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Install Cockpit CMS on Cloudways Platform

Updated on December 8, 2021

4 Min Read
install cockpit cms

Agentejo is the creative agency behind the Cockpit CMS. The project is the brainchild of Arthur Heize who developed the CMS back in 2013. The core idea was to build a headless content management system with an API-first approach where a backend manages structured content that can be distributed to multiple channels as required. Cloudways servers are optimized to install Cockpit CMS sites, and our platform makes it easy to get up and running in few minutes.

Note: Cockpit is not a website builder. It is a content provider that can be used the way you need.

Nothing as Easy as Deploying PHP Apps on Cloud

With Cloudways, you can have your PHP apps up and running on managed cloud servers in just a few minutes.

Why Cockpit CMS?

  • Simple installation – if you are opting for a self-hosted option
  • Open-source – offers a wide range of integrations
  • Offers API-first and JSON content distribution approach
  • Either SQLite or MongoDB can be used as the backend database

Process to Install Cockpit CMS

Let’s dive into the simple installation and hosting process of Cockpit CMS.

Steps to install Cockpit CMS on Cloudways

  • Download Cockpit CMS
  • Access the server using Filezilla
  • Unzip the downloaded .zip file
  • Head to the root folder on the server using FileZilla and paste the unzipped files
  • Install Cockpit CMS
  • Access the application URL

Step-1: Download Cockpit CMS 

Download the official release from the Cockpit CMS’s official website.

Step-2: Access Cloudways Server using Filezilla

Using the master credentials available on the Server Management page, access the server through FileZilla.

Step-3: Unzip the Downloaded .zip File 

Unzip the folder using a built-in Windows tool, or any other similar utility/tool.

Step-4: Head to Root Folder of Application and Paste the Unzipped Files

Uploading files to the root folder of the server takes about 15-20 minutes.

Step-5: Installation

To install Cockpit CMS, head to the install/index.php file through the address bar. The installation process requires just a few seconds and you’ll see the following screen:

Sign in using the admin credentials and you’ll see the dashboard from where you can create the forms, collections, and singletons.

Click the header Cockpit icon to see the System screen.

On the ‘System’ screen, you can head to the Setting to generate the master API key for integrating content on the targeted channels.

Why Host Cockpit CMS on the Cloudways Platform

Cloudways offers a comprehensive headless hosting platform for web apps and doesn’t require you to go through the hassles of server management. Hosting Cockpit CMS on the Cloudways Platform empowers you to focus on managing content and distributing it, with zero worries about server handling.

The tech stack offered by Cloudways ensures smooth performance, security for web applications and peace of mind. Automatic and on-demand backup of your server and application further adds to the ease of management of the overall content distribution process.


The Cockpit CMS is one of the easiest and straight-forward headless CMS platforms that I have come across. As their USP promises, it doesn’t require a lot of hassle to structure content and integrate the CMS hosting with existing processes.

Cockpit CMS is one of the top 30 headless CMS that supports ecommerce integrations.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any queries or come across any difficulties when installing Cockpit CMS on Cloudways, and I’ll try to answer them for you.

Thanks, stay in the Cockpit. 🙂

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Salman Siddique

Salman is a content marketer with a CS background, so he is (very) good at creating and marketing technical content. When not working as a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, he enjoys reading interesting stuff and learning new skills.


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