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How to Create Professional Product Landing Pages on WordPress Using Visual Composer

Updated on  19th May

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A product landing page, aka lead capture page or lander is a single web page designed to showcase your product and its features in great detail. Usually, websites offer a lot of product related information. Product landing pages, in contrast, try to restraint the visitors’ focus on a single product. The increased visitors’ attention often results in a sale or conversion.

Importance of Product Landing Pages

Cloudways Landing Page

Given the short attention span and the mind-boggling volume of information present on a typical website, it is highly unlikely that a visitor might actually buy anything. Product Landing pages are designed to counter these issues. The entire page serves just one purpose and that is to take control of the buy-decision process and compel them to go through with the purchase. At worst, the landing page could have the visitor register or subscribe to future offers.

Types of Product Landing Pages

Click-Through Pages and Lead Generation Forms are the two common types of landing pages. Lead Generating forms ask visitors to fill a form for registration or ordering the product. Click-Through pages ask visitors to click various options available on the page.

Types of Landing pages

Landing Pages in WordPress

The drag-and-drop development feature of WordPress has made life easy for non-developers who do have exciting products to sell but not the expertise to effectively market their product. WordPress now allows the development of exciting landing pages that result in increased sales at the websites.

There are tons of themes completely dedicated to Landing Pages and promoting your products. One that I will mention is Thrive themes, which is a great theme-and-plugin package to turn a simple page into an attractive marketing page.  Another great option, on which this article is based, is Visual Composer plugin. In this article I am going to explain how Visual Composer is used to create a professional product landing page.

Landing Pages through Visual Composer

Visual composer is so powerful that you can build any type of page with it within minutes. In this article, I will concentrate on creating landing pages. You can purchase a license of Visual Composer from Codecanyon.

Follow the steps below to make landing page in Visual Composer:

Step 1: Creating a new page
Step 2: Adding row
Step 3: Using visual composer element
Step 4: Adding image
Step 5: Dividing rows
Step 6: Adding button element

Step 1: Creating a new page

Create a New Page and Edit the page with Visual Composer editor. Click on “Add element” button and select the Row element from the list.

New Page using Visual Composre

Step 2: Adding row

Divide the Row into columns as per your requirements

Divide Row into Columns

Step 3: Using visual composer element

Click the plus sign and select your desired element.

Select Elements
Text block settingsEdit the selected item and click “Save Changes” button.
To add a button below the content, click on to plus sign at the bottom of the Row and add “Button” Element.

add button elementFill the Button Settings as required.

Step 4: Adding image

Add a brand image (or a product related image) to the right side of the Row element.
Add an Image element to the right column and then insert the image into it.

Image size dimensionThe Upper Row is now completed.

Step 5: Dividing rows

Add another ROW and divide it into 3 columns as we did earlier.
Add Text Block elements. Make sure you add eye-catching headings & short (but complete) description in these blocks. If you face spacing issues, add “Empty Space Element” as shown in the following figure:

Empty Space Element

Step 6: Adding button element

We now have a couple of options for completing the third section of our landing page. Use Image Gallery element to add a product gallery if you have several images of the product, or add the Button element for product purchase.Button Element

Save your settings and the page. Your product landing page is ready for use.

Cloudways Landing PageVisual Composer is an awesome plugin that lets you create awesome web pages and product landing pages. Even a non-professional can learn the design process of the plugin within days and could produce very professional looking landing pages almost immediately.

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Danish Ashrafi

Danish was a WordPress Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. He loves helping out WordPress beginners and solving their problems. His passions takes up his free time as well and he spends time designing, developing and learning new stuff. You can email him at

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