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Learn About WordPress Security With Pere Hospital

March 24, 2015

2 Min Read
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The WP Summit is an online event that brings together the best minds of WordPress. You get the first-hand opportunity to listen to the experts sharing valuable information and discussing about the problems being faced by the WordPress websites and community. The 10-day event is currently going on, and will continue till March 25, 2015.

And, today is a big day for Cloudways. Pere Hospital, our Chief Technology Officer, is speaking at WP Summit. His recorded video interview would be made available at 4:00 PM (1600h) GMT, 5:00 PM CET (1700h) CET, and 9:00 AM (0900h) PST.

From hackers’ love to attack WordPress websites to the security measures, you get the answers to all you potential security woes in this insightful discussion.

“Website security is an asset for online businesses. It is such a treasured possession that a slight compromise on your website’s security can take your reputation at stake. And if your WordPress website is hacked, it will dent your reputation and will result in loss of trust among customers.”

He has candidly shared his opinions about why hackers love to attack websites and why it is necessary to protect your websites from hackers.

“It’s all about volume. Being the most popular content management system powering more than 25% of websites, WordPress has become the most vulnerable target for hackers,” said Pere.

“Hackers are way smarter than us, that’s why they love to attack WordPress sites through the automated backdoor,” he added.

Answering a question about Bitcoin’s vulnerability, Pere held the opinion that it is all due to the fact that Bitcoin websites have a huge amount of data, including money, database, and critical information that hackers would love to capture and use it for their own benefits.

Visit WP Summit (paid) to watch and listen to Pere’s words of wisdom about WordPress Security.

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Salman Mehdi

Salman Mehdi works as Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. In his spare time, he reads books, blog posts, or anything that catches his fancy.

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