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How to install Sample Data in Magento 2

August 13, 2018

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Magento 2 Sample Data
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Installing Magento 2 on Cloudways Managed Magento Platform is easy. But having the skeleton of the Magento store is not enough, especially if you are running your server on the Magento optimized platform of Cloudways. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to guide you on how you can make your Magento 2 store ready to test with Sample Data.

There are two common methods by which we can setup Magento 2 Sample Data in your store. Composer and Magento CLI. For the sake of consistency, I will use Magento CLI in this post.

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Step 1: Magento CLI

Make sure that Magento CLI path is exported. From store’s webroot, Issue the following command if Magento CLI’s path is not exported.

export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/bin

Step 2: Installation of Sample Data

Change your current directory to Magento’s Webroot and execute the following command:

magento sampledata:deploy

There may be a chance that you will face error about URL authentication to If this is true, then execute “composer update” command. It will ask you for the username password which we’ve created from Magento Connect Account section.

Step 3: Finalize Installation

We will now use “magento setup:upgrade” command which will re-compile the code and will clear the cache.

magento setup:upgrade

Your Magento store is now ready for you to start testing with sample data. You can add products, delete products, try out the payment systems, and test your server load as well. If you have any issue in this process, you can comment below and I would be glad to help you out with the issue.

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Syed Maad Jahangir

Syed Maad Jahangir worked as Senior System Engineer at Cloudways.

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