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How to Earn From Blogging Using Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

April 2, 2020

4 Min Read

Blogging is a full time career. You need to be dedicated to the field and work full-time to make both ends meet. Let’s face it: you decided to step into blogging because you want to  know how to earn from blogging. There are a number of ways to make money out of a blog, and one of the most lucrative ways to do this is with the help of web hosting affiliate programs. Bloggers and site owners can earn up to $200 for every new referral they generate. If you ask me, it’s easy and the most effective way of making money out of your blog.

You do not have to do anything. Just create an account and put up the authorized banners. Simple? Well, it’s not that easy. I know I am making it sound as if it is a walk in the park, but, in reality, it is not. There’s a lot of work involved before you make your first few dollars. Then, what’s the use? Well, let’s discuss that.

Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliates programs are a great thing for independent bloggers. Within an industry, they can help you establish yourself as an influencer. People can look up to you for advice and recommendations. Plus, there are many other benefits.

Plus, there are many other benefits:

  • Increase your website’s reach
  • Better SERP rankings
  • Pro-Active Viral Marketing strategy
  • Increased earnings

Oh! By the way, did I tell you what Affiliate Marketing is?

Well, this is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.”

It is an innovative way of generating revenue for a company, who then share a percentage of the profits with their affiliates.

Top bloggers and internet marketers, associated with any affiliate program, often earn a very handsome amount from these programs. These individuals have one suggestion for all of you: Get into affiliate programs.

Web hosting affiliation these days could earn a substantial amount for the efforts invested.  More or less, every web hosting company has its  own Affiliate Program where a confirmed referral translates into various bonuses and payouts.


It is very important to let your visitors know about your association. This increases the chances of getting referrals through the website. Usually, people believe what they can see and observe. Thus, by writing an honest and engaging review, you could generate referrals. It is important to keep the review real as it adds a lot of credibility and increases the chances that the reader might become a referral.

7 Ways You Can Earn Big With Hosting Affiliate Program

Here are seven ideas that you could implement to increase your audience and promote the web hosting deals. These efforts invariably translate into an excellent revenue source.

Write a Review

An honest review usually does the trick. An unbiased review about the web hosting provider, with all the pros and cons, usually helps in cultivating an audience. Telling the readers about the negatives don’t discourage them. Instead, it boosts the credibility of the review. Here are some important things you should include in a review:

  • Rate the service.
  • Keywords are vital. Relevant keywords like price, problem, review, comparison etc. can drive traffic from search engines.
  • Use your affiliate links.
  • Test the service and if you like it, give some strong recommendations.
  • If you have used more than one web hosting platform, you can compare the web hosting sites to give an accurate idea of which one’s better.

Create Video Tutorials and Text Posts

How-to tutorial posts have become the most popular content form on the internet today. Search engines pay special attention to these posts, and the result is an increase in the volume of traffic re-directed from these sources. All this extra traffic bring in additional sales.

An innovative way to teach your subscribers is through videos. Video tutorials often go viral and result in increased traffic and the resultant increase in the number of referrals.

Promote Coupon Codes & Special Offers

Another interesting and simple way of increasing referrals is to promote discount coupons offered by web hosting companies. Nobody ever says no to a discount. You can share the discount coupons with your readers via newsletters, promo code listings, and articles. Every web hosting company offer great discounts during the holiday seasons.

Hosting Banners

Banners are a great way of promoting web hosting deals. A strategically placed banner usually translates into a referral. The good thing is that web hosting companies offer custom built banners to their affiliates. All you have to do is to set the banners up on your website.

Comparison Posts

Comparison posts are a great way of educating the readers about several web hosting companies in a single post. A good post should include pros, cons and an honest description of the host. Always remember to include discount coupons and promotional deals to sweeten the pot.

Search Engine Optimization

A good comprehensive post that compares two or more services always does well in search engines. Do your research in Google Keyword Planner and try to find phrases that you can create unique content on. A little attention to the placement of keywords and headings translates into excellent SERP rankings.

Social Media

Social media channels are often the best bet for affiliate marketers. Create interesting and engaging content and share it at the most relevant channels is often the best source of referral. It is important to use all format for social media content. Whether it is an image or a text post, just make sure that it is creative, interesting and engaging.

Start Earning Now!

Making money out of affiliate programs can be a taxing job. However, if done right, you could earn thousands of dollars. It all depend on how badly you want to earn from blogging. If you want to earn money from a very successful Affiliate program, try Cloudways’ Affiliate Web Hosting Program to get the most out your marketing abilities.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as a Marketing Manager at Cloudways (managed hosting platform) where he focuses on growth, demand generation, and strategic partnerships. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and B2B, Owais prefers to build systems that help teams achieve their full potential.


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