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This Is the Best Time to Get Ecommerce Hosting From Cloudways [OFFER ENDED]

Updated on December 8, 2021

3 Min Read

Can an online retailer afford to build a data center? Does the ecommerce website have IT professionals onboard? Can they afford their salaries? Can the owners manage their ecommerce operations simultaneously while managing server operations?

These are some of the difficult questions that come up when cloud hosting comes into considerations. But, there is a good news.

Almost all your concerns can be solved with a Managed Cloud Platform. A Managed Cloud Platform provider worries about managing servers, leaving you with managing your ecommerce site. This leaves those not so technologically sound individuals and owners with an option to leverage the best infrastructures for hosting their website.

However, this is not a magic wand and requires some amount of management from the user end as well. Because cloud is not something you set up and forget, especially for an online store. This is where a Managed Cloud Hosting Providers steps up. With a Managed Cloud Hosting Provider on their side, ecommerce owners can peacefully sip away their coffees while the cloud hosting experts make sure the stores are up and running.

Not convinced? Then here are five reasons why Managed Cloud Hosting from Cloudways makes the most sense for ecommerce retailers. If I were you, I would actually read the whole. 😉

1. Cost Savings

Ecommerce business owners need to be careful about budgeting, especially when it comes down to staffing. Owners would be glad to spend their capital assets resources on warehousing and marketing activities to help them grow their business.

Cloudways Ecommerce Hosting helps you reduce your operational costs by enabling you to cut down on your IT resources. With Cloudways on your side, you can cut down your IT department to a handful of employees along with a relief on budgets allocated for the spending on IT systems. With Cloudways on your side, you just have to worry about the product sourcing and paying for the cloud hosting services. If you think the packages are expensive, then imagine what it would cost you if your website goes down when it is not able to cater to the amount of customers for a sale.

ecommerce hosting offer

If you are still not convinced, then here is one offer you cannot refuse.

Sign up for Cloudways and get 20% discount on your first invoice.

2. Security

The Internet is a dangerous place. Breaches are happening more than ever before. Even some of the major corporations are unable to safeguard themselves from data breaches and hacks. For ecommerce businesses, security is a full-time job.

This is where Cloudways Managed Ecommerce Hosting step up. Our secure hosting Platform ensures that all your data is protected at all times. We utilize default encryption, multi factor authentication, FREE SSL, layered precautions, on-time patches for OS, 1-click restore and backup, and many other security measures to prevent data breaches. At Cloudways, we take pride in our defence mechanism and are unwilling to sacrifice our integrity with below-par protection.

3. Scalability

With the container-based Cloudways Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting in place as an infrastructure option in the Platform, scalability is now more smooth. Ecommerce stores hosted on Cloudways can now scale their resources without worrying about downtime and loss of visitors. Cloudways Managed Kyup Clouds auto-scales by keeping a close tab on the incoming traffic on a server.

4. CloudwaysBot

CloudwaysBot is another addition to the features arsenal at Cloudways. CloudwaysBot serves a bridge between online store owners and the server, by informing about the health of the server, application, and stack on the user subscribed channels. It helps you keep track of the updates of your application version and informs you about the backups of the servers. If you are an ecommerce store owner, you would be able to know when a new version of your ecommerce software is available or when it is time for you to scale your server to allocate that extra traffic surge.

5. 24×7 Support

Cloudways Managed Ecommerce Hosting will take away all the stress of managing servers off the shoulders of the ecommerce owners. This gives them the space to put all their efforts into growing their ecommerce store. Cloudways Customer Support makes sure that you, being a business owner, don’t have to worry about the infrastructure end of services. Cloudways makes sure that online stores get the most out of their servers by that WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, or any other online ecommerce software is optimized for the cloud.

With 24×7 support and free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, ecommerce retailers can always turn to Cloudways. The cloud might seem like a complex space, with technicalities involved, but it is much more navigable with a Managed Cloud Hosting server provider.

So do not wait for the offer to expire.

Just Sign Up using the promo code: ECOMM20 and enjoy a 20% cut on your first month’s invoice with 1 FREE Migration.

Launch or migrate your website or online store now and start off with your holiday campaigns while we manage your servers for you.

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Immad Uddin Khan

Immad is a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is mostly busy in creating all sorts of informative and innovative content types. As a hobby, he loves to travel with his camera to picturesque destinations.


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