read
mailchimp php integration

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and speak to your customers, clients, and other stakeholders. Its marketing approach is centered around sound contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and robust data analytics. The right Mailchimp integration API for your PHP plays a vital role in the success of your email list.

In this article, you’ll learn how to integrate Mailchimp with your PHP web application to automate the process of email sending & save you a lot of time. It also lets you choose between attractive templates that you can edit according to your needs & send to your customers.

How Does Mailchimp Integrate with PHP?

First, sign in to your Cloudways account. If you don’t have one, sign up now for free.

Developers can access their MailChimp account using PHP quite easily, through code that makes a wrapper accessible to the API. Some unofficial API wrappers for MailChimp utilize a streamlined interface. Here, we’ll show you how to utilize the official MailChimp API wrapper.

Choose a Server

Select your server and custom PHP Stack application. Select the PHP server size as per your website traffic, and location according to your preferred region.

cloudways server

After completing all these steps, you can finally navigate the application tab and select the PHP stack application.

php stack application

Stop Wasting Time on Servers

Cloudways handle server management for you so you can focus on creating great apps and keeping your clients happy.

Get MailChimp PHP API Key and Audience ID

In order to interact with the MailChimp PHP API, you need to grab the API key and Audience ID. Follow the steps below to get it.

Login to your MailChimp account. Under the user icon, select the Account.

mailchimp account

Now navigate to Extra and select API keys.

API keys

Under the API keys section, click on Create A Key. Copy your API key, which we will need in a moment.

API key selection

mailchimp client key

Next, get your Audience ID. Click on Audience, then Select Audience > All Contact > Settings > Audience Name and Defaults.

audience ID

mailchimp audience ID

Next, go back to the Cloudways platform and click Launch SSH Terminal. You can find the credentials on the same screen.

Launch SSH Terminal

Once logged in, go to the public_html directory (using the LS and CD commands), and use the following commands:

git clone

cp -R mailchimp-api-php/src mailchimp

MailChimp API PHP code
To access the MailChimp API in your PHP code, you must incorporate the Mailchimp.php file, to the point where you can make a Mailchimp object and work with the API. For this case, the following code illustrates how to add a new subscriber to an existing list:

        array('email' => '[email protected]'),      // Mention the e-mail address you want to add to the list.
        array('FNAME' => 'Shahzeb', 'LNAME' => 'Ahmed'),   // Set the first name and last name for the new subscriber.
catch (Exception $s) 
    echo "Caught exception: " . $s;

if ( ! empty($subscriber['leid']) )
    echo "Successfully Subscriber added.";
    echo "Subscriber adding attempt failed.";

Noteworthy Features MailChimp Has to Offer

MailChimp is often the first newsletter tool that springs to mind, possibly because they have great marketing and a charming monkey-fied aesthetic. Here are the main features MailChimp has to offer:

Email & automation:

Reach customers, save time, and scale your marketing with automation.

  • Automation
  • Email scheduling
  • A/B testing

Audience features:

Grow and nurture your contacts with more personalization.

  • 3 Audiences
  • Marketing CRM
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Signup forms
  • Up to 50,000 contacts with our $270/mo tier

Marketing platform:

This offers multichannel tools to find new leads and grow your business, all from one place.

  • Landing pages
  • Social posting
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Postcards

Brand tools:

Smart design and content tools help you build a brand that feels like you.

  • Websites and domains
  • Creative Assistant
  • Content Studio
  • MailChimp PHP API
  • 100+ pre-built email templates
  • Remove Mailchimp footer

MailChimp Pricing Plans

Essentials starting at $10/month for 500 contacts and three audiences.
Standard starting at $15/month for 500 contacts and five audiences.
Premium starting at $307/month for 10,000 contacts and unlimited audiences.

The Bottom Line

We’ve highlighted how to integrate Mailchimp with your PHP application on Cloudways. In the comments section below, let me know if you faced any difficulty during the MailChimp integration PHP API, and share your experiences with the Cloudways Platform.

Cloudways provides a convenient platform to integrate Mailchimp, and for hosting PHP apps on different cloud servers. With it, you get several exciting features, including a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, an optimized PHP stack, CloudwaysBot for prompt notifications, vertical scaling, and top-notch technical support.

If you still have some more questions regarding the integration of MailChimp API, please feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

Q. Does Mailchimp have an open API?

A: Yes! Mailchimp has an open API that provides programmatic access to Mailchimp functionality and Data. Depending on the complexity of your MailChimp list and the “process” of your company, the API implementation can take as little as one day. With the Mailchimp API, developers can build custom features to sync email activity and campaign analytics on a daily or weekly basis, and more.

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