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Cloudways Integrates DigitalOcean To Offer The Most Affordable Cloud Hosting Platform

Updated on  13th May

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Whoa! It seems we are on a roll. Recently, we added Moodle and SugarCRM to our list of applications. But today, we are serving something even bigger.

A few days after the launch of Click&Go cloud platform, our CTO Pere Hospital promised the integration of DigitalOcean, one of the fastest growing cloud infrastructure companies in the world.

Today, we fulfill this promise.

digitalocean + cloudways

We have integrated DigitalOcean as our second cloud provider.

DigitalOcean + Cloudways = Great Cloud Hosting Experience

Together with DigitalOcean, Click&Go becomes a force to be reckoned with. This partnership brings speedy SSD-based cloud storage into the mix. SSD-based storage runs faster than other kinds of storage mediums.

But, the icing on the cake is the affordability that DigitalOcean offers. Now, everyone can host a website on a dedicated cloud server managed by Cloudways for as little as 5 dollars per month.

Moreover, if you worry about bandwidth, then our DigitalOcean plans come with bandwidth in TERABYTES! Plus, additional bandwidth comes at 2 cents per GB.

Like every good infrastructure provider, DigitalOcean has six data centers in four cities around the world, namely San Francisco and New York City in USA, Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and Singapore City in Singapore. The best thing is that you can host at any one of these data centers without the fear of differentiating prices. Under DigitalOcean, all data centers offer similar pricing plans regardless of their geographical location.

Why use DigitalOcean + Cloudways?

Well, we absolutely love thundering fast infrastructure of DigitalOcean and when we tested our VMAN combination formula on it, we were really blown away. We saw websites run upto 60% faster.

Plus, the Click&Go console facilitates in the management of your DigitalOcean cloud servers. Through this console, you can launch new servers and applications within minutes, monitor 15+ server and application related metrics, run critical service operations, map domain names, install SSL certificates, take backups and set backing up frequency, clone servers, and stop, restart, or delete them in 1-click operations. Yes, it is that simple!

Here is a nicely explained infographic to show why you should consider DigitalOcean + Cloudways.

DigitalOcean + Cloudways

(Update 12/18/2015: Cloudways now provides 3-day FREE TRIAL on DigitalOcean plans.)


If you are not, then you have a free trial to make up your mind. Start your trial from the banner below now.


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Saad Durrani

Saad is the Senior Editor at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to blog about emerging technologies and trends. When he is not blogging, he goes to the beach to find inspiration for his fictional stories.

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