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Follow These Joomla! Developers This Friday

by Saad Khan
March 28, 2014

Second most commonly used Content Management System (CMS)!

7,700 extensions for web-based application!

Object Oriented Programming!

Model-View-Controller Framework!

Guess what? It’s JOOMLA!
Follow These Joomla Developers This Friday
In today’s Follow Friday roundup, we bring to you the untold story behind Joomla’s unparalleled success. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are the real champions who have—through their tireless dedication—taken Joomla to the new horizons of success. They are the stalwarts who have always taken the challenge and have shown their desire to reach the heights beyond imagination.

This Friday, we present to you an insight into the contributions of esteemed Joomla! developers, who are continuously engaged in making Joomla the ultimate trendsetter in the ever-challenging CMS industry.

In this blog, I have provided you with concise yet comprehensive information about some of the leading developers of Joomla. If you know about more Joomla developers, feel free to contribute to this particular list.

Joomla Developers

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