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How to Configure Downloadable Products in Magento

Updated on December 24, 2021

5 Min Read

Magento has very useful and advanced features. With Magento, merchants can build huge product stores and easily configure products on their stores in bulk. Magento allows us to make different types of product stores. In Magento, we can also set and manage downloadable products which we want the customer to download like any music (or audio files), video files, pictures, etc.

Magento Downloadable Product

What are the downloadable products? Links manipulate those products which need no physical shipping and the customer gets its delivery either by email or by logging into his store account. The product is delivered after the order is cleared.

Note: Such downloadable product stores need the best Magento host for their site because all those products are uploaded on the site hosting server storage.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create and then configure a downloadable product. I will focus only on the settings of downloadable products as the rest of the settings are same as for any simple product.

Let’s start with the configuration of downloadable products!

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How to Configure Downloadable Products

First, login to your Magento admin and go to Catalog > Manage Products and click on the “add product” button.

Click Add Project

After clicking on “Add Product” button, you will see “New Product” page. Make sure that you select “Downloadable Product” from the Product Type menu

Downloadable Product

After the above process, you need to configure the settings of tabs General, Meta Information, Images, Categories, etc. In Prices tab:

Price Tab

When you add a downloadable product, you have to consider some things. Decide whether to identify price from Price option or else you can set it to value 0. This is done because when you add the downloadable item, you have to set price for each of them; that will be joined with the overall price which you set from the Price tab. The best thing to do here is to set the base price to 0. You can understand this when we will configure the settings of the items within the downloadable products. The other case is when you want to sell a whole downloadable product (not any item within the downloadable product) you don’t allow the customer to order individual products. In this case, you have to set a general price for the whole product.

Set General Price

When you configure the inventory settings, you will set the  Manage Stock option to No, which is by default set to enabled. This is done because for any downloadable product it is not required to manage the stock of that product. To override these system settings, unmark the Use Config Setting checkbox and then change the value from the drop-down menu.

Going further, let’s see how to upload and then configure the downloadable items within the products. Click on Downloadable Information tab on the product setting page. This will display two panels with settings, Samples and Links on the right.

Click on Downloadable Information tab

When you come in “Downloadable Information” menu, there are two panels you see: Samples and Links.

In the Samples panel, you can upload the samples of downloadable items that you are selling. Whatever you type in Title will be displayed above the links to the samples on the front end. The Add New Row button is there to add a sample, same as adding links to the actual items that are being added to the other Links panel. The Links panel allows you to set the items within the downloadable product. This is used when you want your customer to buy only a particular item of any downloadable product. The first option here is Title which is by default a link which is displayed just above the downloadable items on the product details page on the front end. The second option is Links can be purchased separately which is set to Yes by default, which allows the customer to buy only a particular item of that product. If you want them to buy whole product set this value to No.

Add New Row button in the table is there to add an actual item that customer can buy and download. After that several settings will appear like those shown in the image below.

Add new row

Title: In this field type your product name e.g. the name of a song, picture, book name, etc.

Price: In this field you can type a price of your product. But when you set the option “Links can be purchased separately” to no the price field of each product is not configure.

Max.Downloads: By default this field is set to 0 this means there is no limit and when you save your product check box of the Unlimited option will be automatically marked.

Shareable: By default this option is set to Use Config. This means that the product can be downloaded only by registered customers. If you want your guest users to be able to order your product and download it, set the Shareable to Yes.

Note: In addition to disabling guest download your product go to System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog

Under the Catalog section you can see Downloadable Product Options tab.

Downloadable Product Option

Set the option Disable Guest Checkout if Cart Contains Downloadable Items as shown in the image above.

Sample: With this option you can upload your product sample file.

File: With this option you can upload your product’s original file.

You can add as many items as you want by clicking on the “Add New Row” and configuring the same settings. After all this, click on the Save button and you’re done with the configuration of the downloadable product. Your downloadable product looks like the image below :

Downloadable Product Page

When registered customers order a downloadable product, they can download the actual product using download links in the My Downloadable Products section of their user account settings.

My Downloadable Products

Once the order is invoiced by default, links will be active and the link is also available in the order confirmation email with the invoice. If you enable downloadable products with guest checkout, and you made your products shareable, the guest customer can download product using the links which he or she received in the order confirmation email.

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Final Thoughts

These days ecommerce is trending high and mostly people prefer ecommerce stores for shopping. Some merchants start their music stores or online library. This tutorial is helpful for those merchants who want to sell their products without shipment. If you found some trouble in the configuration and have some questions in your mind, feel free to ask me via the comment section below.

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