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Eugene Zubkov Talks About Magento 2 & The Ecommerce Industry

Updated on May 29, 2017

4 Min Read
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Eugene is an experienced Magento Developer. He has 5+ years of experience in Ecommerce Development and currently, he is working as a Middle Magento Developer at SYSINT. In this interview, he has shared his views in detail about Magento 2, Ecommerce Industry, and his career with Magento.

Eugene Zubkov Interview

Cloudways: Eugene Zubkov, thank you for giving us time. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your career?

Eugene: Hello, my name is Eugene, I’m a 26 years old from the city of Luhansk in the east of Ukraine.

I have been involved with ecommerce for about five years. It all started when my acquaintances at the university (where I studied Software Engineering) asked my friend and me to help with the support for an Opencart store. At that time I was more skilled in Python and JS, and my PHP skills were rather raw. However, we took the challenge and then worked on several freelance projects of similar nature.

After some time, I stopped doing web development and began to learn Java EE. Soon I realized that Web development is a far more dynamic industry. Now I work at SYSINT.

Cloudways: Being the Middle Magento Developer at SYSINT, how did you initially connect yourself with Magento? What challenges did you face in your initial days and how did you tackle them?

Eugene: I started working with Magento after I joined SYSINT as a trainee. I started with Magento 1.x and ZF. At first, the most difficult thing was to understand the modular structure of the first version of Magento. It is far from ideal regarding modularity, unlike other ecommerce focused CMS.

In the second version of Magento, I think things are better designed and much more thoughtful. Now it is pretty easy to follow the standard code writing conventions.

I solved the Magento related issues by working with more experienced developers, Google, and books. The most important factor is a good mentor who explains solutions rather than complicating things.

Cloudways: In your opinion, what differentiates Magento from other ecommerce platforms in the industry? If Magento was not developed, which platform would you have chosen for ecommerce?

Eugene: One of the most significant advantages of Magento, in my opinion, is the great built-in functionalities of the platform. After installing the system, we get a fully-functional store with multi-currency, localization, a lot of store views, marketing, reports, etc. I have not seen a system that could boast such functionality right out of the box. Another huge plus is the Magento community.

It ‘s hard to imagine a different system in the first place if there was no Magento. I think my career would have been very different.

Cloudways: Please highlight some useful features of Magento that you have used in development so far.

Eugene: Flexibility of the system. Practically everything can be expanded/rewritten for absolutely any problem.

Cloudways: Eugene, what’s your opinion on Magento 2? Does this transformed version of Magento give users a competing edge in the fast-growing ecommerce industry?

Eugene: I believe that Magento 2 has more advanced features than Magento 1. The modularity has become even more flexible and expandable. It also supports a lot of other systems for testing, debugging and caching.

There is competition, but Magento has created a loyal fan base that is unlikely or unwilling to change platforms. Magento 2 is reliable and functional and is rapidly becoming a proven platform for ecommerce projects.

Cloudways: In future updates, what improvements and new features do you want to see in Magento 2?

Eugene: I would like to implement a split of the database in the CE version, which is now available only in EE.

Cloudways: What advice would you give to our readers about learning Magento? What basic technologies should Magento newbies learn to get full hands-on Magento Development? What are the biggest challenges for a student stepping into Magento development?

Eugene: If we are talking about the backend developer (because I mostly work with the backend and the development of individual modules) then it’s PHP, the language in which Magento is written. Also, you should have a solid understanding of OOP.

It is natural to study different frameworks (Zend or Symfony, for example). I like Laravel very much. For the frontend, I think everything is simpler in Magento because the technology stack is a bit smaller. You should also know how to use Git and Composer because they are used everywhere.

In any case, you first need to understand how the system works and its structure. I would recommend finding a good mentor to accelerate the learning process.

Cloudways: Do you love your current workplace? What do you like about your job the most? Please share a picture of your work desk with our readers.

Eugene: Yes, I like my team and the place of work. I am not tied to an office or a particular area. I can work from home or go somewhere for a couple of months and work from there with just a laptop and a good internet connection, even if it’s mobile. I also like the fact that I have created services, portals, and stores that millions of people use all over the world.

Here is the picture of my work desk:

Eugene Work Place

Cloudways: How do you spend your free time? Do you like to watch movies and play games? And are you a kind of a family guy or do you enjoy hanging out with friends more?

Eugene: Although I used to play computer games often, I could not recall when I played last. I like sports very much, I go to the gym, I play tennis with my friends, but my most favorite thing is cycling with teammates or friends on a scenic route. In the future, I have plans for a marathon.

And of course code writing is my hobby as well.  I often write something for myself, plugins, modules, libraries that I then load up on GitHub (check out the nickname evgv).

Cloudways: Name some people who have inspired you the most in your personal and professional life. 🙂

Eugene: It ‘s hard to say, there are so many of them that it will be wrong to single out one person. I think we are all made up of a piece of every individual whom we met in life. Therefore everyone who influenced me is now a part of me. The main people are of course my parents, friends and our team with whom we build our collective future.

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